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Introduction - Index of Greater Dandenong Districts Cosmopolitan Pioneers

“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them.”

― Czesław Miłosz, The Issa Valley


[OUR COSMOPOLITAN CREEKS ]– OUR COSMOPOLITAN HILLS & CREEKLANDS: the Non-British Australian Pioneers- a study of the Yarra Valley-Dandenongs-Westernport Region before WW2

A Names: Greater Dandenong Districts Cosmopolitan Pioneeb.

A Names: Greater Dandenong Districts Cosmopolitan Pioneers


AALTONEN, Juhana Jukka Robert 'John' -b.29th June 1904 Nystadt, FINLAND - He arrived in Australian from the Pacific Islands on the 12th April 1927 on board theh 'S.S. DAGFRED" - Sailor & Bosun on South Seas ships, then Quarrymann & Labourer, of McAllister Rd, Monbulk North, 1937 - NATURALISED 5th November 1933 at Lording Street, Ferntree Gully @ age 29 years & working a a Quarrymann in the Dandenong Quarries. Aaltonen was six foot one inch tall with light brown hair and grey-blue eyes. He had tattoos on his right hand and cheek. -d. 16 May 1991 Monbulk @ age - Buried: Macclesfield Nangana Emerald Cemetery
AALTONEN, Sylvia May - of McAllister Rd, Monbulk North, 1937 - d.8 April 1988 Monbulk @ age 77 years -
-AALTONEN, Benjamin John -b.- d.
- - - AALTONEN, Rhonda Louise -b.1960-d.1960 Box Hill, Victoria
- - - AALTONEN, Mark Robert -b.1963 - d.1984 Burwood, Victoria @ age 21
AALTONEN, Bertha McBEY -b. ? - d. 11 Nov 1986 Buried: Macclesfield Nangana Emerald Cemetery

AARTS, Cornelius -b. -d. Vic.- BURIED:23 Aug 1967 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, RC

ABBASINA, ‘John’ Giovanni Antonio ABASINI  -b.abt 1886 ITALIA -- EMIGRATED:  from Genoa, Italia- on the ship "GNEISENAU" to arrive at Sydney, NSW 15 Dec 1907    - @ Moondarra, Walhalla, 1913, 1914, 1915 & 1922- WOODCUTTER

ABDALLAH, Jakob / James 'aka Jack'-b.abt 1832 India - HAWKER - (m.Vic.1880 Hannah Elizabeth WASHINGTON) -d.1912 Echuca, Victoria @ 80 yrs
ABDALLAH, Hannah Elizabeth WASHINGTON -b.abt 1858 - daughter of Marsa Washington & Louisa Johnson -d.1937 Cheltenham, Victoria @ 79 yrs
ABDALLAH, John -b.abt 1876 -d.1883 Melbourne, Victoria @ 7 yrs
ABDALLAH, Alfred Ahmet -b.1879 Hotham, North Melbourne - WORLD WAR ONE SOLDIER enlisted 1916
ABDALLAH, Florence Myrtle Elizabeth KISBEE
ABDALLAH, Howard -b.1881 Hotham, North Melbourne
ABDALLAH, Abdarliment (Abdull) -b.1886 Hotham, North Melbourne
ABDALLAH, Eoslf -b.1888 Hotham, North Melbourne
ABDALLAH, Svhar -b.1890 Hotham, North Melbourne
ABDALLAH, Fatima -b.1892 Hotham, North Melbourne -d.1894 Hotham, Victoria
ABDALLAH, Leah 'Duffy' -b.1897 Carlton, Victoria -(m.Vic. DUFFY) -d.1927 Carl C, Victoria @ 28 yrs
ABDALLAH, Norman Henry -b.1901 Carlton, Victoria

* * *

ABDALLAH, Elies /aka Elias Abdulae -b.abt 1860 -son of Joseph Abdullah & Ruby Saad -(m.Vic.1899 Sybil Haseebe/Haseeba Otoll ETULL) - NATURALIZATION 1900 Victoria - @ Earlston Road, OAKLEIGH, 1912 - HAWKER -d.1913 Oakleigh, Victoria @ 53 yrs
ABDALLAH, Sybil Haseebe/Haseeba Otoll ETULL 'aka Alice Hattle' ETULL -b.abt 1882 - daughter of Nicholas Etull & Rose Frein - @ Broadway, Oakleigh 1916- DRAPER -RES: @ 106 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh, 1942, DRAPER - -d.1945 Oakleigh, Vic. @ 63 yrs
ABDALLAH, Sultance -b.1900 Melbourne, Vic.
ABDALLAH, Ruby aka Abdulae -b.1902 Melbourne, Vic.
ABDALLAH, Dolly -b.1905 Melbourne, Vic.
ABDALLAH, Mary Rose -b.1908 Carlton, Victoria
ABDALLAH, Joseph -b.12 Dec 1909 Oakleigh, Victoria - WORLD WAR TWO SOLDIER - -RES: @ 106 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh, 1942, CARPENTER -(m.Vic.Florence Isabel ? ) -d.1964 Victoria
ABDALLAH, Florence Isabel ?

ABELA, Francisco - @ Warburton 1913 Labourer

ABELA, Joseph Buried: 18/08/1989 Berwick Cemetery
ABELA, Antonia Buried: 18/08/1989 Berwick Cemetery
ABELA, Paul - Buried: 20/01/1993 Berwick Cemetery
ABELA, Andrew - Buried: 17/07/1992 Berwick Cemetery

ABERG, Jahann Wilhelm ‘Jak’ -b. abt 1842 in SWEDEN -son of Andreas Pieter ABERG & Dorothea LANGSTROM - (m.Vic.abt 1868 Annie Susannah Emma Jane HEYWOOD) timber splitter & pit sawyer @ South Wandin with brother in law Henry BINDING 1860s till about 1872 - d.2 April 1872 Melbourne, Victoria @ 30 yrs
ABERG, Annie Susannah Emma Jane HEYWOOD- b.13 September 1847 'Newtown' Collingwood, Melbourne, New South Wales (later Victoria) - daughter of James Hill Joseph HEYWOOD & Eliza WAUGH of Wandin South - widowed 1872 - (re-m.Vic.1877 William James MARSHALL selector of South Wandin Yallock & Carpenter of Essendon & later WA ) - d.13 October 1934 Perth, West Australia -see HEYWOOD & BINDING & MARSHALL
ABERG, Laura -b.1871 Kew, Boroondara - d.1872 Boroondara @ 3 mnths

ABIDEN, Hysen Sali ABIDIN -b.1 Jan 1910 Tren, ALBANIA -son of Hysen Abiden - @ Wesburn, Upper Yarra, 1949 - LABOURER DATE OF NATURALISATION - 28 January 1947; Wesburn, West Warburton -d.1974 Healesville, Victoria @ 65 yrs

ABIDEN, Neim Rustemi -b.abt 1911 - daughter of ? Rustemi & Zymbyle -d.1981 Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria @ 70 yrs

ABRAHAMSON, Martin Soren ABRAHAMSEN -b.abt 1874 son of Agnis - - NATURALISED 1898 Walhalla - RES. @ Main Street, Walhalla, 1903 - ENGINEER -d.1904 Walhalla, Victoria @ 30 yrs

ABRAHAMSON, Ole -b.abt 1846 Ariland, Norway - son of Abraham Hoskolson Abrahamson & Gusnor Rair Dattar - -(m.Vic.1874 Mary MALONEY) -d.25 Oct 1914 Powlett River, Gippsland, Victoria @ 68 yrs
ABRAHAMSON, Mary MALONEY -b.1848 Clare, County Clare, Ireland -daughter of Thomas Maloney (b.1828) & Cath Rochford (b.1828)- -d.1885 Victoria, Australia
ABRAHAMSON, George Rochford -b.abt 1875 Williamstown, Victoria -d.1933 Victoria @ 58 yrs
ABRAHAMSON, Mary Jane BENNETT -b.abt 1870 - daughter of Jas Bennett & Eliza Rossiter -d.1046 Pakenham, Victoria @ 76 yrs
--ABRAHAMSON, Geo Francis -b.1908 -d.1908 Archies Creek, Gippsland Victoria
--ABRAHAMSON, Albert Edward -b.1910 San Remo, Victoria
--ABRAHAMSON, Leonard Olaf -b.17 Apr 1913 Inverloch, Gippsland -d.14 August 1999 Frankston, Victoria, Australia
--ABRAHAMSON, Jean Cleave -b.1917 Victoria, Australia –d.2014 Victoria, Australia
ABRAHAMSON, Albert Frederick -b.1876 Malvern, Victoria -d.1960 Wonthaggi, Victoria @ 84 yrs
ABRAHAMSON, Catherine Florence 'Hawkins' -b.1878 East Malvern -d.1938 Wonthaggi, Victoria @ 59 yrs

ABRAHAMSON, Jannette 'OTTOSEN' -b. -- (m.Vic.1892 Peter OTTOSEN of Surrey Hills) -d.

ABRECHT, Friedrich Robert -b. 14 February 1855 in Stuttgart, Koenigreich Württemberg, Deutschland - son of Theodor Carl August ABRECHT & Auguste Johanne JANNY - (m.Vic. Sarah Ann LINDSAY) -(m.Vic 26 Jun 1878 Sarah Ann LINDSAY) - - OCCUPATION 1909 12 Grandview Avenue, Auburn, Kooyong, Victoria, Australia - Holiday/ Summer Resident of Mount Dandenong - IMPORTER - d. 18 November 1913 in Hawthorn, Boroondara District, Melbourne, Victoria
ABRECHT, Sarah Ann LINDSAY -b. 14 October 1858 in Gravesend, Northfleet, Kent, England – d. 19 March 1940 in 12 Hunter Road, Camberwell, Boroondara, Vic.
ABRECHT, Robert Carl Theodore -b.7 April 1879 Carlton, Melb. –d.22 April 1879 Melbourne, Vic.
ABRECHT, Bertha Sarah Ann Victoria -b.8 July 1880 Carlton, Vic. – (m.Vic.1909 Lyndoch, Barossa Valley-born Otto Johannes Wilhelm II YUNCKEN (1865 – 1945) ) d.5 Oct 1949 Auburn, Boroondara
ABRECHT, Elsa Adelaide Estella -b. 1882 Carlton, Vic. – 1936 Hawthorn, Boroondara, Vic
ABRECHT, Herbert Melbourne Lindsay ‘Lins’ – b. 14 October 1884 in Collingwood, Melbourne, - son of Friedrich Robert ABRECHT & Sarah Ann LINDSAY - RESIDENCE: 1931 - Falls Road, OLINDA, Croydon, Indi, Victoria, Australia - with Maud May ABRECHT - - OCCUPATION: 1937 @ THE GEORGIAN, OLINDA, Falls Road, Olinda Creek, Mount Dandenong [Croydon Ward, Deakin], Victoria, Australia - GUESTHOUSE PROPRIETOR - with Maud May ABRECHT - HOUSE DUTIES - D. 1963 in Traralgon, LaTrobe Valley, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
ABRECHT, Maud May BARNETT 1886 Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria – 1971 Traralgon, Central Gippsland, Vic.
ABRECHT, Herbert Brisbane Janny -b.1887 Collingwood, Melbourne, Vic. – 1-d.25 April 1941 in Frankston, Mornington Peninsula,
ABRECHT, Muriel Hilda CUPPLES -b. 1888 Armadale, Prahran – 1969 Donvale, Yarra Valley,
- -ABRECHT, John Brisbane -b.1915 Melbourne, Vic.– d. 1978 Wandin Yallock, Yarra Valley, Victoria,
- -ABRECHT, Noel Robert -b.1917 Melbourne– 2009 Templestowe, Bulleen, -b.
ABRECHT, Rosalind Eleanore Dorothea -b.1888 Collingwood, Melbourne, Vic.– 1889 Collingwood, Melbourne, Vic.
ABRECHT, 'Truda' Gertrude Maud Auguste -b.1889 Collingwood, Melb.– d.12 October 1967 Box Hill, Nunawading
ABRECHT, Edgar Percy Sydney -b.1891 Collingwood,Melbourne– (m.Vic. 'Ella' Esla BERNHARDT) - RESIDENCE & OCCUPATION @ St Fillians, NARBETHONG, via Healesville, Yarra Ranges, Victoria, 1949 PRINCIPAL - with Ella ABRECHT H/D & Pauline Louise ABRECHT HOME DUTIES- -d> 1964 Croydon, Maroondah, Yarra Valley,
ABRECHT, 'Ella' Esla BERNHARDT -b.ABT 1896 - daughter of Neil & Katrine Anna BERNHARDT -- RESIDENCE & OCCUPATION @ St Fillians, NARBETHONG, via Healesville, Yarra Ranges, Victoria, 1949 HOMEDUTIES - D. 1983 Croydon, Maroondah district, Yarra Valley, Victoria
-- ABRECHT, Pauline Louise - b. Camberwell RESIDENCE & OCCUPATION @ St Fillians, NARBETHONG, via Healesville, Yarra Ranges, Victoria, 1949 HOMEDUTIES
ABRECHT, 'Irene' Florence Evelyn Irena b.1893 Collingwood, Melbourne– 1968 Canterbury, Boroondara District,
ABRECHT, Doris Lucy Violet -b.1895 Melbourne – 1967 Mont Albert, Nunawading District,
ABRECHT, Electra Gladys Helene -b.1897 Melbourne – 1976 Richmond, Vic.
ABRECHT, Frieda Thelma Hermione -b.1899 Collingwood, Melbourne, Vic. – 1974 Eastbourne, England
ABRECHT, Friedrich Otto Studley -b.1900 Melbourne – 1901 Collingwood, Vic.

ABREHART, Carl ‘Charles’ - b.abt 1863 - son of Eduard & Frances Abrehart _(m.Vic.1889 Bethia Cook Anderson ROBERTSON – d.1937 Pakenham, Vic.
ABREHART, Bethia Anderson Cook ROBERTSON -b. abt 1868 - - daughter of Alex Robertson & Ann Cook – [m.1889] –d.1959 Pakenham @ 91 yrs
ABREHART, Carl Eduard "Charles' -b.1890 Fitzroy, Victoria - d.1958 Parkville, Melboure, Victoria
ABREHART, William Alexander -b.1893 Fitzroy, Victoria - (m.Vic.1915 Mary CLEARY) - WW1 SOLDIER: SERN 1211
ABREHART, Frances Bethia – 1895 Pakenham - (M.vIC.1920 John BIRRELL) -d.1976 Bendigo, Victoria
ABREHART, Anna Robinson – 1897 Pakenham
ABREHART, James Wallace Robertson -b.23 Jul 1899 Carlton - Pakenham - (m.Vic. Bessie ?) - WW2 SOLDIER: Service Number - V285679- d.1968 Sale, Gippsland
ABREHART, Elisabeth ‘Bessie’ – b.1901 Pakenham
ABREHART, Ellen Marie -b.1903 Pakenham, West Gippsland, Vic. - d.1985 Pakenham, Victoria
ABREHART, Thomas Edward -b.1906 Pakenham
ABREHART, Margaret Hope -b.1908 Pakenham, Vic.
ABREHART, Robert McCauley -b.25 Feb 1910 Pakenham East, Vic. - WW2 SOLDIER: Service Number - V129031.
ABREHART, Richard Leonard Henry- b.1912-1913 Pakenham, Vic.

ACHREL, T. - -Detainee @ Langwarrin Enemy Alien Detention Camp - July 1915 - Wachtmeister, Danzig, Langfahr

ACKERMAN, Walter -b.abt 1826 Prussia, Deutschland -(m.Vic.1860 Eliza BONE) -- widowed 1866- (m.Vic.1885 Elizth Cordailoy) -d.1904 St Kilda, Victoria @ 78 yrs -BURIED: 1904 Lockwood Cemetery
ACKERMAN, Eliza Grace BONE -b.abt 1844 Cornwall, Great Britain -daughter of Richard Bone & Elizabeth ? - d.1866 Vic. @ 22 yrs -BURIED: Lockwood Cemetery

ACKERMAN, Walter Bone -b.1861 Lockwood, Vic. - -d.
ACKERMAN, Richard Ralph -b.1864 Lockwood, Vic. (m.Vic.1897 Susannah Louisa FROUD) - RESIDENCE 1913 Nilma, Warrragul, West Gippsland, FARMER - RESIDENCE @ Marysville Chalet, Marysville, via Healesville, Upper Yarra Valley 1949 -d.1955 Chelsea, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria
ACKERMAN, Susannah Louisa FROUD -b.1859 Melbourne, Vic. -RESIDENCE 1913 Nilma, Warrragul, West Gippsland, FARM & HOME DUTIES -d.1946 Elsternwick, Victoria
ACKERMAN, Walter Froud -b.1888 Lockwood, Vic. RESIDENCE 1913 Nilma, Warrragul, West Gippsland, FARMER -d.1965 Chelsea, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria-
ACKERMAN, Louisa Froud -b.1891 Bendigo, Victoria RESIDENCE 1913 Nilma, Warrragul, West Gippsland, FARM & HOME DUTIES -(m.Vic.1919 James Anderson BALHARIE) -d.1971 Preston, Darebin, Melbourne,
ACKERMAN, 'Lizzie' Elisabeth -b.22 Feb 1894 Bendigo, Victoria - (m.Vic.1923 George Grant TRUMAN (1890–1959)) -d.Aug 1995
ACKERMAN, Ralph -b.1897 Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo, Victoria -(m.Vic. Elise Margaret Miriam ENGLISH) --- RESIDENCE @ Marysville Chalet, Marysville, via Healesville, Upper Yarra Valley 1949 GUESTHOUSE PROPRIETOR -d.1978 Marysville, Alexandra, Victoria -BURIED: 25 Sep 1978 Marysville Cemetery
ACKERMAN, Elise Margaret Miriam ENGLISH -b.
--ACKERMAN, James Phillip -b. -d.11 Aug 1954 Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria - BURIED: 13 Aug 1954 Marysville Cemetery
--ACKERMAN, Elisabeth Lizzie -b. -d.1927 Moonee Ponds, Victoria
--ACKERMAN, Frederick Ralph -b.abt 1928 -RESIDENCE @ Marysville Chalet, Marysville, via Healesville, Upper Yarra Valley 1949 WAITER -d.21 Apr 1950 Marysville @ 22 yrs - BURIED: 23 Apr 1950 Marysville Cemetery
--ACKERMAN, Elise Margaret - RESIDENCE @ Marysville Chalet, Marysville, via Healesville, Upper Yarra Valley 1949 HOME DUTIES
ACKERMAN, Grace May -b.1899 Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo, Victoria -d.14 Oct 1948 St Kilda, Melbourne
ACKERMAN, Elizabeth CORDAILOY -b. - (m.Vic.1907 Alfred Frederick KEMP)

ACKERMAN, Eliza CRESS -b.abt 1818 -daughter of Samuel Cress & Sarah Priestly -d.1895 Clifton Hill, Melbourne @ 77 yrs

ACKERMAN, 'Charles' Alfred Carl ACKERMANN - @ Cave Hill Road,Lilydale, 1918, Stone Cutter
ACKERMAN, Agnes Mary, @ Cave Hill Road, Lilydale, 1918, HOME DUTIES

ACKERMAN, George Henry
ACKERMAN, Cyril Arthur -b.abt 1907 -d.1913 Lilydale, Victoria @ 6 yrs

ACKERMANN,'Henry' Heinrich Emil -b. Prussia, Deutschland
ACKERMANN, Susannah Emily -b.1889 Prahran, Vic.
ACKERMANN, Louisa Victoria -b.1892 Prahran, Vic.

ACKERMANN, Olga 'Ehrenberg' -b.abt 1869 - daughter of Siegmund Ackermann & Franziska Susshann - (m. EHRENBERG) - d.1953 Cheltenham, Vic. @ 83 yrs

ACKERMANN, ? - (m. ? LARKHAM - father of Sarah 'Mrs Lowmanh Larkham -b.abt 1818 -d.1904 Yarra Glen, Victoria @ 86 yrs)

ACKSEL, E. - - -Detainee @ Langwarrin Enemy Alien Detention Camp - July 1915

ADDAMO, Giovanni -b.1902 Licodia Eubea, Catania, ITALY; -NATURALISATION 4 September 1940; RESIDENCE -Mount Burnett, Via Cockatoo, VIC;
ADDAMO, Vita -b. Licodia Eubea, Catania, ITALY, [D] RESIDENCE - Mount Burnett, Via Cockatoo, VIC;
ADDAMO, Concetta born 1933 Licodia Eubea, Catania, ITALY RESIDENCE - Mount Burnett, Via Cockatoo, VIC;

ADDAMO, Giuseppe -b.1910 Vizzini, Catania, ITALY; DATE OF NATURALISATION 26 August 1944; RESIDENCE: Mount Burnett near Cockatoo, VIC;
ADDAMO, Natala -b. Vizzini, Catania, ITALY, [C] -RESIDENCE: Mount Burnett near Cockatoo, VIC
ADDAMO, Giovanni born 1937 Vizzini, Catania, ITALY -RESIDENCE: Mount Burnett near Cockatoo, VIC

ADENA, Wilhelm Friedrich Christian - b. 27 Sept 1857 Norden, Nordfriesland, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Deutschand - ( m. Vic. Catherine Julia HOPPE) - NATURALISED 17th June 1908 @ 'FRISIA' No.16 Harcourt Street, Auburn, Hawthorn, Boroondara, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia @ age 50; Occ: Shipping Agent & Merchant, Resided in Sydney 14 years, then Melbourne - after 23 years in Australia. Married + One son, residing with him. - -Res.1909 @ 16 Harcourt Street, Hawthorn, AGENT Wilhelm ADENA - Prisoner of War, Internee at Langwarrin Internment Camp, 4th August 1915 - application against removal refused. = Afterwards Photographed at Liverpool Intgernment Camp, NSW -d. 9 June 1933 in Bremen, Germany, Deutsche Reiche
ADENA, Catherine Julia HOPPE - b.abt 1865 - Res.1909 @ 16 Harcourt Street, Hawthorn, Home Duties -d. 29 October 1922 Auburn, Boroondara, Victoria, Australia
ADENA, Arnold Cornelius - b.abt 1895 St Leonards, Sydney, New South Wales Australia -(m.Vic.16 Nov 1923 Doris Lucy Violet ABRECHT) - d.1941 Mont Albert, Nunawading District, Melbourne, Victoria,
ADENA, Doris Lucy Violet ABRECHT -b. 28 May 1895 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia --daughter of Friedrich Robert ABRECHT (1855 –1913) & Sarah Ann LINDSAY (1858 – 1940). -d. 7 June 1967 Mont Albert, Nunawading District, Melbourne,
--ADENA, Frederick -b. 1926- d.1926 Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria

ADLER, Carl (Charles) – b. 10 Septr 1852 Woodford, Merri River, Warrnambool – son of Johann Gottlieb ADLER (1821–1891) & Johanné Christiané ÜBERGANG (1822–1911) – (m.1. Murtoa,Vic. 23 Aug 1883 Mary MILLER) – widowed 1897 – (m.2.Vic.1904 Mary Ann WILLIAMS @ Dandenong 1904
- d. 10 Aug 1905 Germantown, Geelong (now Grovedale),
ADLER, Mary MILLER 17 Feb 1862 Hamilton, Vic. – d. 8 Jun 1897 Murtoa, Vic.
ADLER, David –b. 31/01/1885 Murtoa, Vic. – @ Dandenong 1904 -d. 10/09/1947 Cootamundra, NSW
ADLER, Carl –b. 19 May 1897 Murtoa, Vic. – @ Dandenong 1904 -d. 7 May 1968 Geelong, Vic.
ADLER, Mary Ann WILLIAMS –b.abt 1866 Cornwall, Great Britain – daughter of George Williams & Sarah Sambell - @ Dandenong, 1904, 1912 & 1913, Home Duties – d. 1931 Preston, Vic.

* * *

ADOLPH, Hermann Johann August -b.abt 1860 Sommerfeld, Neumark (Ost Brandenburg), Prussia - (m. Primitive Methodist Chapel, Eudunda, Sth Australia 17 Nov 1882 Johanna Emile Auguste SEVERIN) - RES: 1903 @ 582 Londsdale St, Melbourne, LODGING-HOUSE-KEEPER -d. Dandenong, Vic.
ADOLPH, Johanna Emile Auguste SEVERIN -b.11 March 1861 Tanunda, Barossa Valley, South Australia - daughter of Paul Samuel Albert Friedrich Severin( 1835–1889) &
Johanne Karoline Maiwald (1840–1881) RES: 1903 @ 582 Londsdale St, Melbourne, LODGING-HOUSE-KEEPER - -d.1931 Hotham, Nth Melb. @ 70 yrs
ADOLPH, Caroline Emma Anna -b.21 August 1883 Eudunda, Sth Australia
ADOLPH, Albert Arthur -b.4 August 1885 Eudunda, South Australia -(m.Vic.1917 Mary NELSON
ADOLPH, Mary Elizabeth NELSON
--ADOLPH, Arthur Albert the younger -b.abt 1917 -d.1043 Bairnsdale, Gippsland @ 25 yrs
ADOLPH, Walter Charles -b.3 Dec 1887 Eudunda, Sth Australia -(m.Vic.1909 Mary Elizabeth MURPHY -d.2 June 1957 Moonee Ponds, Victoria
ADOLPH, Mary Elizabeth MURPHY -b.abt 1886 - dghtr of Denis & Marg Murphy -d.1946 Parkville, Melb. @ 60 yrs
ADOLPH, Florence Ada -b.1890 Donald, Wimmera, Vic. -d.1896 East Melbourne, Victoria
ADOLPH, Rosa Louisa -b.1892 Birchip West, Wimmera -d.1893 Wirrimbirchip, Victoria
ADOLPH, Leslie Hermann -b.1898 Melbourne, Vic. -d.1974 Victoria @ 76 yrs
ADOLPH, wife
ADOLPH, Elsie Eva -b.1901 Melbourne, Vic.
ADOLPH, Mary Violet -b.1901 Melbourne, Vic.
ADOLPH, Wilhelm Friedrich -b.1903 Melbourne, Vic.
ADOLPH, Irene Lilly -b.1906 Melbourne, Vic.

* * *

Friedrich ADOLPHSON was born at Vestra (or Västra) Sweden in about 1860. As a young man he worked in Baltic ports where he got a sense of the trouble to come. He embarked for Australia from the Port of Antwerp in Belgium on the ship "CLONARD" and arrived in Melbourne in the middle of winter on 28th June 1885. In 1891 he married Sarah LOVETT,a woman of English ancestry, in Victoria, and they settled east of Melbourne where they took to the land nearby the largely Germanic settler community at Scoresby North. When he was Naturalised on 21 April 1897 he described himself as aged 37, a farmer of Ferntree Gully, Victoria. The Adolphsons seven children were born in he district they farmed.

ADOLPHSON, Friedrich 'Frederick'-b.abt 1858 SWEDEN - son of Adolph Adolphson & Augusta Olsen (m.1901 Sarah LOVETT Scoresby Nth 1880s -b.1916 Melboure @ 58 yrs - BURIED: 9 Oct 1916 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, COE
ADOLPHSON, Sarah LOVETT -b.abt 1882 -daughter of William Henry Lovett & Mary Ann Sheppard -d.1927 Prahran, Vic. @ 54 yrs BURIED:25 June 1927 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, COE

ADOLPHSON, Alice Maud -b.1893 Scoresby Nth

ADOLPHSON, Elise/ Elsie Mary -b.1895 Scoresby Nth

ADOLPHSON, George Friedrich -b.1897 Scoresby Nth -d.1946 Ringwood, @ 49 yrs BURIED: 31 Dec 1946 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, COE
ADOLPHSON, Anne Elisabeth ELLIS- -b. -d.1966 Victoria - BURIED: 28 June 1966 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, COE
-ADOLPHSON, Frederick Arthur -b.1919 Rngwood
-ADOLPHSON, Robert George -b.1920 Ringwood
-ADOLPHSON, Leslie George -b.1921 Melbourne
-ADOLPHSON, Joan Margaret -b.1929 -d.1934 Ringwood @ 4 yrs - BURIED: 9 Feb 1934 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, COE

ADOLPHSON, Hazel Nellie -b. (m.1940 James Henry HANNAKER)

ADOLPHSON, Josepine Mary-b. (m.1941 Leslie Verdun ZEUSCHNER) –

ADOLPHSON, Ethel May Lovell -b. (m.1924 Samuel Charles SPENCER) –

ADOLPHSON, Lucy Maryann -b.1900 Scoresby Nth

ADOLPHSON, Lillian Violet -b.1902 Scoresby Nth – (m.Vic.1927 Christopher George PUGH)
- -See PUGH

ADOLPHSON, Minnie Victoria -b.1905 Scoresby Nth

ADOLPHSON, Ruby Lydia -b.1908 Scoresby Nth

ADOLPHSON, Evelyn Ida - b.1913 Scoresby Nth / Bayswater -d.1951 East Melbourne, Victoria @ 38 yrs - BURIED:16 Aug 1951 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, COE

ADOMO, Pedro -b.24 February 1883 Paceco, Italia : Nationality - Italian: Date of Birth - 24 February 1883: Date of Arrival - 1927: Arrived per British ship from Buenos Aires: Certificate Number - 4: Date of Issue - 19 September 1939: First registered at Lillydale [Lilydale] [Contains 1 black and white photograph] @ Mooroolbark, Vic, 1939 -1945 MARKET GARDENER
ADOMO, wife ?

AESCHLIMANN, Luis Carl -b. Canton Berne, Neuchatel, Switzerland - @ Ceres, Geelong -[m.Vic. Margarte McMILLAN] - - d.31 January 1879 Deans Marsh, Barwon Valley, Vic.
AESCHLIMANN, Margaret McMILLAN - b.abt 1841 Scotland - EMIGRATED - to arrive April 1863 per the ship "MATILDA ATHLING" - - NATURALISED _ @ Arawata, Korumburra, Gippsland -d. 1929 BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery d264 Aeschlimann Margaret 1929 88y M-163
AESCHLIMANN, Charles Christopher -b.abt 1868 1912 44y BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery d264 Aeschlimann,Charles Christopher 1912 44y M-162
AESCHLIMANN, Adeline Jane -b. Ceres, Geelong
AESCHLIMANN, Alice Marion --b. 1870 Ceres, Geelong
AESCHLIMANN, Emilie Ballantine -b.1871 Ceres, Geelong
AESCHLIMANN, Charles Louis -b.1873 Ceres, Geelong d.1951 -BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery Aeschlimann, Louis Charles 1873 1951 P-207
AESCHLIMANN, Frances - BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery c446 Aeschlimann,Fanny 1962 85y P-207
AESCHLIMANN, Charles Louis -b.abt 1908 - d.1970 62 BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery Aeschlimann,Charles Louis 1970 62y Bm09-07
AESCHLIMANN, Alma Edith -b.abt 1907 2000 93 BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery e264 Aeschlimann, Alma Edith 2000 93y Bm09-07
AESCHLIMANN, Christoph - b.1913 BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery Aeschlimann Chris 1942 29y L-162
AESCHLIMANN, Margaret Grace -b.1875 Ceres, Geelong
AESCHLIMANN, Ernest Constantin -b. 1877 Ceres, Geelong -b. 1954 BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery d357 Aeschlimann,Ernest Constant 1954 77y L-162
AESCHLIMANN, Lilian Marjory 1961 BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery d357 Aeschlimann, Lilian Marjory 1961 74y L-162

AGNOLETO, Albino 'Tony' -b.1905 - d.1987 - BURIED: Bunyip Cemetery - hus of Lena 78 2.7.1987 Photo Lawn J
AGNOLETO, Lena Angelina -b.1905 - d.2005 - BURIED: Bunyip Cemetery - wife of Tony 90 23.6.2005 Photo Lawn J

AGOSTA, Antonino -b. 1897 Vizzini, Catania (Sicily), ITALY; - -[AGOSTA Antonino: Nationality - Italian: Date of Birth - 6 January 1897: Date of Arrival - 16 April 1939: Arrived per SS OTRANTO: Certificate Number - 46: Date of Issue - 23 October 1939: First registered at Koo Wee Rup [Contains 1 black and white photograph]] -- DATE OF NATURALISATION - 15 September 1947; RESIDENCE 1947 Dalmore, Westernport, VIC;
AGOSTA, Giuseppa -b. Vizzini, Catania (Sicily), ITALY -RESIDENCE 1947 Dalmore, Westernport, VIC;

AGOSTA, Francesco -b.1904 Vizzini, Catania (Sicily), ITALY ; [AGOSTA Francesco: Nationality - Italian: Date of Birth - 27 April 1904: Date of Arrival - 7 January 1927: Arrived per PALERMO: Certificate Number - 45: Date of Issue - 23 October 1939: First registered at Koo Wee Rup [Contains 1 black and white photograph]
] ] -NATURALISATION 18 August 1947 RESIDENCE 1947 Dalmore, Westernport, VIC;
AGOSTA, Antonina Amore -b. Vizzini, Catania (Sicily), ITALY - RESIDENCE 1947 Dalmore, Westernport, VIC;

AH CHOW, Harry John - -@ Swan Reach, Gippsland, 1925, FARMER
AH CHOW, Myrtle --@ Swan Reach, Gippsland, 1925, HOME DUTIES

AH CHOW, Eliza Jane -@ Mossiface, Gippsland, 1925, HOME DUTIES
AH CHOW, Rose --@ Mossiface, Gippsland, 1925, HOME DUTIES

AH CHOW, William John Thomas - @ Upper Tambo, Gippsland, 1925, FARMER

AHLES, Johann Friedrich [ Maria Julia KOHLHAGEN nee PULS m. 1884] -b. KLEMZIG, Sth AUST - Horsham
AHLES, Albert Alfred -b.1885 Bungalally, Horsham, Wimmera, Vic. – son of Klemzig, Adelaide-born Johann Friedrich AHLES (1852 – 1942 ) & Barossa Valley-born Maria Julia KOHLHAGEN nee PULS (1857–1947) - -Occupation: POLICE CONSTABLE / OFFICER (m. 1916 Ruby ISAAC) –Divorced- (m.Vic. 1938 Charlotte Auguste GRAY, nee PACH / PAECH) -Kew, FTG – d. 1958 Fitzroy, Vic.
AHLES, Ruby ISAAC -b.1895 Yarra Flats (now Yarra Glen), Upper Yarra Valley, Victoria, - daughter of Arthur Friedrich ISAAC (1858 – 1949) & Amy Burgon Frances II. GOLDSTONE (1860 – 1936) – d. 1964 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Victoria, Australia - @ 68 yrs
AHLES, Verica Audy -b.1917 South Yarra
AHLES, Male -b. 1919 South Yarra
AHLES, Charlotte Auguste(widow GRAY) nee PÄCH/ PAECH, -b. 1 Feb 1878 Scoresby North Dandenong Creek, (Wantirna/ Bayswater -daughter of August PÄCH/PAECH & Auguste Luise JACKEL , ORCHARDISTS of Dandenong Creek, Wantirna-Bayswater - (Widow of Arthur Ernest GRAY (1880 – 1929) – d. 1st August 1961 Ferntree Gully, Victoria,
AHLES, Agnes Amanda -b.1887 Bungalally, Horsham (m.Vic.1921 Rudolph Walter HARTMANN (1891 – 1962) – 1937 Horsham
AHLES, Wilhelm Eduard -b.1890 Bungalally, Horsham – 1931 Horsham
AHLES, Victor Herbert -b.1893 Horsham – 1968 Heidleberg, Vic.
AHLES, Elsebe Beryl Irene -b.1899 Horsham (m.Vic.1927 Paul Edmund POHLNER (1894 – 1949) - – b.1973 Horsham

AHLMAN,' Charles' Carl August AHRLMANN -b.abt 1864 Helsingborg, Sweden - - NATURALISED 4 Mar 1903 FISHERMAN @ Age 39 yrs, Gippsland @ Bowen, nr Foster Toora, via Port Welshpool, Gippsland, 1903, 1905, 1907, 1909- 1916 Foster, Gippsland- FISHERMAN -d.1916 Toora, Gippsland, Victoria @ 52 yrs

AHLSTON, Agnes Mary –b.1893 Armadale, Prahran District, - daughter of Deutschland-born Theodor Adolph AHLSTON (1862 – 1944) & Mary Ellen CAMPBELL1868 – 1954 - @ “Ferogepori” School Road, Ferny Creek, 1934, STOREKEEPER – 1937- 1954 etc – d. 1982 Ferntree Gully, The Dandenongs,

AHLSTRON, Erling Leander -b.1902 Kronoby, FINLAND; - NATURALISATION 4 June 1948; RESIDENCE - Marysville, VIC
AHLSTRON, Hazel May -b.? maybe Kronoby, FINLAND?

AHMED, Quazim - - b. Albania - - @ Settlement Road, Yarra Junction, Upper Yarra, 1949, FARMER

AH MOUY, Ling -b.abt 1868 Melbourne, Victoria -son of Canton, Chinese-born Louis Ah Mouy (1826-1918)& Ang Ah Chuck (1846–1916) @ Monbulk, 1919 ORCHARDIST - d.23/12/1933 Monbulk, Emerald, Victoria @ 65 yrs
AH MOUY, Irene May Estelle 'Stella' HARRIS - @ Emerald Rd, Monbulk, 1934, HOME DUTIES
AH MOUY, John 'Jack' Francis -b.17 Nov 1912 Moonie Ponds, Vic. -(m.Monbulk,Vic.1936 -d.8 Jan 2006 Victoria -d.8 JAN 2006 Victoria
AH MOUY, Dorothy Myrtle WINDERS -b.1916 Balmain, New South Wales –d.2006 Vict.
AH MOUY, Joseph 'Joe' -b.1924 Monbulk, Vic. -d.3 Jul 1982 Carlton, Victoria
AH MOUY, Margaret Beryl STEWART -b.1937 –d.1980
AH MOUY, Stella Lorraine -b. 14/8/1929 Coburg, Victoria (m.Vic.1956 21/6/1979 Alan John MORSE (1928–2007) -d.21/6/1979 Ferntree Gully, Victoria
AH MOUY, Eileen
AH MOUY, Lorna
AH MOUY, Margaret Mary

* * *

AH YOU, -b. Canton, China- MINER @ Hoddles Creek, PROPERTY: LAND in Hoddles Creek, in the PARISH OF WOORI YALLOCK, being LOT 32A of 1 Acres 2 Roods (One and Half Acres) in finally dated 26th April 1883 -- d.21 Mar 1909 Hoddles Creek, Upper Yarra Valley, Victoria

* * *

AHRENS, Claus Friedrich -b.abt 1844 Deutschland, Germany - son of Hermann Ahrens & Johanna Marie Brinkmann NATURALISED 1897 Victoria - -d.1921 Castlemaine, Vic. @ 77 yrs
AHRENS, 'Anna Maria' Johanna Maria ZIMMERMANN -b.abt 1857 - daughter of Christoph Zimmermann & Christiana Volmers - @ Murray Street, Wonthaggi, Gippsland, 1922 HOME DUTIES -d.1926 Castlemaine, Vic. & 69 yrs
AHRENS, Hermann Christoph -b.1877 Chewton, Victoria -(m.Vic.1908 Iris Louisa Agnes SAMPSON) -d.1955 Williamstown, Vic. @ 77 yrs
AHRENS, Iris Louisa Agnes SAMPSON -b.abt 1886 - daughter of Francis Horatio Sampson & Sarah Jane McPherson -d.1943 Williamstown, Vic.@ 57 yrs
--AHRENS, Maria Frances -b.1909 Castlemaine, Victoria
--AHRENS, Ian Reginald -b.abt 1915 -d.1937 Gainsborough, Gippsland, Victoria @ 22 yrs
AHRENS, Johanna Marie Catherine 'Baxter' -b.1881 Chewton, Victoria (m.Vic. William James BAXTER) -d.1949 Castlemaine, Victoria @ 59 yrs
AHRENS, Heinrich Wilhelm -b.1882 Chewton, Victoria -d.1883 Chewton, Victoria
AHRENS, 'Fred' Friedrich Claus -b.1884 Chewton, Victoria -RES: @ Murray Street, Wonthaggi, Gippsland, 1916, MINER -(m.Vic.1918 Jean Ellen FORSYTH) +1919 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi, MINER with Ellen Jean ) +1922 - - d.1963 Brunswick, Victoria
AHRENS, Jean Ellen FORSYTH -b.1893 18 Jab 1893 Omeo, Gippsland, Victoria - daughter of Robert McMillan Forsyth (1861–1909) & Isabella Renton (1860–1938) - RES: @ Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi, 1919 HOME DUTIES +1922 - - d.1984 Brunswick, Vic. @ 91 yrs
--AHRENS, Edwin Robert aka AHERNS -b.1919 Wonthaggi, Victoria -d.1935 Melbourne, Victoria
--AHRENS, Kevin Frederick -b.1 Nov 1923 Wonthaggi, Victoria - - d.31-12-2008 Broadmeadows, Vic.

* * *

AHRENS, Ferdinand Franz -b.abt 1836 Hannover, Germany -(m.Vic.1873 'Kate' Catherine DENNY ) -d.1916 Corryong, Victoria @ 80 yrs
AHRENS, 'Kate' Catherine DENNY -b.abt 1855 -@ Yarram Yarram, Gippsland, 1913, HOME DUTIES -d.2 December 1941 Richmond, Vic. @ 87 yrs - BURIED: 4 December 1941 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Joshua Jordan Lawn, Row AV, Grave 47; Buried.

AHRENS, Francis Wilhelm -b.1875 Tint, Victoria -d.1895 Corryong, Victoria @ 19 yrs

AHRENS, Florence -b.1878 Tint, Victoria -(m.Vic.1896 William Denis CLIFFORD) - ( TOMKINS) - -d.1968 Richmond, Victoria @ 89 yrs

AHRENS, Ferdinand Thomas Eling -b.1880 Tower Hill, Koroit, Victoria - (m.Vic.1903 Louisa Agnes WHITE) - @ Yarram Yarram, Gippsland, Vic.1913, BUTCHER - widowed 1925- (re-m.Vic Beatrice Rosina BUSHNIE) - - RES: @ 5 Third St, Cheltenham, 1942, BUTCHER with Beatrice Rosina AHRENS, HOME DUTIES -d.1960 Sandown, Springvale, Victoria @ 79 yrs - BURIED: 6/01/1960 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Cremated
AHRENS, Louisa Agnes Lillian WHITE -b.abt 1883 -daughtr of Eden White & Elizth Davis - @ Yarram Yarram, 1913, HOME DUTIES -d.1925 Malvern, Victoria @ 42 yrs - BURIED:
--AHRENS, Lilian Katie -b.1904 Corryong, Upper Murray, Vic.
--AHRENS, Morris Eden -b.1905 Corryong, Upper Murray, Vic. -d.1973 Caulfield, Vic. - BURIED:
--AHRENS, Elisabeth Blanche -b.1907 Corryong, Upper Murray, Vic.
--AHRENS, Margaret Rubina -b.- daughter of @ 10 Reynolds St, Ringwood, 1963, - BURIED:
--AHRENS, Ferdinand Eric Henry-b.1908 Corryong, Upper Murray, Vic. -(m.Vic.Agatha Beatrice CAMPBELL) RES:@ Lindsay Ave., Cheltenham 1937, BUTCHER - with Agatha Beatrice AHRENS - -d.14 July 1993 Vic. @ age 84 yrs - BURIED: 16 July 1993 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Garden of No Distant Place, August, Date 23; Cremated.
--AHRENS, Agatha Beatrice CAMPBELL -b.1911 - daughter of Willi Campbell & Lillian Maud Goode RES:@ Lindsay Ave., Cheltenham 1937, HOME DUTIES -d.1967 Sale, Gippsland, Vic. @ 56 yrs
--AHRENS, Alma Jessie -b.1910 Corryong, Upper Murray, Vic.
--AHRENS, son -b. Yarram, Gippsland, Vic.
--AHRENS, Margaret Ellen DICKSON -b.abt 1919 - daughter of Walter Dickson & Susie Hanna Brooking - d.1964 Traralgon, Gippsland, Vic. @ 45 yrs
AHRENS, Beatrice Rosina BUSHNIE -b.abt 1895 -daughter of Edward Bushnie & Ellen Lennon- RES: @ 499 Point Nepean Rd, Hampton, 1935, HOME DUTIES ; RES: @ 5 Third St, Cheltenham, 1942, HOME DUTIES with Ferdinand Thomas E AHRENS, BUTCHER -d.1972 Caulfield, Victoria @ 77 yrs - BURIED: 14 June 1972 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Cremated.

AHRENS, Ruby Bernice -b.1883 Corryong, Upper Murray, Vic. -(m.Vic.1900 Leath Francis McKENZIE) -d.23 Jun 1971 Corryong, Victoria

AHRENS, Swift Kirby -b.1886 Corryong, Upper Murray, Vic. -(m.Vic.1913 Lucy Helena GUY) - RES: @ Yarram, Gippsland, 1915 BUTCHER -Res. @ Clyde, Lang Lang, Gippsland 1916 FARMER -d.1929 Springvale, Vict @ 43 yrs
AHRENS, Lucy Helena GUY -b.25 Feb 1892 Staffordshire Reef, Victoria -- RES: @ Yarram, Gippsland, 1915 HOME DUTIES / Res. @ Clyde, Lang Lang, Gippsland 1916 FARM & HOME DUTIES - d.1965 Melbourne, Vic.
--AHRENS, Robert Frank - - RES: Traralgon, Gippsland WOOD MERCHANT
--AHRENS, Ada Violet

AHRENS, Carl / Charles -b.1888 Corryong, Upper Murray, Vic. -(m.Vic. Frances Ellen CLUGSTON) - RES. @ No.16 Thomas St, Mentone, 1954 - -d.18 February 1957 Mordialloc, Victoria @ 69 yrs -- BURIED: 21 February 1957 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Brind, Wall Q, Niche 147 Church of Eng. /Cremated.
AHRENS, Frances Ellen CLUGSTON -b.30 October 1895 - daughter of John Clugston & Eleanor ? - RES. @ No.16 Thomas St, Mentone, 1954 HOME DUTIES -d.24 February 1980 Heidelberg, Victoria @ 84yr s - BURIED: 27 February 1980 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Brind, Wall Q, Niche 147 Presbyterian /Cremated.

AHRENS, Arthur Cyril -b.1890 Nariel, Corryong, Upper Murray, Vic. -WORLD WAR ONE SOLDIER- Enlisted from Dubbo, NSW. -d.21 Oct 1917 Camiers, France (Western Front)

AHRENS, Prince Bismark -b.1903 Corryong, Upper Murray, Vic. -d.1894 Corryong, Victoria

* * *

AHRENS,'Frederick William' Friedrich Wilhelm -b.12 Jul 1879 Beenleigh, Queensland -son of Bethanien-South Australian-born Gerhardt Theodor AHRENS (1845–1920) & Hermannsburg, Hannover-born Marie Louise Charlotte HELMUTH (1856–1935) - -(m.Tasmania 31 Dec 1913 Edith May BEALEY) - RES: @ 183 Montague ST, South Melbourne, 1919- NAVAL OFFICER - -RES @ 67 Downshire Rd, Elsternwick, Vic. BUS PROPRIETOR -with Edith May Ahrens -OCCUPATION ABT 1929-1944 ORCHARDIST @ Wonga Park, Yarra Valley, Victoria- RES: @ Wonga Park, Warrandyte-Kangaroo Ground, 1937, ORCHARDIST, with EditH May Ahrens' RES;1945 Lenah Valley Track, Moonah, Franklin, Tasmania, 1945, ORCHARDIST - with Edith May AHRENS -d.1954 Queensland, Australia
AHRENS, Edith May BEALEY / BEALE -b.5 May 1877 Queensland? maybe Tasmania, Australia - RES: @ 183 Montague ST, South Melbourne, 1919- HOME DUTIES; - RES: @ Wonga Park, Kangaroo Ground, 1937, ORCHARD & HOME DUTIES ES;1945 Lenah Valley Track, Moonah, Franklin, Tasmania, 1945, ORCHARD & HOME DUTIES -d.23 Nov 1977 Hobart,Tasmania
AHRENS, Bruce William -b.abt 1915 Melbourne - d.5 Dec 2002 Swansea, Tasmania

* * *

AHRENS, Alfred Gottlieb -b.27 March 1897 Vine Vale, Barossa Valley, South Australia - son of Barossa Valley-born Friedrich Gottlieb AHRENS (1856–1923) & Barossa Valley-born Maria PANNACH (1860–1943) -(m. 'Betty' Elizabeth ANDERSON) - d. Pakenham, West Gippsland, Victoria
AHRENS, 'Betty' Elizabeth ANDERSON -b.

* * *

AIDONE, Giovanni -b.1893 Vizzinni, ITALY; -NATURALISATION 10 February 1947; RESIDENCE 1947 Dalmore East, VIC;
AIDONE, Sebastiana -b. Vizzinni, ITALY - RESIDENCE 1947 Dalmore East, VIC

AIRO, Zeja Jeladin - b, Albania - @ Warburton, Upper Yarra, 1949, LABOURER

AJANI, Luciano Mario ‘Luie/ Louis’ –b.1864 Olgiate Comasco, Comune Olgiate Comasco, Reggio de Como, Lombardy, Italia –EMIGRATED: from Gravesend, Port of London England, per the ship "JOHN ELDER" arriving October 1883 at Melbourne, Australia - - (m.St Patricks, Melbourne East, Vic. 1889 Maria ‘Mary’ FERRARI) - - NATURALISED: 23 April 1901 27 Barrow Street, Brunswick, Vic. Occupation; 1901 PAINTER & PAPER HANGER - RESIDENCE 1914: Sullivan Road, Black Flat, Waverley, Mulgrave - MARKET GARDENERS – near Maria AJANI in 1914 @ Glen Waverley, Mulgrave - ORCHARDIST. - RES. @ Sullivan Road, Black Flat, Wavelrey, Mulgrave 1921 MARKET GARDENER - – RESIDENCE: 1931: Fussell Street, KILSYTH, Croydon, Indi, Victoria, Australia - ORCHARDIST - with Mary AJANI, Home DutieS, Romeo AJANI, ORCHARDIST & Louis AJANI, ORCHARDIST - d.6 May 1941 in Croydon, Maroondah,
AJANI, Maria ‘Mary’ FERRARI – b.abt 1870 Italy –RES. @ Sullivan Road, Black Flat, Wavelrey, Mulgrave 1921 MARKET GARDENERS/ HOME DUTIES d. 22 April 1940 Ringwood, Maroondah district,
AJANI, Eduardo ‘Edward’ Ted' 1890 Coburg, North of Melbourne RES: Scoresby, 1934, GARDENER – d.1950 Ormond, Southeast of Melbourne -
AJANI, 'Nellie' Ellen PRESTON 1906 Brighton, Melb.–
- AJANI, Nell Antoinette
- AJANI, Patricia
- AJANI, Margaretta 1942 – 1942
AJANI, Riccardo 'Richard' 1891 Coburg, North of Melbourne – CIGAR-MAKER – 1959 Coburg, Vic.
AJANI, Selena THORPE 1901 Fitzroy, Melb. – daughter – 1964 Parkville, Melb.
--AJANI, Dorothy May –b. Coburg, -Nurse
--AJANI, Maurice –b. Coburg,
AJANI, Mario -b.1894 Brunswick, Vic. RESIDENCE 1914: Glen Waverley, Mulgrave, Dandenong, Flinders, Victoria, Australia- ORCHARDIST - near Louie & Mary AJANI @ Sullivan Road, Black Flat, Waverley- MARKET GARDENERS– - Died: 1961 Ringwood, Maroondah
AJANI, Aldo Vittoria ‘Victor’ 1895 Coburg, North of Melbourne - @ High Street, Scoresby, 1934, ORCHARDIST – 1961
AJANI, Margaret Elizabeth CHARTER 1898 – 1980 HOME DUTIES
-AJANI, Nellie or Neltie - - @ High Street, Scoresby, 1934,
-AJANI, Raymond Louis 1936 – 1979
AJANI, Rita Adele 1897 Brunswick, Vic. (m.Vic.1919 Giuseppe 'Joseph' CANESTRA (1889 – 1977) – FRUITERER – of ST KILDA ) two Canestra childen - – d.1958 Malvern (or 1938 Fitzroy, Vic. ?)
AJANI, Hilda Josephina 1898 Brunswick, Vic. –(m.Vic. Guiseppe ‘Joseph’ SENINI- farmer of Moe ) – 1964 Sale, Gippsland
AJANI, Andrea Piero 'Andrew' 1900 Brunswick, Vic. – 22 Feb 1982 Tamworth, NSW
AJANI, Maria Katerina 'Mary Kate 1903 Brunswick, Vic. –(m.Vic. Giovanni 'John' SENINI – farmer of Drouin) – 1957 Warragul, West Gippsland,
AJANI, Adele Elena –b. 1904 Brunswick, Melbourne – d. 23 Mar 1938 Fitzroy, Melb
AJANI, Piero 1906 Brunswick, Vic. – 1907 Brunswick, Vic.
AJANI, Romeo Luigi Louis 1906 Brunswick,V. (m.Vic. Esther Anne LAWLESS)–1974 Armadale, Prahran
AJANI, Esther Anne LAWLESS 1911 – 1978
--AJANI, Irene Maria
--AJANI, Janetta Anna
--AJANI, Michael Joseph
--AJANI, Peter Luciano 1941 – 2009
AJANI, 'Louis' Luigi Piero 1909 Carlton, Melb. @ Kilsyth,Vic. ORCHARDIST – 1967 Prahran,
AJANI, Laurie Jane MATTHEWS –b.
--AJANI, Margaret 1942 – 1942
AJANI, Martha Anita 1909 – 1975

ALAIMO, Emanuele -b.1 March 1895 Malta -: Nationality - American: Date of Birth - 1 March 1895: Date of Arrival - 27 November 1927: Arrived per ORONSAY: Certificate Number 8: Date of Issue - 23 September 1939: First Registered at Frankston - Victoria [Contains one black and white photograph] -19 Feb 1941 Lyndhurst South, via Frankston, Vic.,

ALBERNI, Martin -b.20 March 1866 Barcelona, SPAIN; -son of Cuaguin Alberni & Francesca Craniell Date of Arrival - 24 June 1908: -d.1917 Coburg, Victoria
ALBERNI, Francisca COSTA -b.14 November 1863 Barcelona, SPAIN; Date of Arrival - 24 June 1908:- d.1932 Belgrave, Victoria @ Age: 69 - BURIED: Jul 1932 Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia
ALBERNI, Enrique 'Henry' -b.19 February 1891 Barcelona, SPAIN;- Date of Arrival - 24 June 1908:(m.Vic.1918 Maria Borrell) -d.1975 Hawthorn, Victoria - BURIED: Sep 1975 Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia
ALBERNI, Adelaide Maria Borrell -b.abt 1893 - son of Thomas & Theresa Borrell- d.1972 Boroondara, Victoria - BURIED: Jul 1972 Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia
ALBERNI, Salvatore -b.26 March 1894 Barcelona, SPAIN; Date of Arrival - 24 June 1908:-d.1970 Blackburn, Victoria @ 76 yrs -BURIED: 3 Dec 1970 Springvale, Victoria, Australia
ALBERNI, Margarita Maria -born 17 February 1897 Barcelona, SPAIN;Date of Arrival - 24 June 1908:- d.1965 Wantirna, Victoria - -BURIED: 19 Mar 1964 Springvale, Victoria, Australia
ALBERNI, John Martin
ALBERNI, Barry Raymond -b. - -d.1959 Carlton, Victoria - -BURIED: Apr 1959 Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia
ALBERNI, Ivy Edith
ALBERNI, Martin -b.10 Jun 1903 BARCELONA SPAIN -Date of Arrival - 24 June 1908: d. 8 Aug 1960 Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia
ALBERNI, Gwendoline Grace - d. - BURIED: 3 Sep 1997 Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia
ALBERNI, Martin Mathew
ALBERNI, Kenneth Robert
ALBERNI, Judith Ann
ALBERNI, Pauline Lynette

ALBERNI, Henry Martin -BURIED: 25 Jun 2015 Sutherland, New South Wales, Australia
ALBERNI, Enid May -Died: 7 May 1992 Oyster Bay, NSW - BURIED: 7 May 1992 Sutherland, New South Wales, Australia

ALBERS, Heinrich (Jessie MELLIONS)

ALBERS, Claus (1845-1897) (Johanne Pauline WEIST m.1875) ` HANOVER - Dandenong
ALBERS, Johanne Pauline WEIST -See WEIST
ALBERS, Anna Pauline 1876 Melb.- Berwick
ALBERS, Elisabeth [ William James HARPER m.1913] 18?
ALBERS, Henry August (Florence Ethel HAMMILL) 1883 Dandenong - Beaconsfield
ALBERS, Florence Ethel HAMMILL
ALBERS, Gertrude Florence - Beaconsfield 1910
ALBERS, Cecilie (Eduard Michael Bela MAKUTZ/MAKEETZ) - Richmond
ALBERS, Hermann - Port Melb.

* * *

ALBERS, Peter -b.abt 1842 - son of Claus ALBERS & ? Margrate Eda Spanfor ? -d.1889 Warburton, Upper Yarra Valley, Victoria @ 47 yrs
ALBERS, Ida / Eda SPANGIER - (m.Vic.1890 Martin THUMANN) - Warburton
- – see THUMANN
ALBERS, Ernst Nicolaus -b.21 Januar 1864 Brokdorfer Hafen, Brokdorf, Steinburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Deu - son of Peter Albers & Ida Spanier [m.Vic.1900 Annie Elizabeth GREVE] -d.1949 Burwood, Nunawading, Victoria @ 86 yrs
ALBERS, Anna Elisabeth GREVE -b.abt 1879 -daughter of Wilhelm Hinrich GREVE & 'Fanny' Frances WOODMANSEY (1852–1938) -d.1965 Canterbury, Boroondara, Victoria
ALBERS, Ernst "Ernest' -b.1903 Warburton
ALBERS, wife
ALBERS, Hermann -b.1904 Warburton
ALBERS, wife
ALBERS, Alice -b.1907 Warburton, Victoria
ALBERS, Rudolph Heinrich -b.1911 Balwyn, Boroondara, Vic.
ALBERS, Roy -b.1913 Hawthorn, Boroondara, Vic.
ALBERS, Adolph -b.1916 Warburton --d.25 JANUARY 2000 McLeod Nursing Home, Melbourne
ALBERS, wife
ALBERS, Ida/ Eda -b.abt 1879 - daughter of Peter Albers & Eda Spanger -d. 1956 Croydon, Maroondah, Victoria @ 77 yrs
ALBERS, Elisabeth 'Harper'-b.abt 1883 - daughter of Peter Albers & Doris Spancer -(m.Vic.1913 James William HARPER) -d.1964 Kew, Boroondara, Victoria @ 81 yrs

* * *

ALBERT, Wilhelm ‘William’ -[ Maria SCHMIDT m. 1865] Queenstown, St Andrews
ALBERT, Maria SCHMIDT m. 1865
ALBERT, Wilhelm Heinrich ‘William Henry’-b.1865 Queenstown, St Andrews – (m.Vic Mary Jane ?) - @ Healesville, 1908, BUTCHER
ALBERT, Mary Jane - - @ Healesville, 1908, HOME DUTIES
ALBERT, Alice Jemimia -b.1868 Queenstown, St Andrews
ALBERT, Rose Florence -b.1870 Queenstown, St Andrews
ALBERT, Sarah Anna -b.1872 Queenstown, St Andrews
ALBERT, Samuel Richard -b.1874 Queenstown, St Andrews
ALBERT, Louise Georgina -b.1876 Queenstown, St Andrews
ALBERT, Thomas James -b. 1878 Queenstown, St Andrews
ALBERT, Marie Amelie -b.1880 Queenstown, St Andrews
ALBERT, Victor Johann Edwin -b.1883 Queenstown, St Andrews
ALBERT, Arthur -b.1885-1885 Queenstown, St Andrews

* * *

ALBERT, Johannes -b.1849 Rosenthal [now Rosedale], nr Gawler, South Australia - son of Andreas ALBERT & Agneta HEINZE of Gnandenthal, nr Penshurst, Victoria who earlier married in Bethanien, (now Bethany), Barossa Valley, South Australia on 22 Feb 1849. - -d.1923 Bairnsdale, Gippsland, Victoria @ 73 yrs
ALBERT, Rhoda DAY -b.abt 1857 - daughter of Thomas Day & Maria Kimpton Harridance -d.1940 Bairnsdale, Gippsland, Victoria @ 83 yrs
ALBERT, Johannes 'John' -b.1876 Rosenthal, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
ALBERT, Andreas Thomas -b.1878 Horsham, The Wimmera, Victoria, - (m.Vic.1920 Anna Amelia TIRRELL) - @ Upper Tambo, Gippsland, 1925 FARMER -d.1932 Bruthen, Gippsland, Victoria
ALBERT, Anna Amelia TIRRELL - @ Upper Tambo, Gippsland, 1925 HOME DUTIES
ALBERT, Celeste Maud -b.22-7-1879 Jung Jung, Horsham, Wimmera, Vic. -(m.Gippsland,Vic. George HALL) -d.31-7-1948 Orbost, Gippsland, Victoria
- - See HALL
ALBERT, Christina Agnes -b.1881 Warracknabeal, Wimmera, Victoria -(m.Stratford, Gippsland,Vic.1919 Edward MAIDEN) at least Eight (8 or 10) MAIDEN children born Gippsland -d.1968 Fitzroy, Melbourne
- - See MAIDEN
ALBERT, William Johannes -b.1883 Nhill, Wimmera, Victoria -d.Aug 1975 Heidelberg, Victoria
ALBERT, wife
ALBERT, Rhoda Georgina Gertrude -b.1885 Nhill, Wimmera, Victoria - (m.Vic. William Henry DENT (1881–1953)) - -d.28 Mar 1968 Traralgon, Gippsland,
ALBERT, Rose -b.1888 Nhill, Wimmera, Victoria -(m.Gippsland,Vic.1909 Thomas Joseph RAWSON (1885–1950)) - -d.1970 Mentone, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria
ALBERT, Ellen Victoria -b.1890 Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia
ALBERT, Ada-b.1892 Bairnsdale, Victoria Australia -(m.Petersham,NSW 1918 Walter L CARTER) -d.1976 Australia
ALBERT, George -b.1894 Bairnsdale, Victoria - @ Upper Tambo, Gippsland, 1925 LABOURER
ALBERT, Ernst -b.1896 Bairnsdale, Victoria
ALBERT, Daphne -b.1898 Bairnsdale, Victoria, -d.1922 Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
ALBERT, Clarice Amelia -b.1900 Bairnsdale, Gippsland, Victoria -d.1970 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Victoria

* * *

ALBICH, Peter – b. abt 1831 Deutschland – Miner at Dargo Goldfields with J. F. Feischer & August Reudiger –NATURALISED 1904 - d.1915 Talbotville, Dargo, Gippsland, Victoria,

* * *

ALBRECHT, Christian Conrad I -b.4 Oct 1851 Wachbach, Mergentheim, Württemberg, Germany - son of ? Unenolln -(m.Mansfield,Vic. 7 Jan 1888 Sarah MARSHALL) - NATURALISED 1898 Vict. - RESIDENCE @ Buln Buln, Drouin, West Gippsland, 1913, LABOURER -d.26 Dec 1919 Melbourne, Vic. @ 68 yrs
ALBRECHT, Sarah MARSHALL -b.1868 Newcastle-On-Tyne, Northumberland, England -daughter of John Marshall - RESIDENCE @ Buln Buln, Drouin, West Gippsland, 1913, HOMEDUTIES -d.1915 Warragul, Victoria @ 47 yrs - BURIED: 1915 Warragul Cemetery METH-D-162
ALBRECHT, Wilhelm Johann -b.1889 Warragul, West Gippsland - - (m.Vic.1910 Mary Ivy YOUNG) - - -d.1963 Victoria
ALBRECHT, Mary Ivy YOUNG -b.abt 1893 Northcote, Darebin Creek - daughter of Charles William Young (1865–1944) & Agnes Elizabeth Brown (1870–1945)-d.1972 Chelsea, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria @ 79 yrs
--ALBRECHT, Christian Conrad III -b.6 Mar 1916 Richmond, Vic. -(m.Vic. Lillian) - WW2 SOLDIER
--ALBRECHT, Lillian
ALBRECHT, Christian Conrad II -b.1891 Melbourne, Victoria -d.1909 Melbourne, Victoria @ 16 yrs
ALBRECHT, Rosina Barbara -b.1894 Warragul, Gippsland, Victoria -d.1898 Yarragon, Gippsland, Victoria @ 3 yrs
ALBRECHT, Ethel May -b.1896 Thorpdale, Gippsland, Victoria -d.1950 Victoria
ALBRECHT, Edward Henry -b.1898 Melbourne, Victoria -d.1898 South Melbourne, Victoria
ALBRECHT, Alfred George -b.1899 Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria -d.1968 Box Hill, Nunawading, Victoria - @ 68 yrs
ALBRECHT, Marjorie Anne GILLARD (wife) -b.abt 1900 - daughter of Mr & Sarah Emily Gillard -d.1982 Ringwood, Victoria @ 82 yrs

* * *

ALBRES, Antonio 'aka ALBRESS' -b.1842 Boa vista, Boa vista Isle, Cape Verde Islands, Equatorial Atlantic off Africa, Portugul, - EMIGRATED to Arrive at Melbourne May 1867 per the ship "QUEEN OF THE SOUTH" from Liverpool -(m.Vic.1878 Maria BENNETT) - - NATURALISED: 3rd February 1896 @ Rye, Mornington Peninsula, Vic. - LABOURER @ age 47 years after 29 years in Australia -d.2/08/1909 Fitzroy, Victoria @ 68 yrs
ALBRES, Maria BENNETT ('aka ALBRESS') -b.1860 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria - daughter of Thomas Alexander Bennett (1825–1880) & Elizabeth McMurray (1826–1881) - -d.1930 Vic.
ALBRES, Rachel ALBRESS -b.1878 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria - daughter of Antonio Albres & Maria Bennett - -d.1920 Melbourne, Victoria 40 yrs
ALBRESS, Thomas Alexander ALBRES -b.1880 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria -son of Antonio Albress & Maria Bennett - @ Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula, 1906, LABOURER -d.1917 Prahran, Victoria 35 yrs
ALBRESS, Pantaleon ALBRES -b.1882 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria-- son of Antonio Albres & Maria Bennett -(m.Vic.1909 Ellen Nellie McDONALD) @ Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula, 1906, HOME DUTIES -d.1940 Auburn, Boroondara, Victoria @ 56 yrs
ALBRESS, Nellie Ellen McDONALD -b.abt 1883 -d.1921 Heidelberg, Victoria @ 38 yrs
--ALBRESS, Irene Rachel -b.1909 Richmond, Vic. -d.1912 Clifton Hill, Victoria
--ALBRESS, Maurice Robert -b. Melbourne, Vic.
--ALBRESS, Maria Pearl -b.1911 -d.1915 South Melbourne, Victoria
--ALBRESS, Thomas William -b.1911- - - d-1977 Prahran, Victoria @ 66 yrs
--ALBRESS, Seraphina Florence-b.1913 -d.1915 Richmodn, Victoria @ 2 yrs
--ALBRESS, Louis Panteleon -b.1914 -d.1083 Preston, Victoria 69 yrs
ALBRESS, Cecilia ALBRES-b.1884 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria - daughter of Antonio Albres & Maria Bennett -- (m.Vic.1915 Godfrey Harold RUDD)
--ALBRESS, Matilda-b.1902 Richmond, Vic.
ALBRESS, Maria ALBRES-b.1886 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria - daughter of Antonio Albres & Maria Bennett -- (m.Vic.1905 Thomas Willemont James Le BRUN (1876-1952)) - (m.Vic Percival Alexander C. JAMES (1889–1948)) -d. 1952 Cheltenham, Vic. @ 66 yrs
--ALBRESS, Arthur Thomas -b.1905 Carlton, Vic.
--ALBRESS, Rachel Frances LE BRUN -b.abt 1908 -d.1936 Royal Park, Melbourne, Victoria @ 28 yrs
--See Le BRUN
ALBRESS, 'Sarah Phine' Seramphina ALBRES -b.1888 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria - daughter of Antonio Albres & Maria Bennett - -d.1915 Richmond, Victoria @ 26 yrs
ALBRESS, Juelo ALBRES -b.1891 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria -son of Antonio Albres & Maria Bennett -(m.Vic.1912 May Ruby McMASTERS) -d.1970 Koo-Wee-Rup, Westernport, Victoria @ 79 yrs
--ALBRESS, Juelo -b.1914- d.1914 Carlton, Victoria
--ALBRESS, William Moras -b.abt 1916 -d.1972 Richmond, Victoria @ 56 yrs
ALBRESS, Luigi 'Louis'ALBRES -b.abt 1892 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria -son of Antonio Albres & Maria Bennett-(m.Vic. Violet Ann ? ) - -d.1982 Fitzroy, Victoria @ 89 yrs
ALBRESS, Violet Ann ?
ALBRESS, Giovanni 'John' ALBRES -b.1895 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria -son of Antonio Albres & Maria Bennett-(m.Vic.1928 Rose Anastasia CONVY) -d. 1969 Fitzroy, Victoria @ 74 yrs
ALBRESS, Rose Anastasia CONVY -b.1896 Richmond, Victoria -daughter of George B Convy & Ellen Hafey -d.1979 Kew, Boroondara, Victoria @ 83 yrs
ALBRESS, William ALBRES -b.1917 Tootgarook, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria -son of Antonio Albres & Maria Bennett -d.1961 Fitzroy, Vic. @ 63 yrs

ALDRICH, George Washington – b.2 July 1831 nr Providence, State of Rhode Island, USA – Arrived: 1854 per ship “JEWELL OF THE SEA” @ Melbourne - NATURALISED: 3rd May 1904 Beaufort, Vic. – then aged 73, OccK labourer - a Widower, four sons & four daughters alive. One son dead.
ALDRICH, Sarah Ann PAYTER – b.
ALDRICH, Arthur Paul –b.1871 Raglan, Beaufort, @ Yarra Junction, 1913, HORSE DRIVER
ALDRICH, Eliza Jane RUSSELL - @ Yarra Junction, 1913, - H/D
ALDRICH, George Alfred - b.1875Raglan, Beaufort, @ Yarra Junction, 1913, - LABOURER
ALDRICH, Martha Anna RUSSELL- @ Yarra Junction, 1913, - H/D

ALENTORN, Buenaventura Arpa 'Benjamin /Ben' - b.14 July 1870 Farragona, Catalonia, Spain. - EMIGRATED to arrive 3rd Feb 1898 at Melbourne per the ship 'Villa De La Ciotat' from Spain. (m.Vic.1905 to Josephine Ignatius PARER)- - NATURALISATION : 24th August 1908 Yackandandah, Vic - HOTELKEEPER @ AGE 38 after Ten years in Australia- - Residences: Melbourne (including Surrey Hills) 1898-1902; Boulder City, WA 1903-1904; Yackandandah, Vic. 1905-1908. Married. One Child. RESIDENCE:1949 @ 51 Victoria Street, Warragul, West Gippsland - - d.1960 Surrey Hills, Vic. BURIED: 28/06/1960 Box Hill Cemetery
ALENTORN, Josephine Ignatius PARER -b.1882 Fitzroy, Victoria -daughter of Allela, Barcelona-born Juan Miguel Jose 'John / Johnny' Parer y Xicola [PARER} & Allela, Barcelona-born Theresa BURGUES - (m.Vic.1905 to Farragona, Barcelona-born Buenaventura 'Ben or Benjamin' ALENTORN (1882 – 1965)) - RESIDENCE:1949 @ 51 Victoria Street, Warragul, West Gippsland– d.1965 Carnegie, Vic. - BURIED: 9/06/1965 Box Hill Cemetery
ALENTORN, 'John' Juan Philip -b.1906 Fitzroy, Victoria - CHEMIST- -(m.Vic. Yvonne Mollie ??) -@ Cohuna 1949 CHEMIST- d.1978 Prahran, Victoria
ALENTORN, Yvonne Mollie ?? - HAIRDRESSER / @ Cohuna 1949 Home Duties

ALEXANDER, Charles Stuart -b.
ALEXANDER, Dorette Charlotte Alexandra KORTLANG -b.1854 Alma Reef, Victoria – - daughter of Oldenburg-born Lorenz Albert KORTLANG (1822-1907) & Oldenburg-born Sophia Henriette Margarette BERGHEGGER (1830-1894) later of Albury, New South Wales (m. Vic.1885 Charles Stuart ALEXANDER, born Melbourne) -d.21 July 1918 "Rockwell", Darlinghurst, New South Wales
ALEXANDER, Norman Albert Bismarck -b.1886 Melbourne, Victoria

ALI, Stefedin -b.1911 Bilisht, ALBANIA; NATURALISATION 30 MAR 1944; RESIDENCE Kallista, The Dandenongs, Vic.

ALISCH, Carl Hermann Karl (1815-1902) -b.abt 1815 Rädnitz, Kreis Crossen [or Kreis Frankfurt-on-Oder], Neumark (Ost Brandenburg) Preussen - Meister Backer BAKER (later Gartner) [m.Rädnitz abt 1845 Louise Amelie BAEHR] @ Raednitz, Neumark – EMIGRATED: July 1855 from Hamburg per the ship "SAN FRANCISCO' to arrive 2 November 1855 @ Hobart Town Van Diemen's Land (later Tasmania), Australia - - - widowed 1856 Hobart, Tas.- (m. Vic 'Marie' Maria NEUSCHELER) Occ: BAKER- with BAKERY @ Lilydale, Upper Yarra Valley -d. 1902 Hotham West, Melbourne, Victoria
ALISCH, Luise Amalie 'Emilie' BÄHR - BAEHR -b.abt 1825 Rädnitz, Kreis Crossen, Neumark, East Brandenburg, Prüßen (Prussia) Deutschland - EMIGRATED: July 1855 from Hamburg per the ship "SAN FRANCISCO' to arrive 2 November 1855 @ Hobart Town Van Diemen's Land (later Tasmania), Australia - -d.15 January 1856 Hobart, Tasmania,Australia - @ age 31 -

ALISCH, Auguste Johanne -b.1846 Rädnitz (Raednitz), Neumark, East Brandenburg, Prüßen (Prussia) Deutschland - - [m.Vic.1862 Frederick BALDWIN] -

ALISCH, Auguste 1847 Rädnitz (Raednitz), Neumark, East Brandenburg, Prüßen (Prussia) Deutschland - @ Prahran - (m.Vic.1873 Harold John 'Harry' DAVIDSON) @ Lilydale, Upper Yarra -d.1920 Collingwood, Victoria

ALISCH, Emma -b.1848 Rädnitz, Kreis Crossen, Neumark (Ost Brandenburg) Preussen - Prahran - (m.Bendigo,Vic.1869 Hermann Heinrich BADENHOP (1836–1880)] - widowed 1880 - [m.Vic.1884 Joseph DENNING] Lilydale -d.1904 Prince Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Victoria, Australia - age 55 -

ALISCH, Otto -b.1854 Rädnitz, Kreis Crossen, Neumark, East Brandenburg -d 5 Dec 1855 Hobart, Van Diemens Land, Tasmania, Australia - @ age 1

ALISCH, Marie‘ Maria NEUSCHELER -b.1810 Reppen, Kreis Frankfurt-on-Oder, Neumark (Ost Brandenburg) Preussen (1810-1891) [m. 1859] d. 1891 Hotham West, North Melbourne, Victoria @ 81 yrs

* * *

ALLEN, Henry – b.1879 Lilydale, (Mooroolbark), Upper Yarra Valley,-son of John ALLEN (1842 –1918) & Caroline DODD (1853 –1917) of the Olinda Creek Valley ) - -@ Mooroolbark, 1912- ORCHARDIST –d.1960 Hamilton,Vic.
ALLEN, Mary Ellen MEYLAND -b.1876 Brighton, Port Philip Bay – daughter of Swiss-born Carl ‘Charles’ MEYLANDT (1841 – 1909) & Mary WATKINS (1847 – 1926) of East Ringwood-Croydon - @ Mooroolbark, 1912- HOME DUTIES – d. 1956 in Lilydale, Upper Yarra Valley
ALLEN, Charles Henry -b.
ALLEN, Caroline Meyland -b. - @ Mooroolbark, 1912- HOME DUTIES

ALLEN, Daniel Harry/Harvey George –b.abt May 1868 Greenwich, London, London, England, Great Britain - Residence 1914 "Zareba" Croydon, Ringwood, Flinders, Victoria, Australia -"ORCHARDIST" - -d. 15/5/1927 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
ALLEN, Ernstine Marie BLOOM – b. 29 Oct 1871 Doncaster, Bulleen-Bulleen Parish, Yarra Valley – daughter of Ulbolle, Faaborg, Svendborg, Denmark-born Christian BLOOM (1839 – 1917) & Sabitz, Kreis Lüben, Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussian-born Maria Ernstine SIMON (1845 – 1917) of Doncaster. Residence 1914 "Zareba" Croydon, Ringwood, Flinders, Victoria, Australia -"ORCHARDIST" - – d. 15 Sept 1917 Templestowe,
- - See BLOOM

ALLMAN, Friedrich ALLMANN -b.abt 1873 / Frederick ALLMAN- @ Ringwood, 1912, BRICKLAYER -d.1954 Caulfield, Dandenong Roads, Melbourne
ALLMAN, Clara Ann WHITE -b.1882 - daughter of Thomas & Ruth White -@ Ringwood, 1912, HOME DUTIES -D.1972 • Brighton, Port Phillip bay, Victoria

ALLMAN, William Arthur - @ Darnum, 1917 LABOURER

ALLWORDEN, VON, Johann 'John'-b.1828 Heulandermohr, Hannover, Stadt Hannover, Deutschland [m.Lutheran Schoolroom, Bendigo, 12 Jan 1861 Johanne Luise TILLACH m.] -Dandenong Creek -d.1877 Hay, Lachlan Plains, Riverina, New South Wales, Australia
ALLWORDEN, VON, Johanne Luise TILLACH -b. 1838 Rädnitz, Kreis Crossen, Neumark (East Brandenburg), Prussia (now in Poland) [m.Lutheran Schoolroom, Bendigo, 12 Jan 1861 Johann Von Allworden) -- Widowed 1863 Sandhurst Goldfields - (re-m. -d.1 March 1907 Hay, Lachlan Plains, Riverina, New South Wales,
ALLWORDEN, VON, Johann Hellmuth -b.1859 Sandhurst, Bendigo - Dandenong Creek
ALLWORDEN, VON, Johann 'John' -b.1861 Sandhurst, Bendigo -d.1863 Bendigo, Sandhurst Goldfield, Victoria

-b.1880 Ballarat East, Victoria - son of Bernardo ALMEIDA & Louisa WAKEFIELD - @ Point Nepean - SOLDIER

ALOMES, Leonard Arthur -b.1898 Hobart Town, Tasmania - son of Tasmanian-born Theophilus Jacob ALOMES (1852–1915) & Julia Ann HANLEY (1861–1948) - -[m.Hobart, Tas, 24 Dec 1924 May A C KOOLYKOFF) - RES.- @ Yarra Junction, Warburton, 1925 SAWMILLER - -d.April 1955 Yarra Junction, Upper Yarra Valley - BURIED: 4 July 1955 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Pittosporum, Wall 3DD, Niche 36 Cremated.
ALOMES, Alexandra Clarenda May KOOLYKOFF -b.14 May 1894 Garden Island Creek, Tasmania - daughter of Kuznechikha, Arkhangelsk, Russian-born Francis Evgenie KOOLYKOFF (1857–1911_ & Long bay, Tasmanian-born Mary Ann WOOLLEY (1865–1955) - - @ Yarra Junction, Warburton, 1925 HOME DUTIES -d.20 April 1977 Yarra Junction Bush Nursing Hospital, Yarra Junction, Vic. - BURIED: 20/04/1977 Upper Yarra Cemetery, Wesburn, West Warburton
ALOMES, Leonard Victor Alan -b.6 July 1925 @'Tasmania' Yarra Junction, Victoria -d.Apri 2005 Ringwood East Hospital, Victoria
ALOMES, Edith Pearl S -b.29/09/1927 @'Tasmania' Yarra Junction, Victoria @ Main Rd, Yarra Junction 1963 -d.15/10/2016 - BURIED: 19/10/2016 Lilydale Memorial Park; Cremation
ALOMES, Edward Robert -b. ---d. 30/12/1986 - BURIED: 2 Jan 1987 Fawkner Memorial Park; Cremation

ALPHONSUSINI, Marie Victorine -b.1904 Lillydale

ALTAMORE, Salvatore -b.1 January 1915 Vizzini Catanir, Hyblaean Monts, Sicilia, Italia : Nationality - Italian: Date of Birth - 1 January 1915: Date of Arrival - 17 April 1939: Arrived per ROMOLO: Certificate Number - 2: Date of Issue - 20 September 1939: First registered at Yallourn [Contains 1 black and white photograph] -Res: 1939 HAIRDRESSER C/- Mr W. Davies, Hairdresser, @ Brown Coal Mine, Yallourn, Gippsland,

ALTMANN, August Carl -b.28 Sep 1859 Duck Ponds, Angaston, SA - son of Johann Carl August Altmann & Johanne Eleonore Reimann -(m.Angaston, Barossa, SA 27 Apr 1887 Lillias Ellen CLARK) - - @ Newton Avenue, Baxter, Mornington Peninsula, 1931 POULTRY FARMER - -d.3 September 1938 Vic. -BURIED: 6 September 1938 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Cremated.
ALTMANN, Lillias Ellen CLARK -b. - daughter of William Clark- - @ 'Lariston', Frankston, 1931 HOME DUTIES - d.29 May 1951 Vic.- -BURIED: 1 June 1951 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Grevillea, Garden J5, Bed 1, Rose 54 Cremated.
ALTMANN, Dorothea --b.14 Feb 1888 Tanunda, Barossa Vally - -(m.Vic.1912 Henry Colin CAMPBELL) - -d.
ALTMANN, Beatrice Darby -b.17 May 1889 Angaston, South Australia - @ 'Lariston', Frankston, 1931 HOME DUTIES -d.6 September 1960 Vic. - BURIED: 9 September 1960 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Grevillea, Garden J5, Bed 1, Rose 54 Cremated.
ALTMANN, Charles Clark -b.26 Mar 1895 Port Lincoln, SA -d.11 February 1978 Vict - -BURIED: 14 February 1978 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Cremated

ALTSCHWAGER, Bernhardt Wilhelm -b.17 Feb 1891 Millicent, Grey District, South Australia - son of Wilhelm Bernhard Altschwager & Elizabeth Ellen Bird - - RES. 1910 - 1914 @ Warburton, Upper Yarra Valley, 1914, LABOURER - - (m.SA Gladys Eleanor SMITH) -d.
ALTSCHWAGER, Georgina Eleanor – b.1921 Mt Gambier, Grey District, SA
ALTSCHWAGER, Bernice Mary – b.1921 Mt Gambier, Grey District, SA
ALTSCHWAGER, Raymond Vincent – b.1927 Mt Gambier, Grey District, SA

ALTSCHWAGER, Dudley Keith -b.abt 1913 Grey District, South Australia - son of Hermann & Julia Altschwager -RES.1980 @ 57/466 Burwood Hghwy, Wantirna -d.1983 Ferntree Gully, Vic. @ 70 YRS
ALTSCHWAGER, Muriel Hilda- RES.1980 @ 57/466 Burwood Hghwy, Wantirna

ALTSCHWAGER, Barrie Lorenz -b. - RES. @ 131 Head Street, Elsternwick, 1954, TECHNICIAN
ALTSCHWAGER, Marie Magdalene RES. @ 131 Head Street, Elsternwick, 1954,

ALTSON, Barnett Hyam (Baer Chaim ALTSCHUL) -b. 9/17/1859 Hull, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain - son of Memel, Prussian-born Isaac ALTSON /ALTSCHUL (1828 – 1916) & Polish-born Esther LEVI (1838 – 1925) - (m.Vic.2 June 1883 Rose SHIRE) LAND @ NARRE WARREN NORTH, 20 Acres -FORFEITURE HEARING - GAZETTED: Saturday 9 April 1892 [IN The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946) ] - d. 2/20/1945 St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
ALTSON, Rosa SCHIER -b.1864 – 1952
ALTSON, Hinda Rachel Miriam -b. 1884 St Kilda, Melbourne,– 1888 St Kilda, Melbourne,
ALTSON, Minnie Rachel -b. 1885 St Kilda, Melbourne, - (m.Melbourne,Vic.1903 Alfred LEVIN (1869 – 1927)) - d.
ALTSON, Leopold Saunders -b.1886 St Kilda, Melbourne, – 1887 St Kilda, Melbourne,
ALTSON, Morritz A'Morris-b.1888 St Kilda, Melbourne,– 1959
ALTSON, Ruth -b. 1891 St Kilda, Melbourne,– 1977 Armadale, Prahran,
ALTSON, David -b. 1893 St Kilda, Melbourne,– 1969 Armadale, Prahran,
ALTSON, Naomi -b. 1895 St Kilda, Melbourne,–
ALTSON, Elisabeth -b.1898 East Melbourne, Victoria, – 1941 Fitzroy, Melbourne,
ALTSON, Esther-b. 1900 East Melbourne, Victoria, – 1974 Melbourne,
ALTSON, Josiah Shire Charles John -b.1902 East Melbourne, Victoria, –

ALTSON, Abraham (Avram ALTSCHUL) - b.abt 1866 in Middlesborough, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain - son of Memel, Prussian-born Isaac ALTSON /ALTSCHUL(1828 – 1916) & Polish-born Esther LEVI (1838 – 1925) - Melbourne - (m.Kensington, London, Oct 1897 Ruth Grace PHILP ) - - LAND @ NARRE WARREN NORTH, 20 Acres-FORFEITURE HEARING - GAZETTED: Saturday 9 April 1892 [IN The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946) ] -d.11/7/1948 in New York, New York, USA
ALTSON, Ruth Grace PHILP -b.1869 Kensington, London, – 1924 Kensington, London,
ALTSON, Ralph Abraham -b.1908 Kensington, London, – d.2/19/1967 in Sandusky, Ohio, USA
ALTSON, Ruth Grace -b.1910 Kensington, London, –

ALUSH, Raif -b.1906 Bilisht, ALBANIA; -NATURALISATION 11 AUG 1939; RESIDENCE 1939 Lilydale, Upper Yarra Valley, VIC

AMALFI, Luigi Guiseppe - b.20 August 1903 Oppido, Callabria, Italia -son of Luigi AMALFI & Teresa BARBARO EMIGRATED: Arrived 4 March 1926 per ship "REGGINADA ITALIA" (married.Vic.1936 Stella Veronica PEEK) Alien Registration 28 Sept 1939: when working as a Fruiterer in 219 Ligar Street, Ballarat -Resident in Burleigh, Silvan South in 1940-1944. His address later c/- Diggers Road, Werribee South - d.1959 Cheltenham @ 56yrs
AMALFI, Stella Veronica PEEK
AMALFI, Keith John -b. 1937 d.1939 Campbellfield
AMALFI, Giovanni 'John' b. 1938
AMALFI, Annetta b.1939
AMALFI, Dulcie May (2nd wife) b.25 October 1912
AMALFI, Alan b.1940
AMALFI, Marie b.1941
AMALFI, Isabella - b.1942
AMALFI, Enrico - b.1944

AMBRECHT, Hugo -b. RESIDENCE 1864 @ Tobacconist @ 104 Bourke Street East - LANDOWNER with PROPERTY in Officer, Near Beaconsfield, in the PARISH OF PAKENHAM, LOT 216 comprising 19 Acres 3 Rood 39 PeRCHes (20 Acres) finally dated 7th March 1879.

AMBRECHT, Heinrich 'Henry' - RESIDENCE 1864 @ Working Jeweller @ 79 Russell Street

AMENDE, Louis Ferdinand Ludwig AMINDE -b.abt 1863 Copenhagen, Denmark -son of Johannes Aminde - EMIGRATED to arrive July 1883 Adelaide, SA. - NATURALISED 11th JUly 1883- 8th Jan 1884 Adelaide, SOuth Australia- BUTCHER --(m.Vic. Alwine Auguste Antonia 'Alvina' GUTTMANN ) of Gembrook, Victoria -d.1926 Melbourne, Victoria @ 63 yr
AMENDE, Alwine Auguste Antonia 'Alvina' GUTTMANN [AMINDE] -b.abt 1864 -daughter of Karl Christian Guttmann & Dorothy Maloney -d.1936 Gembrook, Victoria @ 72 yrs
AMENDE, Laurine Amelia -b.1885 Preston, Victoria - -(m.Vic.1904 Richard PAULSEN]
AMENDE, Johann Conrad Bernhardt -b.1887 Preston, Victoria
AMENDE, Wilhelm Louis AMINDE -b.1888 Collingwood, Victoria-d.1888 Mooroopna, Victoria
AMENDE, August Emil AMINDE, -b.1889 Foster, Gippsland (m.Vic.1910 May Helen FINLAYSON) -d.1974 Victoria @ 84 yr s
AMENDE, Albert Carl AMINDE -b.1891 Maidstone -d.1971 Caulfield, Victoria
AMENDE, Heinrich Guttmann AMINDE -b.1893 Yarram, South Gippsland -d.1965 Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria
AMENDE, Dorothea/ Dorothy Kathleen AMINDE -b.1895 Yarram, South Gippsland -(m.Vic.1917 Cyril Rupert SHUGG) -d.
AMENDE, Carl 'Charles' AMINDE-b.1896 Carlton, Victoria
AMENDE, Franz 'Frank' AMINDE -b.1898 Beechworth, Victoria -d.1964 Victoria
AMENDE, Caroline Pauline AMINDE-b.1900 Albury, NSW -(m.Vic.1920 Wilfred COLLINS)
AMENDE, David N AMINDE -b.1903 Albury, NSW

AMENDE, Sabine Kunigunde -b.abt 1891 German Templer Palestine Community -daughter of Joseph Johann & Ann Louise Marie -d.1984 Ferntree Gully, Victoria @ 93 yrs - BURIED: 15 Feb 1984 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Vic.

AMBROSE, Isaac -b.abt 1869 - son of Angus AMBROSE * ? BALLIE -d.1955 Boronia @ 85 yrs - BURIED:9 Feb 1955 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Vic.
AMBROSE, Emilie Louisa JACOBI -b.abt 1875 - - daughter of Wilhelm Jacobi & Henrietta Johnson - @ Main Street, Belgrave, 1925, ARTIST -d.1950 Ferntree Gully @ 76 yrs -BURIED: 20 June 1950 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Vic.
AMBROSE, Hinemoa Henriette -- @ Main Street, Belgrave, 1925, MUSIC TEACHER
AMBROSE, Arini 'Win' -b.abt 1911 -d.1955 Melbourne @ 44 yrs - BURIED: 4 June 1955 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Vic.

AMENDOLA, Guiseppe - - - (m.Vic.1888 Victoria Rose Emma SALTER) @ Hastings, 1909, FISHERMAN
AMENDOLA, Guiseppe Nicholo / Nicholaus -b.1889 Tyabb, Hastings, - d.1915 Hastings - Buried Tyabb Cemetery; C of E, Sec D
AMENDOLA, Andreas Carlo / Andrew Charles -b.1890 Tyabb, Hastings
AMENDOLA, Marion Josephina - b.1893 Hastings, d.1912 Tyabb / Hastings - Buried Tyabb Cemetery; C of E, Sec D
AMENDOLA, Amelia Rose -b.1895 Tyabb / Hastings - (m.Vic.1918 Hector Grove STILLMAN) - d.1979 Northcote, Victoria
AMENDOLA, Freda Winifred -b.1897 Tyabb / Hastings
AMENDOLA, Erico - b.1899 Tyabb, Victoria
AMENDOLA, Charlotte Irene-b.1901 Tyabb, Victoria
AMENDOLA, Ruby Lillian May - b.1903 Tyabb, Victoria
AMENDOLA, Eugenio Alfonso -b.1906 Hastings, Victoria
AMENDOLA, Rosabella Myrtle -b.1908 Hastings, Victoria
AMENDOLA, Josefina / Josephine -b.1913 Hastings, Victoria -(m.Vic HOBDEN / NUGENT d.1980 Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria

AMIET, Rose Augustine Pellett -b.SWITZERLAND
AMIET, Charles Frederick -b.1855 Murgheboluc, Geelong, Victoria -son of Friedrich Amiet & Rose Augustine Pellett (m.Vic.1878 Sarah Nicholson) -d.1944 Coburg, Victoria @ 89y BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery b363 Amiet, Charles Frederick d.1944 @ 89yRS V-061
AMIET, Sarah NICHOLSON -b.abt 1853 - daughter of ? Nicholson & Jane McLane - d.1895 Korumburra, Victoria 42y BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery b363 Amiet Sarah 1895 42y V-061
AMIET, Frederic William -b.1879 Inverleigh, Geelong, Victoria
AMIET, wife
AMIET, Marie Jane -b.1889 Leigh Road, Geelong, Victoria
AMIET, Percival Albert -b.1881 Leigh Road, Geelong, Victoria -d.1981 Korumburra, Victoria ! 99 yrs
AMIET, Rose Lillian - b.1884 Leigh Road, Geelong, Victoria
AMIET, Ethel Beatrice -b.1885 Leigh Road, Geelong, Victoria
AMIET, Agnes -b.abt 1886 -d 1911 25y BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery b363 Amiet Agnes 1911 25y V-062
AMIET, Sarah -b.1887 Leigh Road, Geelong, Victoria
AMIET, Reginald Leigh -b.1889 Leigh Road, Geelong, Victoria - d.1975 85y Korumburra Cemetery c444 Amiet Reginald Leigh 1975 85y P-209
AMIET, Agnes May -b.abt 1892 - d.1964 72y BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery c444 Amiet Agnes May 1964 72y P-209
AMIET, Leonard Alexander -b.1893 Korumburra, Victoria
AMIET, Leslie -b.1895 Korumburra, Victoria
AMIET, Lilian L.G. -b.1901 - d. 1958 57y BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery b380 Amiet Lilian L.G. 1958 57y U-083

AMIET, 'Francis' Jean François Guillaume -b.abt 1823 Boudry, Neuchâtel, SWITZERLAND - son of Abraham Guillaume Amiet (1792–1884) & Suzanne Marguerite Suzette Richeard
(1800–?) - - d.125 Feb 1893 @ "The Pines", Hazelwood, Morwell, Gippsland, Victoria @ 70 yrs
AMIET, Laura 'Biskey' BIESKE -b.1831 Schmöllen Bei Züllichau, Neumark (Ost Brandenburg), Preussen, Deutschland - daughter of Johann Christian Bieske (1799–1875) & Anna Rosina Awege (1805–1855) - d. FEB 1915 Hazelwood, Morwell, Gippsland, Victoria
- - See BIESKE
AMIET, Francoise Evodie -b.1852 Geelong, Victoria -d.27 DEC 1852 Barrabool, Geelong, Victoria
AMIET, Alfred -b.1855 Batesford, Victoria -d.1 JUN 1915 Hazelwood, Gippsland, Victoria
AMIET, Emily Laura Vennetta -b.
AMIET, Francoise 'Francis' -b.27 May 1860 Gheringhap, Geelong, Vic - (m.Driffield,Vic.1889 Mary Jane JONES -d.27 May 1938 East Melbourne
AMIET, Mary Jane JONES -b.6 May 1867 Carngham, Victoria -daughter of David Llewellyn JONES (1835–1921) & Sarah Anne LEWIS (1838–1926) - d.8 SEP 1957 Traralgon, Victoria
-AMIET, Gladys Claire -b.1890 Boolarra, Gippsland
-AMIET, Francis David -b.1891 Boolarra, Gippsland -d. JUN 1917 Killed In Action At Messines, Flanders, Belg
AMIET, Wilhelm Charles -b.abt 1863 Batesford, Victoria -(m.Vic.1905 Catherine Esther Kennedy (1875–1945))--d.1915 Morwell, Victoria @ 52 yrs
AMIET, Catherine Esther Kennedy -b.1875–1945 (wife )
-- AMIET, Charles Francis -b.1907 Morwell, Gippsland, Victoria -d.1964 Preston, Victoria
AMIET, Laura -b.23 March 1865 Gheranghap, Geelong, Vic. - (m.Vic.1889 John Alexander JONES (1861–1920) - - -d.1945 Footscray, Melbourne
AMIET, Mary Lousia - b.1867 Batesford, Geelong, Victoria - (m.Vic.1891 William George WARREN (1869–?) -d.14 May 1944 Armadale, Melbourne
AMIET, Anna Rosina -b.1868 Batesford, Geelong, Victoria - (m.Vic.1896 Henry Arthur Entwistle HAIGH (1866–1921) -d.22 MAY 1943 Prahran, Melbourne,
AMIET, Pauline -b.1877 Traralgon, Victoria
AMIET, Cecilia -b.1877 Traralgon, Victoria

AMINDE, Ludwig Ferdinand Christian Luis -b. [Auguste Toni Alvine GOTTMANN ] Melbourne
AMINDE, Auguste Toni Alvine GOTTMANN -b.
AMINDE, August Emil -b.1889 Foster, South Gippsland
AMINDE, Albert Carl -b.1891 Maidstone
AMINDE, Heirich Gottmann -b.1893 Yarraville

AMMON, James William [ Agnes Anna BONSAK m. ] Collingwood - Carlton
AMMON, Agnes Anna BONSAK m.
AMMOM, Heinrich James 1900 Ringwood
AMMOM, Raymond Francis 1904 Carlton
AMMON, Albert Georg -[Sarah Rebecca SMITH nee STYLES m. 1900] Williams Rd, Croydon, orchardist 1870-1969 @ Croydon 1903, FARMER d. Murrumbeena
AMMON, Sarah Rebecca SMITH nee STYLES Williams Rd, Croydon, home duties 1867- @ Croydon 1903. H/D 1942 d. Croydon
AMMON, Carl Heinrich 1880 – d. 1968 Blackburn
AMMON, Ruth Isobel 1901 Ringwood
AMMON, Gottlob 1900 – d. 1964 Carr
AMMON, Oskar George-(son of Christina & Marie UHL] 1918-1970 d. Geelong
AMMON, Robert Oskar Bell Post Hill

AMUNDSEN, 'James' Jakob -b.abt 1862 Fredrikstad, Norway -@ West Gippsland 1890s - Naturalisation22 Oct 1900 Hotham, North Melborune, Vic. @ age 38 yrs, LABOURER; - RES 1903 @ 184 Victoria Street, Cardigan, Carlton 1903 ELECTRICIAN -d.1909 Melbourne, Victoria @ 46 yrs
AMUNDSEN, Clothilda -b. RES @ 184 Victoria Street, Cardigan, Carlton 1903 HOME DUTIES

ANDERS, Charles/Carl Hermann [ Ellen BALDWIN m.1873] TASMANIA - Melbourne
ANDERS, Georg Friedrich-b.1873 Sale
ANDERS, Anna Elisabeth -b.1874 Yea
ANDERS, Carl Wilhelm -b.1876 Euroa
ANDERS, Heinrich James -b.1878 Snapper Point, Mornington Peninsula

AMORE, Giovanna : Nationality - Italian: Date of Birth - 6 September 1899: Date of Arrival - 15 September 1932: Arrived per ORTRANTO: Certificate Number - 29: Date of Issue - 16 October 1939: First registered at Koo Wee Rup [contains 1 black and white photograph] 1939

ANDERSEN, Rudolph - b. 1847 Krägne, Nörge (Norway) [also listed as being from Prussia?]-son of Haver Hjalmer ANDERSEN - BROTHER of 'Hans' Johannes Jakob ANDERSEN (1854–1928) of Pakenham -to Berwick (m.25 August 1868 Lutheran Church, Harkaway, Victoria TO Maria Bertha WANKE - [Nuptial Witness: Louis Linsing & Gottlieb Wanke] ) - PROPERTY/ LAND AT HARKAWAY -RES @ Cranbourne 1921 FARMER - -d.20 Sept 1928 Harkaway, Berwick, Victoria, Australia @ 82 yrs - Buried 21 Sept 1928 Harkaway Cemetery
ANDERSEN, Maria Berta 'Mary Bertha' WANKE -b.1848 Nieder Merzdorf, Kreis Landeshut, Provinz Breslau, Schlesien, Preussen (Silesia, Prussia) - daughter of Silesian-born Johann Gottlieb WANKE (1814–1889) & Helene Mueller MÜLLER (1809–1884)- (m.Vic.1868 Rudolph Andersen) --RES @ Cranbourne 1921 FARM & HOME DUTIES- - d.20 Sept 1928 Cranbourne, Westernport District, Victoria

ANDERSEN, Reinhard Haver Rudolph -b.1869 Harkaway, Berwick, West Gippsland - son of Rudolph Andersen & Marie Bertha Wanke -(m.Vic.1896 Rose McKAY) d.1926 Korumburra, South Gippsland, Victoria
ANDERSEN, Rose McKAY -b.1876 Tyabb, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria –d.1974 Korumburra, South Gippsland, Vic.
--ANDERSEN, Wilfred Reinhardt -b.1896 Berwick, West Gippsland
--ANDERSEN, Andreas Rudolph -b.1898 Berwick, West Gippsland,
--ANDERSEN, Mervyn Albert -b.1903 Berwick, West Gippsland,

ANDERSEN, Selina Inga Marie Franzesca -b.1871 Harkaway, Berwick District, West Gippsland - daughter of Rudolph Andersen & Marie Bertha Wanke - (m.Vic.1892 Carl Olaf 'Charles Polson' POLSEN) - at least one Polson child, Ernst Arthur POLSEN-b.1893 Berwick, Vic. - -d. 1927 Fitzroy, Victoria,

ANDERSEN, Harald Theodore -b.1874 Harkaway, Berwick District, West Gippsland - son of Rudolph Andersen & Marie Bertha Wanke (m.Vic.1897 Susan Frances STEPHENSON) -d.1950 • Victoria, Australia @ 75 yrs
ANDERSEN, Susan Frances STEPHENSON -b.abt 1876 Eummemering, nr Dandenong, Victoria - daughter of John McCullough STEPHENSON (1837–1910) & Elizabeth Ann CRISP (1844–1913) - d.1970 Armadale, Prahran District, Victoria
--ANDERSEN, Theodor Johann 'Theodore John' -b.1898 Malvern, Vic. -(m.Vic. Ivy Margaret CLEAVER) -d.
--ANDERSEN, Vera -b.1900 Berwick, West Gippsland
--ANDERSEN, Reginald -b.1903 Melbourne, Victoria - d.1972 Box Hill, Nunawading District, Vic.
--ANDERSEN, Ivy -b.1906 Berwick, West Gippsland,

ANDERSEN, Carl Oscar -b.1876 Harkaway, Berwick, West Gippsland- son of Rudolph Andersen & Marie Bertha Wanke -(m.Vic. ) -d.1945 Ballarat, Victoria,

ANDERSEN, Arthur Rudolph -b.1878 Harkaway, Berwick, Vic.,- son of Rudolph Andersen & Marie Bertha Wanke -(m.Vic. Mabel Margaret MICKLE) -d.10 June 1960 Tawonga, Kiewa Valley, Indi, Vic.
ANDERSEN, Mabel Margaret MICKLE -b.1886 Berwick, West Gippsland - daughter of Thomas Ferguson MICKLE (1849–1902) & Jane LEESON (1856–1902) - d.1967 Collingwood, Melbourne
--ANDERSEN, Arthur Leonard -b.1907 Berwick, West Gippsland
--ANDERSEN, Allan Reginald -b.1909 Berwick, West Gippsland

ANDERSEN, Marie Helene -b.1880 Harkaway, Berwick, Vic. - daughter of Rudolph Andersen & Marie Bertha Wanke -(m.Vic.1901 James FERGUSON (1874–1949) at least one child Vivian FEruson -b.1902 Berwick, West Gippsland - d.1930 Melbourne, Victoria

ANDERSEN, Emma Caroline -b.1882 Harkaway, Berwick, Vic- daughter of Rudolph Andersen & Marie Bertha Wanke -(m.Vic. John Patrick SLATTERY) - d.

ANDERSEN, Julius Bernard -b.1883 Harkaway, Berwick - son of Rudolph Andersen & Marie Bertha Wanke -d.1889 Harkaway, Berwick

ANDERSEN, Ida Mathilda -b.1886 Harkaway, Berwick, Vic.-daughter of Rudolph Andersen & Marie Bertha Wanke -(m.Vic.1920 Edward CROWLEY (1888–1953) at least one child Stuart Edward CROWLEY (1924–2004) - -d.1974 Murrumbeena, Southeast of Melbourne, Vic.

ANDERSEN, Sebert Rudolph -b.1889 Harkaway, Berwick - son of Rudolph Andersen & Marie Bertha Wanke - @ Cranbourne, 1916 FARMER -(m.Vic. Nellie Marie Ellen ) Residence 1919 Cranbourne, Dandenong, Flinders, Vic. - FARMER - with Mary ANDERSON - HOME DUTIES & Alexander ANDERSEN, - Residence: 1924 • Wycheproof, Wimmera, Victoria, Australia FARMER - with Nellie Mary ANDERSEN - HOME DUTIES - d. 11 DECEMBER 1949 Goolwa, South Australia
ANDERSEN, 'Mary' Nellie Marie Ellen -b. - @ Cranbourne, 1916 HOME DUTIES
ANDERSEN, Alexander -b. -RES @ Cranbourne 1921 FARMER -

ANDERSEN, Johannes 'Hans' Jakob -b.1854 Krägne, Nörge (Norway) son of Haver Hjalmer ANDERSEN - [ Harriet Amelia PEARS] - Berwick -d.1928 South Melbourne - - Pakenham, Australia
ANDERSEN, Harriet Amelia 'PEARS' PIERCE -b.abt 1850 Ireland, - daughter of James PIERCE & Louisa HOWARD - - d.1933 Carlton, Melbourne,
ANDERSEN, Alma Ernstine -b.1876 Germantown, Geelong - (m.Vic. ) - d.1901 Pakenham, Victoria
ANDERSEN, Carl 'Charles' - b.1880 - d.1882 Germantown, Geelong,
ANDERSEN, Hansene Harriet -b.23 March 1881 Germantown, Geelong -d. Oct 1965 Australia
ANDERSEN, Thomas Herald -b.1883 Harkaway, Berwick District - (m.Vic. ) - -d.1956 Pakenham, West Gippsland,
ANDERSEN, Halmer Ernst Neander -b.1885 Pakenham, West Gippsland
ANDERSEN, Albertina Johanna -b.1887 Pakenham, West Gippsland, Vic. -d.1942 Ferntree Gully, Victoria
ANDERSEN, Ethelberta Auroa -b.1895 Pakenham, West Gippsland –d.1950 Pakenham East, West Gippsland
ANDERSEN, Lucie -b.1893 Pakenham, West Gippsland
ANDERSEN, Percival Piggot -b.1895 Pakenham, West Gippsland –d.1980 Springvale, Victoria,
ANDERSEN, Evelyn / Evaline -b.1898 Pakenham, West Gippsland–1900

* * *

ANDERSON, Gabriel Wilhelm ANDERSEN -b.24 Nov 1839 Stobaska, Narpio, Vassio, Finland--son of Anders Henrik HENRSSON & Lena ANDERSDATTER -(m.Sydney, NSW 16 November 1865 Eliza Ann SMART) -d.27 June 1895 Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria
ANDERSON, Eliza Ann SMART -b.2 Dec 1847 Lambeth, Surrey, England, -d.5 July 1918 Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, Victoria

ANDERSON, Gabriel William 'Andersen' -b.26 March 1867 Sydney, New South Wales -son of Narpio, Vassio, Finland-born, Gabriel Wilhelm ANDERSEN & Lambeth, Surrey, English-born, Eliza Ann SMART who married in Sydney, NSW in 1872 --(m.Collingwood,Vic.1906 Sarah Ann AMPHLETT (1865–1938)) --d.6 Dec 1954 Ascot Vale, Melbourne, Victoria
ANDERSON, Sarah Ann AMPHLETT -b.1865 Collingwood,Melbourne, Victoria –d.1938 Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria
ANDERSON, daughter-b.abt 1907

ANDERSON, Andrew Henry -b.3 Oct 1868 Sydney, New South Wales -son of Stobaska, Narpio, Vassio, Finland-born, Gabriel Wilhelm ANDERSEN & Lambeth, Surrey, English-born, Eliza Ann SMART who married in Sydney, NSW in 1872 --(m.Melbourne, Vic.16 Oct 1900 Matilda Gertrude BERNET (1877–1952)) -d.21 June 1938 Melbourne, Vic.
ANDERSON, Mathilde Gertrude 'Matilda' BERNET -b.15 May 1877 Brighton, Port Philip Bay, Melbourne - daughter of Neuenstein, Öhringen, Württemberg-born 'Will' Christian Wilhelm BERNET (1844–1918) & Münster, Westphalen-born Mathilde Marie Christiane MUSER (1845–1903) - -d.8 Jan 1952 Murrumbeena, Dandenong Roads, Vic.
ANDERSON, Gladys Gertrude -b.5 Aug 1901 Hawthorn, Boroondara, Vic. -d.26 May 1984 Melbourne, Victoria
ANDERSON, Eliza Wilhelmina 'Lila' -b.5 Jul 1903 Essendon, Victoria -d.3 Feb 1958 Kerang, Victoria
ANDERSON, Henry William -b.28 Aug 1905 Essendon, Victoria -d.10 Jan 1947 Berwick, Victoria
ANDERSON, Frederick Gabriel -b.28 Jun 1907 Albert Park, Melbourne, Vic -d.29 Aug 1987 Caboolture, QLD

ANDERSON, Eliza Ann 'Andersen' -b.16 Nov 1870 Hotham, North Melbourne, Victoria -daughter of Stobaska, Narpio, Vassio, Finland-born, Gabriel Wilhelm ANDERSEN & Lambeth, Surrey, English-born, Eliza Ann SMART who married in Sydney, NSW in 1872 --(m.Vic.1904 Norway-born Wilhelm ANDERSON (1869-1941)) -d.10 May 1964 Heidelberg-on Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria
ANDERSON, Wilhelm 'William Anderson' ANDERSEN -b.1 Jan 1869 Namsos, Nord-Trondelag, Norway -(m.Vic.1904 Eliza Ann ANDERSON) -d.21 Sept 1941 One Tree Hill, Tremont, Mt Dandenong, Victoria
ANDERSON, Norman Gabriel William -b.31 Jul 1905 Moonee Ponds, Victoria -d.23 Dec 1992 Heidelberg-on-Yarra, Victoria
ANDERSON, William Peter Smart -b.26 Jul 1907 Moonee Ponds, Victoria -d.11 Feb 1982 Caloundra, Queensland
ANDERSON, Eliza Gabriella Wilhelmina -b.4 Jan 1910 Moonee Ponds, Melbourne - -d.28 Aug 1998 Cowes, Phillip Island, Gippsland, Victoria
ANDERSON, Lyli Annie Georgina -b.18 Apr 1912 Moonee Ponds, Melbourne -d.23 Jul 2004 Dandenong, Victoria
ANDERSON, James Andrew -b.20 Jan 1915 Mornington, Port Phillip Bay, Vic. -d.28 Feb 1997 Caulfield, Dandenong Roads, Victoria

ANDERSON, 'Ted' Johann Eduard ANDERSEN [aka Edward John ANDERSON]- b.13 June 1872 Hotham, West Melbourne - son of Stobaska, Narpio, Vassio, Finland-born, Gabriel Wilhelm ANDERSEN & Lambeth, Surrey, English-born, Eliza Ann SMART who married in Sydney, NSW in 1872 - -(m.Vic.1906 Sarah THOMSON) d. 23 October 1951
ANDERSON, Sarah THOMSON -b.1874 Sandhurst, Bendigo Goldfields - daughter of George THOMSON & Selina ARMITAGE - d.1933 Belgrave, Vic. @ 58yr
ANDERSON, Edith - b.1907 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk

ANDERSON, George Edward "Ned" -b.28 June 1909 Caulfied, Dandenong Roads - OR Essendon -(m.St George's Church of England, Monbulk, Vic.June 1934 Dorothy Mary 'Dot' LARTER ((1908–2001)- (m.Vic.1940 Alexandrina Margaretta THEISSEN) - WORLD WAR TWO SOLDIER 1939 - 1948 Enlsited @ Sth Melbourne Victoria -Service No. VX1867 - - B883: Army, 2nd Al F-- d.17 Aug 1956 Melbourne, Vic.
ANDERSON, Dorothy Mary 'Dot' LARTER ((1908–2001)
ANDERSON, Alexandrina Margaretta THEISSEN -b. - dghtr of Carson THIESSEN & Margaret Victoria KIDD- d.1973 Sandringham, Vic. @ 63yrs -

ANDERSON, Frank William - b.20 Oct 1911 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk - - Timber Merchant (m.Vic.1941 Eva Gladys SEAMER) -d.26 June 1989 Emerald, Victoria BURIED: Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Victoria
ANDERSON, Eva Gladys SEAMER b.1917 Monbulk, Sherbrooke - dghtr of George SEAMER & Sarah Eva SMITH - d. BURIED: Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Victoria
-- see SEAMER
-ANDERSON, Brian William -b.16 Sept 1942 Fern Tree Gully, Vic. -d.29 Nov 1943 Carlton, Melbourne - BURIED: Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Victoria
-ANDERSON, Alan Edward -b.abt 1943 Fern Tree Gully, Victoria, - Truck Driver =(m.Vic. Susan Fiona ?) RES.1980 Kirkpatricks Road, Macclesfield, Vic.
-ANDERSON, Susan Fiona ? RES.1980 Kirkpatricks Road, Macclesfield, Vic.
-ANDERSON, Maureen Eva -b.abt 1945 Fern Tree Gully, Victoria, - Typist
-ANDERSON, girl -b. Fern Tree Gully, Victoria,
-ANDERSON, boy -b. Fern Tree Gully, Victoria,
-ANDERSON, daughter -b. Fern Tree Gully, Victoria,
-ANDERSON, Edward George -b. Fern Tree Gully, Victoria,

ANDERSON, John 'Jack - b.1913 'Sherbrooke' Monbulk Vic. - Timber Merchant (m.Vic.1932 Coraline Daphne SEAMER) -d.3 July 1971 Melbourne BURIED: Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Victoria
ANDERSON, Coraline Daphne SEAMER -b.1914 Wandin South - dghtr of George SEAMER & Sarah Eva SMITH - d. BURIED: Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Victoria
-- see SEAMER
-ANDERSON, John Edward -b. Fern Tree Gully, Victoria,- Driver
-ANDERSON, son -b.Fern Tree Gully, Victoria,
-ANDERSON, Patricia Anne -b. Fern Tree Gully, Victoria,

ANDERSON, Charles/ Carl Augustus 'Andersen' -b.1 Oct 1874 North Melbourne, Melbourne, Vic. - son of Stobaska, Narpio, Vassio, Finland-born, Gabriel Wilhelm ANDERSEN & Lambeth, Surrey, English-born, Eliza Ann SMART who married in Sydney, NSW in 1872 --(m.Vic.1897 Elizabeth ROBINSON (1866–1937)) -d.27 Dec 1917 Moonee Ponds, Melbourne
ANDERSON, Elizabeth ROBINSON -b.1866 Prahran, Victoria, Australia – d.25 Feb 1937 @ 288 Pascoe Vale Rd., Essendon
ANDERSON, Charles Harold -b.1898 Ascot Vale, Victoria (m.Vic. Gladys Littler (1903-1985)( -d.1962 Warragul, Vic.
ANDERSON, Gladys Littler (1903-1985) wife
--ANDERSON, Beverley -b.
ANDERSON, Doris Lillian -b.1903 Ascot Vale, Victoria -d.1932 Carlton, Victoria
ANDERSON, Marjorie Beryl -b.4 Oct 1911 Essendon, Victoria =(m.Vic.1934 Christopher Richard MASKIELL (1905-1986)) -d.21 Feb 1999 Melbourne, Victoria

ANDERSON, Isabelle Marie Anna 'Andersen' -b.24 Aug 1876 North Melbourne, Vic - daughter of Stobaska, Narpio, Vassio, Finland-born, Gabriel Wilhelm ANDERSEN & Lambeth, Surrey, English-born, Eliza Ann SMART who married in Sydney, NSW in 1872 - -(m.Vic.29 July 1904 Frederick Joseph DAVIS (1875–1940)) - At least Four (4) DAVIS Children -d.9 July 1967 Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Vic.

ANDERSON, Georg Alexander 'Andersen' -b.17 Dec 1879 Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria - son of Stobaska, Narpio, Vassio, Finland-born, Gabriel Wilhelm ANDERSEN & Lambeth, Surrey, English-born, Eliza Ann SMART who married in Sydney, NSW in 1872 - (m.Vic.1904 Ethel Rose WILLIAMS (1883-1957)) -d.17 Aug 1976 Moreland, Melbourne
ANDERSON, Ethel Rose WILLIAMS -b.1883 Melbourne, Victoria-d.1957 Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, Victoria
ANDERSON, Geoffrey Alexander -b.1907 Flemington, Melbourne, Victoria -d.2004 Rosebud, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
ANDERSON, Price William Keith -b.1908 Melbourne, Victoria -d.1994 Sydenham, Melbourne, Victoria
ANDERSON, Dorothy Alice -b.1916 Melbourne, Victoria -d.1981 Melbourne, Victoria

ANDERSON, 'Lena' Helena Gabriella Wilhelmina 'Andersen' -b.17 Jan 1891 Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria -daughter of Stobaska, Narpio, Vassio, Finland-born, Gabriel Wilhelm ANDERSEN & Lambeth, Surrey, English-born, Eliza Ann SMART who married in Sydney, NSW in 1872 -(m.Vic.1919 Harry Victor Charles LANCASTER (1892-1969 ) of Nar Nar Goon) - At least One (1) LANCASTER son born Nar Nar Goon/ - -d.18 July 1985 Melbourne, Victoria

* * *

ANDERSEN, Mary Jane - @ Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeen, 1912- DRESSMAKER

ANDERSEN, Conrad - - (m.Vic. 1885 Annie DEAN) - @ Healesville, 1909 – INDEPENDENT MEANS
ANDERSEN, Annie DEAN - @ Healesville, 1909 –HOME DUTIES
ANDERSEN, Dora- @ Healesville, 1909

ANDERSON, Agnes - @ Healesville, 1909
ANDERSON, Charlotte Winilba- @ Healesville, 1909

ANDERSON, Gustav - b.abt 1852 Scandinavia - @ Big Pat’s CreeK, East Warburton 1913 Labourer - d.1937 Warburton, Victoria @ 79 yrs

ANDERSON, Theodore - b.abt 1900 son of Edward ANDERSON - d. 1964 Burleigh @ 64yrs

ANDERSON, Jorgen -b.abt 1859 Scandinavia - @ Mordialloc, 1916, FARMER; @ Boundary Road, Mordialloc 1921 FARMER - d.1935 Prahran, Victoria
ANDERSON, Inger Maria Bertha JEPSON -b.abt 1870 - daughter of Anders JEPSON & Kristine OLDSDOTTER -@ Boundary Road, Mordialloc, 1908, 1916, HOME DUTIES - @ Boundary Road, Mordialloc 1921 HOME DUTIES -d. 1947 Windsor, Victoria
ANDERSON, 'Andrew' Andreas Victor -b.1893 Hawthorn, Vic.
ANDERSON, Andrew Victor -b.1896 Hawthorn, Vic.
ANDERSON, Edwin Jorgen -b.1897-1898 Hawthorn, Victoria
ANDERSON, Inger -b.1898 Hawthorn, Vic.
ANDERSON, Rupert Edmund -b.1901 Hawthorn, Vic. -d.1965 Caulfield, Victoria
ANDERSON, Esther Louisa -b.1903 Elsternwick, Vic.
ANDERSON, Ernst Graham -b.1910 Mordialloc, Vic

ANDERSON, Dorothea Sophia -b.abt 1819 - daughter of Oswald Chas Fred & Bettenstedt - d.1900 Burwood, Victoria @ 80 yrs

ANDERSON, Jacob ANDERSEN-b.abt 1828 - son of Hans Jacob & Anna Marie Hanson- @ Keysborough, Dandenong, 1908 FARMER -d.1909 Dandenong, Victoria @ 81 yrs
ANDERSON, Anna Marie 'Hall' -b.1860 Keysborough, Dandenong, Vic.- (m.HALL) - d.1937 abt 1860 @ 77 yrs
ANDERSON, Sarah 'Trebilce' -b.1863 Dandenong, Victoria -(m.Vic. Trebilce) -d.1941 Dandenong, Victoria
ANDERSON, Jacob -b.1864 Elms, Dandenong, Victoria - (m.Vic. ) - d.1892 East Melbourne, Victoria @ 27 yrs
ANDERSON, Sophia Ewing, - (re-m.Vic.1901 Herbt Walt Williamson) - d.
-ANDERSON, Janet Rachel 'Seelaf' -b.1891 Dandenong, Victoria (m.Vic. Seelaf) - d.1940 Prahran, Victoria @ 48 yrs
-ANDERSON, Gladys Marie -b.1892 Bendigo, Victoria

ANDERSON, Christina @ Keysborough, Dandenong, 1908 HOME DUTIES
ANDERSON, Ann , @ Keysborough, Dandenong, 1908 HOME DUTIES
ANDERSON, Joseph - @ Keysborough, Dandenong, 1908 FARMER

ANDERSON, Peter -b.abt 1837 son of Hans Jacob & Anna Marie Hanson- @ Keysborough, Dandenong, 1908 FARMER - d.1921 Dandenong, Victoria @ 84 yrs
ANDERSON, Caroline THORNE - @ Keysborough, Dandenong, 1908 HOME DUTIES
ANDERSON, Christina Beatrice -b.1876 Dandenong, Vic.
ANDERSON, Charles John Thorne -b.1878 Dandenong, Vic. -(m.Vic..Isabella Rebecca Dickason) @ Keysborough, Dandenong, 1908 -d.1965 Carlton, Victoria @ 87 yrs
ANDERSON, Isabella Rebecca Dickason
--ANDERSON, Carl Gefle -b. Port Melbourne, Victoria
ANDERSON, Stancle Louisa -b.1880 Dandenong, Vic.
ANDERSON, Isabella Grace -b.1882 Dandenong, Vic.
ANDERSON, Frederick George -b.1884 Dandenong, Vic. -d.1887 Dandenong, Victoria @ 2 yrs
ANDERSON, Myra Catherine -b.1887 Dandenong, Vic.
ANDERSON, Walter Stanley -b.1889 Dandenong, Vic. -d.1962 Victoria
ANDERSON, George Richard -b.1890 Dandenong, Vic. -d.1980 Warrragul, Vic.
ANDERSON, Percival Henry -b.1892 Dandenong, Victoria -d.1981 Noble Park, Victoria @ 88 yrs
ANDERSON, Leslie Oliver -b.1896 Dandenong, Victoria d.1943 Dandenong, Victoria @ 47
ANDERSON, Edwin Ernest -b.1898 Dandenong, Vic. -d.1981 Prahran, Victoria

ANDERSON, Henry Thomas @ Heatherton Road, Dandenong, 1921, MARKET GARDENER
ANDERSON, Ivy Gladys - @ Heatherton Road, Dandenong, 1921, HOME DUTIES

ANDERSON, Jorgen Gustav- @ Heatherton Road, Springvale, 1921, LABOURER

ANDERSON, Richard - Lyndhurst, Dandenong, 1908 FARMER
ANDERSON, Elizabeth Rebecca Greaves - Lyndhurst, Dandenong, 1908 HOME DUTIES
ANDERSON, Christian Rebecca - Lyndhurst, Dandenong, 1908 HOME DUTIES

ANDERSON, John William -b.1892 Dandenong, Vic. -d.1979 Rochester, Victoria
ANDERSON, Ruby Margaret -b.1893 Dandenong, Vic.
ANDERSON, Lucy Lynda -b.1895 Dandenong, Vic.
ANDERSON, Elizth Greaves -b.1898 Dandenong, Vic.

ANDERSON, Benjamin Samuel -b.abt 1869 -son of Johannes Anderson & Margaret Anderson -(m.Vic.1903 Louise Heintz) -d.1947 Frankston, Victoria @ 78 yrs
ANDERSON, Louise Heintz -b.abt 1876 Happy Valley -daughter of Jacob Heintz & Dorothea Gill /Geihle -d.
ANDERSON, Jacob --b.1904 Leongatha, Victoria- d.1966 Korumburra, Victoria @ 62 yrs
ANDERSON, Stanley -b.1907 Leongatha, Victoria
ANDERSON, Leongatha, Victoria

ANDERSON, Jacob Heintz
ANDERSON, Dorothea Geihle
ANDERSON, Louisa -b.abt 1876 -daughter of Jacob Heintz & Dorothea Geal /Geihle d.1939 Leongatha, Victoria @ 63 yrs

ANDERSEN, Carl Heinrich -b.1860 Ballarat East -son of Petier Michael Andersen & Hilzie / Hilthie Parma -(m.Vic.1885 Louise Emily WEST) - d. 20 AUGUST 1934 • Ringwood, Maroonda, Victoria
ANDERSON, Louise Emily WEST -b.1861 Ballarat East, Victoria - daughter of Thomas WEST & Jane Maria BLACKER (1823–1895) - d.3 June 1918 Box Hill, Victoria,
ANDERSON, Violet Mabel -b.1889 Carlton - d.1981 Warrnambool, Victoria
ANDERSON, Vera Jessie 'Paton'-b.1892 Northcote - d.1985 Bendigo
ANDERSON, Carlotta Louise -b.1895 Northocte- d.1950 Nunawading, Victoria,
ANDERSON, Christiane -b.1898 -d.1898 Prahran, Victoria,
ANDERSON, Lilian Emma - b.1900 Prahran, Victoria,
ANDERSON, Eric Carl Peter -b.2 Jul 1904 Prahran - (m.Vic. Ivy Una) -d.20 Jan 1997 - BURIED: 23 Jan 1997 Lilydale Lawn Cemetery;[LLC] YI-Row I [Burial].
ANDERSON, Ivy Una (wife) -b.9 Aug 1905 -d.4 Oct 1990 - BURIED: 8 Oct 1990 Lilydale Lawn Cemetery;[LLC] YI-Row I [Burial].

ANDERSON, Walter Joseph / James -b. - son of - (m.Vic.1884 Theodosia TUCKETT ) -d.
ANDERSON, Theodosia TUCKETT -b.abt 1857 - daughter of Wm Hy Tuckett & Elizth Hall- @ Bedford Park, Ringwood, 1912, ARTIST -d.1933 Geelong West, Victoria
ANDERSON, Olave - -b.1884 Togr, Victoria @ Bedford Park, Ringwood, 1912, ARTIST -d.1971 Beaumauris, Port Phillip Bay
ANDERSON, Ronald McBain -b.1892 St Kilda
ANDERSON, George Walden -b.1897 Kew, Victoria

ANDERSON, Saxon- b.1880 Footscray - son of William ANDERSON & Annie MARTIN - (m.Vic.1903 Beatrix RUSSELL) - @ Tarago, 1915 FARMER - d.1926 Malvern
ANDERSON, Beatrix May RUSSELL - @ Tarago, 1915, H/D
ANDERSON, Jack - @ Tarago, 1915, FARMER
ANDERSON, Phoebe Florence- @ Tarago, 1915 H/D
ANDERSON, Saxon - b.1907 Ascot Vale -d.1962 Taradale, Victoria

* * *

ANDERSON, August -b.2 Sept 1869 Stoby, Kristianstad, Sverige, SWEDEN - -(m.South Yarra,Vic.26 Sept 1893 Harriet Emily SMITH) - - @ "Thelma" Embankment Grove, Chelsea, 1921, PLUMBER - - -d.9 Oct 1923 Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria
ANDERSON, Harriet Emily SMITH -b.2 Jan 1873 Sydney,New South Wales - - @ "Thelma" Embankment Grove, Chelsea, 1921, HOME DUTIES - -d.6 Oct 1959 Camberwell, Boroondara
ANDERSON, Johanne Luise -b.6 Feb 1893 Richmond, Vic. -d.8 Jun 1986 Whyalla Hospital, South Australia
ANDERSON, Augustus Keith -b.21 Sep 1895 Carlton, Vic. -d.8 Feb 1967 Healesville, Upper Yarra Valley, Vic.
ANDERSON, Mabel Annie FORT -b.1896 –d.1986
ANDERSON, Emilie Elsa May -b.25 May 1898 -(m.Vic.1926Francis William GUNN (1895–1987))- -d.8 July 1985 Mt. Lawley, Perth, West Australia
ANDERSON, Ruby Amelia -b.19 Feb 1903 Women's Hosp, Carlton -(m.Chelsea, 1926 James Edward WHARRIE (1902–1984)) -d.5 Dec 1989 Mordialloc, Vic.
ANDERSON, Emil Rothwell Welton -b.17 Dec 1907 Carlton, Vic. (m.Congregational Church, Chelsea,Vic.4 Jul 1936 Violet May ROGERS) - -d.12 Nov 1995 Montrose, Victoria
ANDERSON, Violet May ROGERS -b.30 Nov 1911 Brunswick, Victoria -d.19 Jul 2001 Montrose, Victoria
ANDERSON, Jessica Beatrice -b.31 Oct 1912 Womens Hospital -(m St.Chads C Of E, Chelsea, Vic..4 Jul 1936 Arthur William ROGERS (1907–1993)) -d.27 Feb 2001 East Melbourne, Vic.
ANDERSON, Donald Edwin -b.29 Oct 1913 Carlton, Victoria -(m.Vic.Oct.1941 Sarah Winifred WALKER) -d.9 AUG 1982 Preston, Vic.
ANDERSON, Sarah Winifred WALKER -b.June 1916 Edinburgh, Midlothian –d.June 2006 Preston, Victoria
ANDERSON, Bettina Pearl -b.8 Mar 1916 Carlton, Victoria - -d.12 Nov 1998 Queensland

* * *

ANDERSON, James Henry - @ Warragul, 1917, ORCHARDIST

ANDERSON, Karl Gustav -b.abt 1913 - son of Gustav & Josephine ANDERSON - d. 1975 Nunawading, Victoria

* *

ANDERSON, Lars Peter ANDERSEN -b.21 Decmbr 1868 Jonstorp, Malmöhus -NATURALISED: Tarwin Lower, South Gippsland- -d.30-December-1937 Leongatha @ 69 ys
ANDERSON, Lillian Maude HENRY -b.23 JUN 1875 Sale, Gippsland, Vic. - daughter Robert HENRY (1832–1889) & Anna Maria TIMMINS (1842–1892) - -d.11 AUG 1939 Hamilton Russell House, Prahran, - BURIED: Leongatha @ 64 yrs
ANDERSON, Jessie gRACE-b.abt 1899 d.1-September-1976 Leongatha @ 77 yr s

* * *

ANDERSON, Johannes 'John' -b.abt 1855 son of Andres Pearson -d. 9/02/1931 Buchan, Victoria 2 76 yrs - BURIED:abt 11/02/1931 Warragul Cemetery COE-C-133
ANDERSON, Ada SOMMER -b.abt 1866 - daughter of August Sommer & Elisabeth Maddox -d.30/09/1896 abt 1866 @ 30 yrs BURIED:abt 2/10/1896 Warragul Cemetery COE-C-133

ANDERSON, Emil Wilfred (Amyl Wilfred) -b.1889 Warragul, Victoria - - (m.Vic.1917 Annie Maud HARDEN) - -d.22/07/1967 Traralgon, Vic. BURIED: abt 25/07/1967 Warragul Cemetery PRES-N-536.
ANDERSON, Annie Maud HARDEN -b. 1887 Clunes, Vic. - daughter of Walter Harden (1851–1917) & Rozina Dally (1863–1952) -d.15/06/1950 North Caulfield, Vic BURIED: abt 18/06/1950 Warragul Cemetery PRES-N-536.

ANDERSON, Anne -b.abt 1891 - @ LILLICO, Warragul, 1917, HOME DUTIES -d.1910 Warragul, Victoria @ 19 yrs -

ANDERSON, Oscar Herbert -b.1892 Warragul, Victoria - son of Jno Anderson & Ada Somers - @ LILLICO, Warragul, 1917, FARMER -d.10/03/1931 Warragul, Victoria @ 34 yrs BURIED:abt 12/03/1931 Warragul Cemetery PRES-I-338.

ANDERSON, Georg Victor -b.1894 Warragul, Victoria

ANDERSON, Leslie Alexander -b.1896 Warragul, Victoria WW1 SOLDIER - -d.4 OCT 1917 Belgium


ANDERSON, 'John Gustaf' Johann Gustav -b. -(m.Adelaide,SA.14 Feb 1882 Amelia Frances ROBERTSON) - (m.Vic.1898 Mary McINNES ) - @ Warragul, 1917, FARMER ; RES @ Copeland RD, Lillico, Warragul, 1931, FARMER
ANDERSON, Annie -- RES @ Lillico, Warragul, 1931, FARM & HOME DUTIES

* * *

ANDERSON, Carl Arthur - @ Woodvale Rd, Boronia, 1934, SEAMAN
ANDERSON, Gertrude Annie - @ Woodvale Rd, Boronia, 1934, HOME DUTIES

* * *

ANDERSON, Edward Patrick -b. -d.15/08/1945 BURIED: abt 18/08/1945 Warragul Cemetery CATH-M-458
ANDERSON, Marrine Kammel -b. -d. 14/10/1948 BURIED: abt 17/10/1948 Warragul Cemetery CATH-M-458

* * *

ANDERSON, Rasmus Peder - @ Lakes Entrance, Gippsland, 1925, MASTER MARINER
ANDERSON, Agnes-- @ Lakes Entrance, Gippsland, 1925, HOME DUTIES
ANDERSON, Hans - @ Lakes Entrance, Gippsland, 1925, FISHERMAN
ANDERSON, Ruby Lillian - @ Lakes Entrance, Gippsland, 1925, HOME DUTIES

* * *

ANDERSON, Georg - @ Bumberrah, Gippsland, 1925, FARMER
ANDERSON, Emma Schiller - @ Bumberrah, Gippsland, 1925, H/D

* * *

ANDERSON, Edwin Rudolph ANDERSEN -b.26 April 1896 Sverige : Nationality - Sweden: Date of Birth - 26 April 1896: First registered at Foster, Gippsland, 1916.

* * *

ANDERSON Joseph Hyrum -b.27 February 1900 Murray, City of Utah, Utah, USA : Nationality - American: Date of Birth - 27 February 1900: Date of Arrival - 11 March 1934: Arrived per NACURA: Certificate Number 1: Date of Issue - 29 September 1939: First Registered at Trafalgar, Gippsland [Contains one black and white photograph] RES @ Seven Mile Road, Trafalgar, 7 Sept 1939 FARMER

* * *

ANDERSSON, Johan Albert -b. -(m.Vic.1908 Emma OLSSON)
ANDERSSON, Emma OLSSON -b. @ Green Island, Frankston, 1909, H/D -(m.Vic.1908 Jno Albt Andersson)
--ANDERSSON-OLSSON, Florence Emma OLSSON -b.1896 Carlton, Victoria

* * *

ANDERSSON, Peter - - (m.Vic.1903 Edith Maud SAUNDERS)
ANDERSSON, Lorna Cecilia -b.1909 Oakleigh, Victoria
ANDERSSON, Iris Edith -b.1909 Oakleigh, Victoria

* * *

ANDERT, Hermann Friedrich Johann -b.17 Jun 1830 Alt Kemnitz, Kreis Grünberg, Schlesien, Preussen (Silesia, Prussia) (m. Silesia Henriette ENDE) - EMIGRATED: to arrive 6 Jan 1855 @ Hobsons Bay, Melbourne, Australia per the ship "ACMEL" @ Hawthorn - - @ Caledonia Diggings / Queenstown (St Andrews) -d.31 Dec 1878 Hawthorn, Boroondara, @ age 48 yrs. 6 mths. 14 days - BURIED; 2 Jan 1879 Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton
ANDERT, Henriette ENDE -b.14 Apr 1827 Arnsdorf, Kreis Liegnitz, Schlesien, Preusssen (Silesia, Prussia) -(m. Silesia to Hermann Endert [1831-1879]) - EMIGRATED: to arrive 6 Jan 1855 @ Hobsons Bay, Melbourne, Australia per the ship "ACMEL" @ Hawthorn - -d.13 Jul 1904, Hawthorn, Boroondara, @ age 77 yrs. 3 mths - BURIED; 15 July 1904 Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton
ANDERT, Ida -b.1854 Grünberg, Schlesien, Preussen or Hamburg, Germany--- EMIGRATED: to arrive 6 Jan 1855 @ Hobsons Bay, Melbourne, Australia per the ship "ACMEL" @ Hawthorn - d.1855 At Sea on the ship "ACMEL"
ANDERT, Agnes Anna -b.1856 - -d,1856 Hawthorn
ANDERT, Hermann -b.1857 - -d.1857 Ballarat -
ANDERT, 'Eve' Marie Friedericke Eva -b.1858 Ballarat - St Andrews [m.Vic.1879 Edwin HALL ] -d.2 Feb 1906 @ age 47 yrs.
- - See HALL
ANDERT, Sophia Bertha Agnes -b.1859 Caledonia Diggings Queenstown,/St Andrews [m.Vic.1878 Johann Georg Peter Friedrich NEBEL]
ANDERT, Hermann 'ANDERS' -b.1866 Queenstown, St Andrews

ANDERTON, Christoph - @ Harold Road, Springvale, 1921, MARKET GARDENER
ANDERTON, Una Grace - @ Harold Road, Springvale, 1921, HOME DUTIES

ANDREASEN, Harald Johannes ANDREASSEN -b.abt 1883 Helgeroa, Brunlagnæs, Larvik municipality, Vestfold county, Norway son of Andreas Johansen & Amalie Heraldsen - (m.Vic.1909 Rhoda Caroline ANDERSON ) - NATURALISED 1910 - - RESIDENCE: @ Brighton Rd, DANDENONG 1916 –MARKET GARDENER ; - @ Brighton Road, Dandenong 1921 MARKET GARDENER - -d.1937 Dandenong, Victoria @ 54 yrs
ANDREASEN, Rhoda Caroline ANDERSON -b. - RESIDENCE: @ Brighton Rd, Keysborough, DANDENONG 1916, H/D; @ Brighton Road, Keysborough 1921 HOME DUTIES- -d.
ANDREASEN, Amelia Grace -b.1910 Dandenong, Victoria
ANDREASEN, Fredrik George -b.1912 Dandenong, Victoria -d.1920 Dandenong, Victoria
ANDREASEN, Eric -b.1914 Dandenong, Victoria -d.1917 Carlton, Victoria @ 2 yrs
ANDREASEN, Mavis Muriel 'Trebilco' -b.1916 Dandenong, Victoria - (m.Vic TREBILCO) -d.1982 Baxter, Victoria @ 66 yrs

ANDREASSEN, Olaf -b.7 Nov 1891 Helgeroa, Brunlagnæs, Larvik municipality, Vestfold county, Norway - EMIGRATED: from Norway per the ship "PEGASUS" to arrive Melbourne 25th Dec 1911 - - - NATURALISED 18 July 1915 @ Brighton Road, Dandenong, LABOURER after three and a half years in Australia. - RES.-@ Brighton Rd, DANDENONG 1916 FARM LABOURER - - @ Perry Road, Elmsford (Dandenong) 1921 LABOURER - -d. 1956 Dandenong - BURIED: 2/2/1956 Dandenong Cemetery
ANDREASSEN, Rosanna Phoebe FOSTER - @ Weller St, DANDENONG 1916 – H/D - - @ Perry Road, Elmsford (Dandenong) 1921 HOME DUTIES - - BURIED: 1/11/1956 Dandenong Cemetery - @ 79 yrs -

* * *

ANDREASSON, Peter John - @ Cunninghame, Gippsland, 1925 FISHERMAN
ANDREASSON, Ettie - @ Cunninghame, Gippsland, 1925 MID WIFE

* * *

ANDRESEN, Harald Andreas ‘Harold Andrew’ –b. 1900 -son of Anders Andresen & Violet James - (m. Yarra Junction 1925 Emilie Alice ) – 1926 BUSHMAN of BEENAK – 1928 @ RAILWAY ESTATE' GEMBROOK, - TRACTOR DRIVER of GEMBROOK – d. 1974 Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria
ANDRESEN, Emilie Alice – -b. 20 MARCH 1902 -d. 2005 Mt Eliza, Victoria

ANDRESEN, Victor Harold Be.. -d.abt 1902 - son of Theodor Carl & Melina - -d.1982 Ringwood, Victoria @ 80 yrs

ANDRENOI, Evangelos [aka Angelo ANDREWS] -b.1898 Krateron Macedonia, GREECE; - NATURALISATION 18 January 1949; RESIDENCE - Warburton, Upper Yarra, Vic.
ANDRENOI, [ANDREWS], Elsie Frances-b. ? Krateron Macedonia, GREECE? -RESIDENCE 1949 Warburton, Upper Yarra, Vic.

ANDREWS, David Rome Barbour -b. 1860 Melbourne, Victoria -son of Chatham, Kent-born George ANDREWS (1820 – 1899) & Woolwich, Kent-born Eliza BENNY (1816 – 1898) – (M.Vic.1885 ‘Mina’ Wilhelmine Janetta GOLGERTH) – Early STOREKEEPERS at Emerald / Macclesfield in 1901, 1903, 1905 –Died: 1906 Emerald, Melb.,
ANDREWS, ‘Jinny’ Wilhelmine Janetta GOLGERTH – b. 2 July 1862 Emerald Hill, South Melbourne – daughter of Oldenburg-born Carl Heinrich Johann GOLGERTH (1825 – 1911) & Magdeburg-born Johanne Luise Wilhelmine BISCHOFF (1832 – 1899) - STOREKEEPERS at Emerald / Macclesfield in 1901, 1903, 1905 – Died: 1952 in Greensborough, Victoria
ANDREWS, Miriam Mae -1889 Richmond, Vic. (m.Vic.1914 Clement John De La LANDE)– d.1956 Redcastle, Vic
ANDREWS, George Rome –b.1888 Port Melbourne, – 1939 Beechworth, Vic.
ANDREWS, Wilhelmine Leonore -b.1891 Collingwood – 1898 Melbourne
ANDREWS, Guida Torfrieda - 1893 Fairfield – 1962
ANDREWS, Juliet Ilma – b.1898 Melbourne– 1978 Red Cliffs, Mildura

ANDROFF, Ivan 'John' -b. 9 Sept 1851 Malakoff, Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia- son of Ivan Androff & Maria Jakoff - EMIGRATED: arrived 9th October 1885 from Boston, America per the ship 'TILLY BAKER" at Sandridge, Port Melbourne - NATURALIZED 26 Feb 1916 @ Yarragon, Gippsland @ age 64 yrs Occ. LABOURER Residences Oakleigh 3 yers; 30 years various parts of West & South Gippsland- after 34 years in Australlia -RES. @ Bridge Hotel, Dandenong, 1921, GROOM -d.1935 Cheltenham, Victoria @ 83 yrs -BURIED: 27 July 1935 Springvale Botanical Cemetery: Buried.

ANDRONACO, Pietro 'Peter' - BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery b212 Andronaco Peter 1965 83y W-198
ANDRONACO, Raffaela Prinz- b. -d. BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery e423 Andronaco Raffaela Prinzi 1909 2001 Bm19-11
ANDRONACO, Vincenzo - b. d. BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery e423 Andronaco Vincenzo 1905 1976 Bm19-11
ANDRONACO, Maria - b.- d. BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery e402 Andronico Maria 1926 Bm17-10
ANDRONACO, Pietro BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery Andronico Pietro 1937 1991 Bm43-19
ANDRONACO, Rocco BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery Andronico Rocco 1910 1976 66y Bm17-10
ANDRONACO, RosaRIO BURIED: Korumburra Cemetery b212 Andronico Rosaria 1973 89y W-198

ANDRIHETTO, Giovanni Battista "Johnny" -b.1929 -d. 2003 -Buried: Wonthaggi Cemetery - w2453 Andrighetto Giovanni Battista "Johnny" 1929 2003 Lwn2 Lawn 2. F1

ANDRIHETTO, Gelindo -b.1930 - d.1994 64y -Buried: Wonthaggi Cemetery - w3439 Andrighetto Gelindo 1994 64y Lwn3 Lawn 3. K123
ANDRIHETTO, Olga =b.1931 - d.1984 52y -Buried: Wonthaggi Cemetery - w3440 Andrighetto Olga 1984 52y Lwn3/Lawn 3 .K13

ANGARANO, Giuseppe -b.1921 -d.1969 -Buried: Wonthaggi Cemetery - w0631 Angarano,Giuseppe 1921 1969 RC/Roman Cath N 2

ANGELO, Alexander P . - @ Normanby Street, OAKLEIGH, 1916 - MARINE ENGINEER
ANGELO, Elizabeth D. N -- @ Normanby Street, OAKLEIGH, 1916 - HOME DUTIES

ANJOU, 'John Henry' Johannes Henrik -b.abt 1868 - son of Heinrich Johann ANJOU & Dorothea BETHKE- NATURALISED 1914/1939 -@ Neerim Road, Murrumbeeena, 1912- CLERK -d.1955 Victoria @ 87 yrs - - BURIED: 6 June 1955 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Tristania, Wall 2BB, Niche 209; Cremated.
ANJOU, Clare Selina TURNER--b.abt 1874 - daughter of Thomas Turner & Eleanor Type - @ Neerim Road, Murrumbeeena, 1912- Home Duties /@ Neerim Road, Murrumbeeena, 1912- Home Duties -d.1955 Malvern, Victoria 81 yrs - BURIED: 9 March 1955 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Tristania, Wall 2BB, Niche 209; Cremated.

ANKER, Wilhelm b.1827 Ins, Bargen, Lake Neuchatel, Canton Bern, BERNE, Switzerland (son of Abraham ANKER & Maria Elisabeth JENNE) -[m.Vic.1866 Emma HAND] - d.188 OR 1890 Wandin Yallock @ age 62
ANKER, Emma HAND b. 1835 Nottinghamshire, England, daughter of Richard Morton HAND & ELizabeth KING [m.1866 Wilhelm Anker] d.1905 Seville, Wandin Yallock @ 70yrs
ANKER, Elisabeth b.1868 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale (m.1888 Charles STEPHEN) - d.1953 Kew
ANKER, Ernst 'Ernest' b. 1869 Wandin Yallock, Lilydale - d. 1948 Wandin South
ANKER, Selina b.1871 Wandin Yallock (m.WA. James Bartholemew STEPHEN) d.1937 Kew See STEPHEN
ANKER, Wilhelm Abraham 'William' b. 1876 Wandin Yallock (m.1905 Ada Elizabeth ADDIS) d.1953 Lilydale @ 77 yrs
ANKER, Ada Elizabeth ADDIS b.1878 Lilydale (daughtr of Thomas Addis & Annie Goodall) - d.1958 Wandin @ 88yrs
-ANKER, Phyllis Isabel -b.1906 Lilydale -(m.Vic. EVANS ) -d.1978 Parkville, Melb @ 78yr
-ANKER, Roy William -b.1908 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1937 Ruby Gertrude OKE) - d.1972 Wandin @ 63yrs
-ANKER, Ruby Gertrude OKE - - - see OKE
-ANKER, Stanley Morton -b.1901 Wandin Yallock - (m.Vic.1937 Alice Wilhelmina BLANKSBY)
-ANKER, Alice Wilhelmina BLANKSBY - - - - see BLANKSBY
-ANKER, Ada Emma -b.1912 Wandin Yallock - d.1917 Wandin Yallock
-ANKER, Mavis Selina -b.1914 Seville, Wandin Yallock - [ Cyril SMITH]
-ANKER, Emily Florence - b.1916 Wandin Yallock - [Robert REDDINGTON]
-ANKER, Lorna Marion -b.1919 Wandin Yallock (m.Vic. Len JAMES) -d.1864 Hughesdale @ 43yrs

ANKER, Johannes 'John' - brother of Wilhelm, above, died 1884 Wandin Yallock, age 64 (son of Abraham ANKER & Elizabeth JENNE)

ANKER, Peter Munk -b.1903 Mariager, Jutland, DENMARK; - NATURALISATION 3 MAR 1941;RESIDENCE - Bittern, Mornington Peninsula, VIC.
ANKER, Mary Ina - b. Mariager, Jutland, DENMARK

ANGELICO, Francesco -b.1916 Grammichele, Catania, ITALY; - NATURALISATION 14 May 1946; RESIDENCE 1946 Somerville, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

ANSALDI, Alphonse -b.abt 1854 FRANCE -son of Dominique Ansaldi & Eugenie Rayp - (m.Vic.1877 Kate JOHNSON) -d.1926 Belgrave, Victoria @ 72 yrs
ANSALDI, Kate JOHNSON -b.abt 1855 -d.1934 Clifton Hill, Victoria @ 79 yrs
ANSALDI, Helen Eugenie -b.1877 Linton, Victoria -(m.Vic.1896 Arthur Thomas KEWLEY) -d.1975 Ballarat,
ANSALDI, Bessy Josephine-b.1879 Ballarat East, Victoria -(m.Vic.1904 Stephen Ernest ROCKLIFF) -d.1972 Sandown, Springvale, Victoria
ANSALDI, Kate Louise -b.1881 Ballarat East, Victoria - -d.1997 Waterloo, Vic.
ANSALDI, Alice Beatrice -b.1883 Waterloo, Pyrennes, Victoria -(m.Vic.1915 Nowell Ernest NELSON) -d.1967 Melbourne, Victoria
ANSALDI, Alphonse -b.1886 Waterloo, Pyrennes, Victoria - son of Alphonse Ansaldi & Kate Johnson -(m.Vic. Ruby Isla ) - @ Station St, Belgrave, 1934, LINE FORMAN -d.1935 Melbourne East, Victoria
ANSALDI, Ruby Isla - @ Station St, Belgrave, 1934, HOME DUTIES
--ANSALDI, Alphonse Reuben - @ Bayswwater, 1968 BUILDER
--ANSALDI, Zelma Margaret - @ Bayswwater, 1968
ANSALDI, Albert -b.1887 Waterloo, Pyrennes, Victoria (m.Vic.1920 Veronica Kathleen WHITE) -d.1945 Camberwell, Boroondara
ANSALDI, Kathleen Veronica WHITE
ANSALDI, Kate Theresa -b.1888 Waterloo, Pyrennes, Victoria -(m.Vic. ) -d.1950 Terang, Corangamite, Victoria
ANSALDI, Joseph - b.1889 Waterloo, Pyrennes, Victoria -d.1890 Waterloo, Pyrennes, Victoria
ANSALDI, Joseph Victor -b.1891 Waterloo, Pyrennes, Victoria - -d.1892 Waterloo, Victoria
ANSALDI, Melinda Camille -b.1894 Waterloo, Pyrennes, Victoria -(m.Vic.1920 Robert Ronald COCHRAN) -d.1972 Box Hill, Nunawading, Victoria
ANSALDI, Ethel Lavinia -b.1896 Waterloo, Pyrennes, Victoria -(m.Vic. ) -d.

ANTONIOLI, Guiseppe 'Joseph' - @ Main Street, Walhalla, 1903 BOOTMAKER

APPEL, Ernst Augustus -b.1837 Arensberg, Rhineland Pfalz, Bavarian Palatinate, Prussia (Germany -son of Johann Heinrich Appel & Frances Wilhelmina Sanwald - EMIGRATED: from Liverpool, England to arrive 26 July 1864 at Port Melbourne on the ship "GREAT BRITAIN" -(m.Vic.1872 Harriet 'Widow SMITH' BOWKER) - - NATURALISED: 27 Nov 1872 @ Lucknow, Gippsland @ age 33, FARMER -d.1921 Bairnsdale, Gippsland, Victoria @ 84 yrs
APPEL, Henry Augustus -b.1875 Melbourne, Vic. @ Lucknow, Gipsland - GROCER @ Beeac & @ Geelong -(m.Vic. Lucy Elizabeth ? ?) - @ Macorna, Kerang 1921 GRAZIER -d.1951 Kerang, Victoria @ 75 yrs
APPEL, Lucy Elizabeth - @ Macorna, Kerang 1921 COFFEE PALACE PROPRIETOR

APT, Gunter -aka George UPTON, -b.1922 Hanover, GERMANY; -NATURALISATION 29 JUNE 1945; RESIDENCE 1945 Lilydale, Upper Yarra Valley, VIC

ARENTS, Luis Joseph Victor 'Louis' -b.24 August 1859 Nieuport, West Flanders Province, Belgium - son of Joseph Francois Albert ARENTS & Isidorine Joseine PEPITHAN - EMIGRATED to arrive at Port Melbourne on the 3rd June 1883 per the ship "CHIMBORAZO" from Antwerp? Belgium. Occupation: ORCHARDIST. -Residence: Canterbury Road, Tunstall, Nunawading. Selected Land in the Dandenong Forest (Olinda Forest) Village Farm Scheme, being Allotment 9 of Section N in the Parish of Monbulk. Mail address: via Clegg, Wandin South. Location of Land: now in Silvan Reservoir Reserve, off McCarthy Road. Bachelor: never married. No children. Arents abandoned the allotment in the summer harvest season of 1893-1894 and was forced to forfeit it in favour of William Evans. NATURALIZED: just ahead of total war, 18th April 1913 at Canterbury Road, Tunstall, Nunawading, Victoria - @ age 53, Occupation; Orchardist, after 29 years in Australia. Continued on the Orchard at Tunstall, Canterbury Road, Nunawading. Died 1938 in Blackburn, Nunawading District, Vic. Cremated: Springvale 26/11/1938.

ARLITZ, Julius Georg Gustave -b. ABT 1842 • Deutschland - son of Friedrich Wilhelm August ARLITZ & Claudine Margarette Friedericke Christiane ''Claudie' Arlitz' KROENK (1810–1875) - - (m.Vic.1871 Mary 'Arlitz' EGAN) - NATURALISed 1889; LAND : 1890 BEENA TOWNSHIP, BEENAK
- d. 1899 St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria
ARLITZ, Mary 'Arlitz' EGAN -b. ABT 1848- Ireland - daughter of Patrick EGAN & Johanna RYAN - d.1907 • Hotham, North Melbourne
ARLITZ, Florence Claudine -b.1875 Melbourne, Victoria - -(m.Vic. Henry Joseph ATCHISON ) - at least on child, Kendal Arlitz ATCHISON (1904–?) - - - d. 1964 • St Kilda, Melbourne
ARLITZ, Alvina Bertha Annie -b.1877 • Carlton, Melbourne, - (m.Vic. 1896 Richard JOHNSON) - d.
ARLITZ, Mabel Mary -b. 1880 • Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria - (m.Vic. Alexander Maish "Alec" (1877-1948)) - d. 1880 • Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria

ARMANASCO, ‘John’ Giovanni -@ Left Hand branch, Walhalla 1905 LABOURER + @ Moore St, Erica, 1922 – LABOURER
ARMANASCO, Martha - @ Moore St, Erica, 1922 – HOME DUTIES

ARMANESCO, Giuseppe -b.1886 Sondrio, ITALY; - NATURALISATION -7 FEB 1940; RESIDENCE - Bayswater, VIC

ARMSTRONG, Alfred Wilson -b.26 Oct 1862 Mulgrave-Rowville, Dandenong Roads, Victoria -son of County Fermanagh, Irish-born James Wilson ARMSTRONG (1823–1873) & County Tyrone, Irish-born Ann CASEY (1824–1888) - [m.Vic.1885 Maria Emma EXNER] Mulgrave, DANDENONG, Victoria - -d.3 March 1939 Dandenong, Victoria
ARMSTRONG, Maria Emma EXNER -b.1865 Dandenong Creek, Rowville (Narre Warren),Victoria -daughter of Silesian-born Carl Ehrenfried EXNER (1830–1896) &
Christiané Maria Ernestine KRIEGEL (1832–1911) - -d.1926 Oakleigh, Dandenong Road, Victoria
ARMSTRONG, Friedrich Ernst –b.1886 Oakleigh-[ Ruby Hilda HODGES m. 1913] d.1952 Springvale
- - ARMSTRONG, Frederick Alfred William –b.1914 Oakleigh
- -ARMSTRONG, Gottfried Winslade –b.1916 Oakleigh
- -ARMSTRONG, Nancy Allison –b.1918 Oakleigh
- -ARMSTRONG, Norma Isabella –b.1920 Oakleigh
ARMSTRONG, Wilhelm James –b.1887 Oakleigh – 1940 Dandenong
ARMSTRONG, Ehrenfried Joseph –b.1889 Oakleigh, Vic –(m.Vic.1921 Violet Rose TAYLOR) –d.1959 Springvale
ARMSTRONG, Alfred Wilson–b.1890 Oakleigh, Vic – [ Hilda Evelyn REA m. 1917] –d.1976 Mulgrave
ARMSTRONG, Hilda Evelyn REA –b.
- -ARMSTRONG, Raymond Wilson –b.1917 Oakleigh
- -ARMSTRONG, Keith Alfred –b.1920 Dandenong
ARMSTRONG, Albert Augustus –b.1891 Oakleigh, Vic –[ Ethel May STORK m. 1919] –d.1959 Melb. -
ARMSTRONG, Mavis Jean 1920 Dandenong
ARMSTRONG, Christina Anna –b.1894 Oakleigh, Vic - [Edward Leslie KITCHEN m.1915] –d.1957 Oakleigh
ARMSTRONG, Wilhelmine (Mina) Emma –b.1896 Oakleigh, Vic – 1934 Dandenong
ARMSTRONG, Walter Wilfred –b.1898 -d.1899 Oakleigh, Vic
ARMSTRONG, Sarah Eliza –b.1900 Oakleigh, Vic – [ Leonard Joseph MONK m.1934] –d.1966 Surrey Hills
ARMSTRONG, Isabella Maud –b.1902 Dandenong, Vic [ Leonard DAFFY m. 1924]
ARMSTRONG, Evelyn Margaret –b.1904 Dandenong, Vic –[Ray Gordon REID m. 1927] –d.1957 Oakleigh
ARMSTRONG, Raymond Stanley-–b.1906 Dandenong -[Kathleen Isaobel THOMPSON m. 1930]- –d.1966 Springvale
ARMSTRONG, Kathleen Isaobel THOMPSON –b.

ARMLINDSOHN, John - @ Lest Hand Branch, Walhalla, 1903, LABOURER

ARNDT, Johann Gottlieb, -b.1818 BOMST, PRUSSIA (now Babimost, Poland) son of Gottlieb Arndt & Maria Schemmerling - - OCC: Potter -[Dorothea Luise LIEBECK] -Arr.1849 Emmy Richmond> - Darebin Crk -d.2 April 1894 Darebin Creek, (Preston), Vic.
ARNDT, Dorothea Luise LIEBECK -b.28 Marz 1816 BOMST, PRUSSIA (now Babimost, Poland) - - -d.1897 Darebin Creek, (Preston), Vic.

ARNDT, Julius August Gotthelf -b.1848 BOMST, PRUSSIA (now Babimost, Poland) -Arr.1849 Emmy Darebin Creek, Northcote [Isabella WHITE m.1872] - PROPERTY at Narracan / Allambee East, in the Parish of Moe, County of Buln Buln, LOT 136 of 129-7 Acres, finalised 30 August 1895, [2025/19.20] - widowed 1896 Sale, Gippsland - (m.Vic.1899 Julia Maria STOPPIA (1853–1939)) - -d.24 Oct 1932 Enfield,
ARNDT, Isabella WHITE -b.1853 Melbourne, Vic. -daughter of Robert White (1819–1882) & Mary Ann Condron (1824–1887)) -d.1896 Sale, Gippsland, Vic.
ARNDT, Arthur -b.1873 Northcote -d.1873 Preston
ARNDT, Isabella Theresa -b.1874 Northcote -d.1874 Northcote, Victoria
ARNDT, Albert Julius -b.1875 Northcote -(m.Vic.1899 Sarah Ann DANSON) -d.1925 Aberfeldie, Gippsland, Vic.
ARNDT, Sarah Ann DANSON -b. 1878 Victoria -daughter of Andrew Atkinson Danson (1830–1894) & Helen Penman (1845–1933) -d.10 April 1933 Victoria
--ARNDT, Helen Isabella -b.25-9-1900 Trafalgar, Gippsland, Vic. -d.24-1-1902 Yarragon, Gippsland, Vic.
--ARNDT, Albert Edward -b.1902 Narracan, Victoria, Vic. -(m.Vic.1927 Doris BELL) -d.1969 Warragul, Gippsland, Vic.
--ARNDT, Doris BELL -b.1897 -d. 1954 Gippsland, Vic.
--ARNDT, Florence Ivy -b.1904 Narracan, Victoria, Vic.
--ARNDT, Alan Charles -b.1906 Narracan, Victoria, Vic. -d.1964 Victoria
--ARNDT, wife
--ARNDT, Doris Myrtle -b.-b.1909 Narracan, Victoria, Vic. - - -d.27 March 1967 Victoria
--ARNDT, Edna Mavis -b.1914 Narracan, Victoria, Vic. - - -d.1971 Bentleigh, Victoria
--ARNDT, Kenneth Robert -b.1916 Warragul, Gippsland, Vic. -d.1916 Gippsland, Vic.
ARNDT, Robert Augustus -b.1877 Northcote, Vic. - (m.Vic.1900 Mary Carol Hilda DAVIS / Sarah Ann DAVIES) - -d.1930 Melbourne, Vic.
ARNDT, Sarah Ann DAVIES -b.
--ARNDT, Erich Philipp -b.1902 Warragul, Victoria
--ARNDT, May Catherine WILLIAMS -b.1904 Victoria - daughter of John Williams & Margaret ? -d.1982 Box Hill, Vic. @ 78 yrs
--ARNDT, Myra Ethel -b.1906 Warragul, Victoria
--ARNDT, Hazel Hilda -b.1910 Narracan, Gippsland
ARNDT, Helena 'Lena' Elisa -b.1880 Carlton, Vic. -(m.Vic.1900 Penman David DANSON) ) -d.1963 Gippsland, Vic.
ARNDT, Alice Louisa -b.1884 Narracan, Gippsland -(m.Vic.1909 Edward TODD)
--ARNDT, Robert TODD -b.1906 Carlton, Victoria
ARNDT, Annie Luise -b.1886 Fitzroy -(m. ) -d.10 Jan 1967 Newcastle, New South Wales
ARNDT, Emma Isabella -b.1888 Thorpdale, Gippsland, Vic. -d.1888 Preston, Vic.
ARNDT, Joseph James -b.1890 Preston, Darebin, -(m.Vic.1895 Beatrice Frances WILLIS)
ARNDT, Beatrice Frances WILLIS -b.
--ARNDT, John Cyril-b.1896 Richmond, Vic.
--ARNDT, Hermann Friedrich -b.1901 Richmond, Vic.
--ARNDT, Henry Coppin -b.1904 Richmond, Vic. -d.1972 Fitzroy, Victoria
ARNDT, Ernst Eduard -b.1893 Thorpdale, Gippsland, Vic. -d.1893 Thorpdale, Gippsland, Vic.
ARNDT, Beatrice Evaline -b.1896 Thorpdale, Gippsland, Vic. - -d.1976 Bairnsdale, Victoria
ARNDT, Julia Maria STOPPIA -b.1853 - RES: 1922 Walhalla, Gippsland, Vic. -RES.1925 Warragul, Gippsland, Vic. –d.1939 Warragul, Gippsland, Vic.

ARNDT, Augusta Helene -b.1850 Melbourne - [ Franz Heinrich KRAMME m.1877]
- - See KRAMME

ARNDT, Emma Caroline -b.1852 Melbourne -[James BRADFORD m.1877 ]- -d. Victoria

ARNDT, Amelie Anna Johanne -b.1854 -d.1855 Collingwood

ARNDT, Agnes Amelia -b.1856 Darebin Creek, Northcote -(m.German Lutheran Church, Eastern Hill, Melbourne 2 May 1875 Joseph BRADFORD (1852–1936) -d.7 Jan 1906 Darebin Creek, Preston, Victoria

ARNDT, Dorothea -b.1860 -d.1860 Darebin Creek, Northcote

ARNDT, Anna Caroline -b.1860 -d.1860 Darebin Creek, Northcote

ARNDT, Emma Karoline -b.abt 1855 -daughter of Gottfried Hermann ARNDT & Johanne MICKE - (m.Vic. Robert Gustav SCHOLZ (1844–1930)) -d.1925 Sale Gippsland, Victoria @ 70 yrs

ARNDT, Nikolai -abt 1897 German Templar Community, Ottoman Palestina -(now Israel) -son of Heinrich & Elisabeth Arndy -d.1980 Boronia, FTG, Victoria @ 83 yrs

ARNESEN, Carl Levin Ludwig - - b. abt 1855 NORGE, Norway - son of Severin ARNESON & Petra LARSEN - -(m.New Zealand 1880 to Annie Maria NORTON) - Farmer @ Monbulk North/ Sth Wandin 1913 - - RESIDENCE @ Frankston 1927 PAINTER - d.1933 Frankston @ 78 yrs
ARNESEN, Annie Maria NORTON - b.abt 1869 New Zealand – daughter of Henry Dawson NORTON & Elizabeth SCALES - - d.1938 Melbourne @ 68 yrs
ARNESEN, Lavinia Elisabetha -.1881 Dunedin, New Zealand
ARNESEN, Carl Friedrich Edmond Norton – b.1882 Dunedin, New Zealand - (m.NZ 1914 to May Louisa FLAWN) -
ARNESEN, Earling Norton -b.1883 Dunedin, New Zealand d. 1911 St Kilda @ 27
ARNESEN, Leda Harrieta Anna – b 1886 Dunedin, New Zealand - (m.Vic.1905 James Alexander McMILLAN) - -d.1967 MiddlePark, Melb. @ 83 yrs
ARNESEN, Arner Scales - b.1892 St Kilda - - - d.1934 Mitcham, Nunawading @ 39 yrs

ARNOLD, Franz Eduard [ Marie FRIEDRICHS m. 1860] - East Brighton - sponsor at Lutheran Church, Harkaway, Berwick, Victoria, for the baptism of Mathilde TIESLER, on 17 March 1858 under by Rev. Pastor J. Jakob Burkhardt - [ Sponsors: Herr F. Arnold, Mutter und Vater
ARNOLD, Harriet Maria 1861 East Brighton,
ARNOLD, Robert 1863 Brighton, -(m. Vic. Ellen INCH)
ARNOLD, Ellen INCH -b.
--ARNOLD, Reuben -b.1886 Cheltenham, Vic.
--ARNOLD, Robert Frederick -b.1887 Cheltenham, Vic.
--ARNOLD, James -b.1888 Cheltenham, Vic.
--ARNOLD, Ellen -b.1891 Cheltenham, Vic.
--ARNOLD, Isobel -b.1892 Cheltenham, Vic.
--ARNOLD, Sarah Elizabeth -b.1896 Cheltenham
--ARNOLD, William Edward-b.1903 Serpentine / Sandringham
ARNOLD, Wilhelm 'William' 1866 Brighton,
ARNOLD, Sarah Johanne 1864 Brighton,
ARNOLD, Isabella 1868 Brighton, 1882
ARNOLD, Marie Anna 1871 Brighton

ARNOLD, Julius Carl Felix -b.1841 Berlin, Germany -d.1928 South Melbourne, Victoria @ 86 yrs
ARNOLD, Marie Sophie Gustavina Mathilda THIELE -b.abt 1840 Hermastadt, Deutschland -daughter of Emil Thiele & Augusta Weiland -d.1924 Cheltenham, Victoria @ 84 yrs
ARNOLD, Johann Daniel -b.1866 Brisbane, Queensland son of Julius Arnold & Mary Thiele -(m.Vic.1887 Alice Louisa BENSTEAD)- -d.15-8-1957 Mont Royal Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria @ 91 yrs
ARNOLD, Alice Louisa BENSTEAD -b.
--ARNOLD, Jessie Louise -b.1888–1889 Victoria
--ARNOLD, Mabel -b.1889 Victoria
--ARNOLD, Ethel Lillian -b.1892 Victoria
--ARNOLD, Ruby Jane Benstead-b.1894 Victoria
--ARNOLD, Annis Bertha Annie-b.1896 Victoria
--ARNOLD, Hugh Bishop Friedrich-b.1898 Victoria
--ARNOLD, wife
--ARNOLD, Alice Blades Benstead-b.1898 Victoria
--ARNOLD, Stanley Thomas-b.1908 Victoria
ARNOLD, Jakob Andreas Julius 'James Andrew' -b.1867 Ipswich, Queensland - son of Karl Julius Arnold & Marie Thiele -d.1939 Hobsons Bay, Port Melbourne, Victoria @ 72 yrs
ARNOLD, wife
ARNOLD, Martha Mary Emilie b.1877 Richmond, Vic. -(m.Rutherglen,Vic.1900 Steven James HERRIN (1871–1949) -b.
ARNOLD, Lydia Anna Luise -b.1880 Hotham, Nth Melb., -(m.Rutherglen,Vic.1902 John WESTLAKE (b.1880)) -d.1968 Vic.
ARNOLD, Jane Anna 'Warren' -b.1882 Hotham, Nth Melbourne -(m.Wangaratta,Vic.1901 Arthur WARREN (1873-1928)) - -d.1972 Ballarat, Victoria @ 89 yrs

ARNOLD, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich -b.1829 Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Deutschland (Brunswick, Germany) -(m.Vic.1859 Clara PUTTMANN) -d.1900 Vic.
ARNOLD, Clara PUTTMANN -b.abt 1836 Barmen, Prussia, Germany. - daughter of Hermann Puttmann -d.24 Oct 1921 Hawthorn, Boroondara, Victoria @ 85 yrs
ARNOLD, Luise 'Louisa' -b.1862 Melbourne, Vic.
ARNOLD, Carl Friedrich Theodor Wilhelm -b.1864 Melbourne, Vic. -d.23 Jan 1900 Middle Park, St Kilda, South Melbourne @ 36 yrs
ARNOLD, Augusta Alexandrina RUDOLPH -b.1863 Saxe-Coburg, Germany -d.12 June 1954 Brighton, Victoria
ARNOLD, Carl Friedrich Theodore -b.1891 Melbourne -d.1951 Moonee Ponds, Victoria
ARNOLD, wife
ARNOLD, Helene 'Helena' -b.1892 Albert Park, Victoria -d.1910 Carlton, Victoria
ARNOLD, Hermine -b.abt 1894 Melbourne, Vic. -d.abt 1894 Vic.
ARNOLD, 'Fanny' Franzesca -b.1866 Melbourne, Vic. -d.1866 Vic.
ARNOLD, Olga Alwina/Alvine Anna 'Peardon' -b.1867 Melbourne, Vic. -(m.Vic. PEARDON) - d.1928 Camberwell, Boroondara, Vic @ 58 yrs
ARNOLD, Rose Marie -b.1869 Melbourne, Vic.

ARNOLD, Wilhelm 'William -b.abt 1841 -son of Henry Edmond Arnold & Henricka Gerte Wolff -d.1923 Cheltenham, Victoria @ 82 yrs

ARNOLD, Thomas - - -(m.Vic.Hannah RUSSELL) @ Mulgrave, Victoria -
ARNOLD, Hannah RUSSELL - Mulgrave, Victoria
ARNOLD, Margaret -b.1858 Mulgrave, Victoria
ARNOLD, Walter Arthur -b.1860 Mulgrave, Victoria (m.Vic. Maria TULLOCH) @ Waverley Road, Glen Waverley, 1921, MARKET GARDENER
ARNOLD, Maria TULLOCH - @ Waverley Road, Glen Waverley, 1921, HOME DUTiES
ARNOLD, Leslie Ernest -b.1891 Oakleigh, Victoria
ARNOLD, Arthur Ernst -b.1892 Oakleigh, Victoria
ARNOLD, Ruby Kezia -b.1894 Oakleigh, Victoria - @ Waverley Road, Glen Waverley, 1921, MACHINIST
ARNOLD, Walter Russell -b.1897 Oakleigh, Victoria @ Waverley Road, Glen Waverley, 1921, GARDENER
ARNOLD, Myra Beatrice -b.1899 Oakleigh, Victoria
ARNOLD, Bertha Mary -b.1906 Oakleigh, Victoria
ARNOLD, Violet Alma -b.1907 Oakleigh, Victoria
ARNOLD, Margeret Kate - @ Waverley Road, Black Flat, 1921, HOME DUTiES

ARNOLD, 'Fritz' Friedrich Albin -b.1895 Hohndorf, GERMANY - NATURALISATION: 9 JAN 1939 Upwey, VIC. -[15 Sep 1938 - 12 Dec 1963] - CARPENTER - -d.1971 Upwey, Victoria @ 76 yrs

ARNOLD, Johannes Emmanuel David 'John/ Jonathan' -b.1868 Avoca, Goldfields, Victoria -son of Arthur Wellesley ARNOLD (1836–1911) & Martha Elisabeth MARSCHALL (1837–1914) - (m.Vic. Christiane KOCH) -d.1950 Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria
ARNOLD, Christiane 'Christina Cook' KOCH -b.1872 Daylesford, Vic.- daughter of Philipp KOCH (1842–1912) & Juliana 'Julia' MULLER (1852–1935) -d.1946 Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria @ 72 yrs
ARNOLD, Arthur Leslie 1894 Allendale, Creswick, Victoria -(m.Vic.1923 Lavinia Helen ROSCHOLLER) -d.7-10-1982 Frankston, Victoria
ARNOLD, Lavinia Helen ROSCHOLLER -b.11 Jab 1907 Boort Boort, Victoria -d.1999 Frankston, Vic
--ARNOLD, Leslie George -b.1923–1985
--ARNOLD, son 2
--ARNOLD, son 3
ARNOLD, John Georg -b.1896 Carisbrook, Victoria
ARNOLD, wife
ARNOLD, Florence May -b.1901 Allendale, Creswick, Vic.
ARNOLD, Christiane 'Christina'-b.1908 Maryborough, Victoria -(m.Vic.1949 Thomas Leo LYNCH (1906–1973)) --d.18 Feb 1976 Victoria

ARON, 'Maurice' Moritz -b.1843 Berlin, Germany son of Silesian-born Moses ARON (b.1818) & Silesian-born Dorothea FRIEDE (b.1820)- EMIGRATED: - Occupation: STOREKEEPER - - (m.Melbourne,Vic.13 April 1870 Minnie Miriam SIMEON (1850~1888) -PROPERTY: LAND at Upper Beaconsfield- or Upper Nar Nar Goon, in the PARISH OF GEMBROOK, being LOT 2 of Section C, comprising 20 Acres, finally dated 9th Dec 1879.- - BUSINESS: 1880 Bought out of partnership owning Wallach Brothers, an Elizabeth Street emporium selling pianos and furniture for £60,000 by Benjamin Fink - - widowed 1888 Sydney, New South Wales - (re-m.Paddington, London, 1900 Agnes GERECHTER) - -d.1918 Switzerland
ARON, Minnie Miriam SIMEON -b.1850 Melbourne, Port Phillip District (later Victoria), NSW - dghtr of James Simeon (1812–1874) & Eleanore Haidee Saunders (1826–1910) - -d.14 Dec 1888 Sydney, New South Wales
ARON, Eugene Felix -b.1871 Emerald Hill, South Melbourne, Vic. - (m.Vic.1913 Catherine Emma McCULLAGH) -d.19 July 1938 Caulfield, Victoria @ 68 yrs
ARON, Catherine Emma 'widow McCULLAGH' FLETCHER -b.abt 1861 -dghtr of Mr Fletcher & Martha Corney -d.1949 Ferntree Gully, Vic. @ 88 yrs
ARON, Violette Marion -b.1873 Melbourne, Victoria -d.1938
ARON, Leonard James Simeon -b.5 Dec 1875 Melbourne, Victoria -(m.1.The Strand, London 20 May 1899 Elizabeth MALCOLM) - (m.2. Victoria Ellen NEWMAN ) - (m.3. Beatrice Mary Rainforth (1886–1966)- -d.1945 Australia
ARON, Elizabeth MALCOLM (wife 1) -b.1871 ? –
ARON, Victoria Ellen NEWMAN (wife 2) -b.1884 ? –
ARON, Beatrice Mary RAINFORTH (wife 3) -b.19 May 1886 Hull, England -d.28 Apr 1966 Epsom, Surrey, England
--ARON, John Leonard -b.1912 London, England -d.1962
--ARON, Maurice Frederick -b.29 Aug 1914 London, England -d.15 Oct 2000 Torquay, Devon
ARON, Eustace Mars Annandale -b.2 Nov 1885 Glebe, Sydney, NSW - WORLD WAR ONE SOLDIER- d.13 Nov 1916 Somme, Picardie, France
ARON, Agnes GERECHTER -b.1865 Germany widowd 1918 - (re-m.London 1920 Maurice MOSELY (b.1857–?) -d.1940 ?
ARON, Wellesley Pinchas -b.18 Jun 1901 London, England --(m.Tel Aviv, Palestina (later Israel) 21 Mar 1927 Rose HOFFMANN (1903–1977))- -d.7 Jun 1988 Neve Shalom, Israel
ARON, Rose HOFFMANN -b.1903 ? -d.1977 Neve Shalom, Israel

ARONOWICZ, Abram David -b.23 June 1905 Lodz, Poland : Nationality - Polish: Date of Birth - 23 June 1905: Date of Arrival - 14 February 1939: Arrived per MALOJA: Certificate Number - 11: Date of Issue - 19 September 1939: First registered at Croydon [Contains 1 black and white photograph] 1946 - 1946 GARDENER @ Alto Avenue, Croydon
ARONOWICZ, Chaine -b.24 November 1911 Elberfeld, Germany (before WW2 German- after WW2 Poland) : Nationality - Polish: Date of Birth - 24 November 1911: Date of Arrival - 14 February 1939: Arrived per MALOJA: Certificate Number - 12: Date of Issue - 19 September 1939: First registered at Croydon [Contains 1 black and white photograph]- @ Alto Avenue, Croydon

ARRIGO, Francesco -b.1900 - d.1982 -BURIED: Bunyip Cemetery - hus of Vitoriaf. Francesco m. Pasqua 82 26.2.1982 1 2 RC
ARRIGO, Vittoria -b.1904 - d.1990 - BURIED: Bunyip Cemetery - wife of Francesco 86 9.3.1990 1 2 RC

ARTSO, Emily Martha -b.1882 Woodford, Warrnambool -daughter of Guangzhou, Shunde, Guangdong Chinese-born 'William' ARTSO & Martha HAMMOND of Woodford, Warrnambool- Monbulk North, Nurse d.1975 Geelong @ 90yrs

* * *

ASLANGUL, Nena Gladys -b. 17 April 1896 Maisons-Laffitte commune, Yvelines department, Île-de-France, north-central France : Nationality - French: Date of Birth - 17 April 1896: Date of Arrival - 31 December 1940: Arrived per AIR SHIP VEYVA: Certificate Number 37: Date of Issue - 2 January 1941: First Registered at Frankston, Vic. [Contains one black and white photograph], 1941 @ "Yamala" Oliver's Hill, Frankston, Vic
ASLANGUL, Billy Anthony George -b.21 June 1923 Maisons-Laffitte commune, Yvelines department, Île-de-France, north-central France : Nationality - French: Date of Birth - 21 June 1923: Date of Arrival - 5 October 1940: Arrived per STRATHMORE: Certificate Number 35: Date of Issue - 27 October 1940: First Registered at Frankston [Contains one black and white photograph], RES: 1942 @ "Yamala" Oliver's Hill, Frankston, Vic

* * *

ASMUS, Wilhelm / WIlliam - @ Cave Hill, Lilydale, 1909, LABOURER + 1912 + 1913

* * *

ASMUSSEN, Christian Augustus -b.abt 1827 Schleswig, Denmark - later after the Prusso-Danish wars of 1848 & 1861 in North Deutschland - Publican at Brighton -d.1890 Carlton North, Vic. @ 63 yrs
ASMUSSEN, Sarah ANDREWS -b.abt 1836 - daughter of James Andrews & Eliza Bird -d.1900 Albert Park, Vic. @ 64 yrs
ASMUSSEN, Margaret Alice -b.1862 Gardiners Creek, Vic. -d.1845 East Melbourne @ 82 yrs
ASMUSSEN, Elisabeth Violet -b.1864 Melbourne
ASMUSSEN, Lilly Ann -b.1866 Brighton, Melbourne
ASMUSSEN, Ernst James Augustus -b.1868 -d.1886 Carlton North, Victoria @ 18 yrs
ASMUSSEN, Alfred Joseph -b.1870 - -d.1940 Moonee Ponds, Vic. @ 70 yrs
ASMUSSEN, Blanche Mary WALKER -b.abt 1872 - son of James Walker & Margaret Adamson -d.1956 Brighton, Vic. @ 84 yrs
ASMUSSEN, Lilian May -b.1875 Fitzroy, Melbourne -d.1877 Vic.

* * *

ASMUSSEN, Carl Christian -Kioge, Denmark>1852 -(Watchmaker. Jeweller -50 Queen St Melb.)

ASMUSSEN, Asmus -b.1844 Sonderburg, Schleswig, Denmark - later after the Prusso-Danish wars of 1848 & 1861 in North Deutschland - son of Ludwig Peter Asmussen & Anna Maria Montineyer - (m.1886 Caroline Luise MALTZAHN] -Campbellfield) -d.20 Sept 1922 Sale, Gippsland, Victoria
ASMUSSEN, Caroline Luise MALTZAHN -b.1860 Wollert, Epping, Darebin Creek Valley, Victoria, -daughter of Christian Maltzahn [m.1886] -d.31 March 1938 Heyfield, Gippsland, Victoria
ASMUSSEN, Marie Caroline Emma -- Epping 1886 – 1890 Berwick
ASMUSSEN, Carolina Emma -1889 Berwick
ASMUSSEN, Ernst Asmsu Christian -1890 Lara – 1892 d. Lara
ASMUSSEN, Emma Margaretha -1892 Drouin
ASMUSSEN, Alice Sophie -1895 Drouin
ASMUSSEN, Louise Alvina -1898 Drouin
ASMUSSEN, Peter Emmanuel -1900 Drouin
ASMUSSEN, Ellen Caroline -1903 Warragul, VIC

ATKINSON, Robert Henry (Blondina Claudina DUBBERKE m.1899) - Brunswick
ATKINSON, Blondina Claudina DUBBERKE
ATKINSON, Mary Elisabeth Jane - Carlton 1900
ATKINSON, Violetta Topsy Bessie - Yarram 1903

ATTWELL, John Thomas -b. 13 Nov 1884 Fulham, London, England, Great Britain - son of London-born John Frederick ATTWELL (1850 – 1931) & Sarah Ann GROVES (1853 – 1926) - d. 8 May 1943 Heidelberg-on Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria,
ATTWELL, Violet Vervena May OTTO -b.1888 Port Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria - daughter of Koenigsburg, East Prussia-born Hans Detlef OTTO (1843 – 1909) & Koenigsburg, East Prussia-born Karolina 'Caroline JELONNEK (1850 – 1922) - d.26 May 1972 Drouin, West Gippsland, Victoria,
ATTWELL, Caroline Dorothy 1911 Brunswick East, Melbourne, – 1991 West Gippsland Hospital, Warragul,
ATTWELL, Arthur Leslie Harold -b. 1913 Brunswick East, Melbourne, Victoria – 1978 Mitcham, Nunawading District, Vic.
ATTWELL, Annie Mavis JOHNS 1919 Warragul, West Gippsland, - daughter of Leslie William JOHNs (1889 – 1966) & Elsie TURNER (1889 – 1967) – d. 4 April 2000 in Mitcham, Melbourne
ATTWELL, Stanley Lewis -b.1915 Fairfield-on Yarra, Melbourne, Vic. – 1958 Murray Bridge, SA
ATTWELL, Hazel Ida -b.1918 Warragul, West Gippsland, Victoria– 1988
ATTWELL, Ivy -b.abt 1920 Warragul, West Gippsland, Victoria
ATTWELL, Mavis Jean -b.abt 1922 Warragul, West Gippsland, Victoria
ATTWELL, Francis Walter Mervyn -b.1924 Warragul, West Gippsland, Victoria– 1925
ATTWELL, Ronald Reginald -b.1926 Warragul, West Gippsland, Victoria– 1926
ATTWELL, Muriel -b. abt 1928 Warragul, West Gippsland, Victoria

AUDAS, Percival Charles – b.1867 Buninyong, Vic. – son of Gosberton, Lincolnshire-born Joseph William AUDAS (1831 – 1892) & Tipperary, Irish-born Ellen/ Helena Amelia RYAN (1833 – 1922) – (m.Vic.1897 Winifred Louise VON DER LUFT ) LAND: @ Gembrook – d.1960 in Gembrook
AUDAS, Winifred Louise VON DER LUFT -b.1878 Heathcote, McIvor Goldfields, vic – daughter of Skepparslöv, Skåne, Swedish-born Wilhelm Johann VON DER LUFT (1826 – 1891) & Matilda Lucretia LANG (1849 – 1931) - at least three AUDAS children - d. 3 Jan 1936, Natal, South Africa
AUDAS, Thelma Winifred Jean –b.1897 Heathcote, McIvor Goldfields
AUDAS, Jack Vivian –b. 17 Dec 1899 in Bendigo, - d.1952 South Africa
AUDAS, Cecil Francis Clarendon b.1902 Armadale, Prahran

* * *

AUER, August Johann- b.abt 1823 Wuste Waltersdorf, (RES. Steinseiffersdorf), Kreis Reichenbach, SILESIA -(Schumacher / Shoemaker ) (m. Caroline HEYDECKE) - Arr. Hobart, Jun 1855“Lewe van Nyenstein“ via Liegnitz, SILESIA - VDL Farmer - Surrey Hills - land in LL Rd (Boronia Road, KNOX / Scoresby Nth -d.1904 Surrey Hills, Little Nunawading, Vic @ 81 yrs
AUER, Caroline HEYERDECKE –b.abt 1827 Wuste Waltersdorf , res, Steinseiffersdorf , Kreis Reichenbach, SILESIA - daughter of Gottlieb Heyderdecke & Johanna Heyden -d.1861 Surrey Hills, Little Nunawading, Vic @ 34 yrs
AUER, Ida Henriette –b. Steinseiffersdorf, via Liegnitz, SILESIA Arr. Hobart Jun 1855 “Lewe van Nyenstein“ Surrey Hills> (Ernst Traugott ZEISING) Scrsby Nth/ Boronia
AUER, Hermann Heinrich b.1858 Little Nunawading (Surrey Hills) Scoresby Nth -d.1887 Hawthorn, Boroondara, Victoria @ 35 yrs
AUER, Auguste - Surrey Hills 1858 (George BRADY)
AUER, Clara Surrey Hills / Richmond (Karl BOTSMANN)
AUER, Bertha -b.abt 1857 -d.1877 Victoria

* * *

AUER, 'Rudi' Rudolph -b.8 December 1913 Salzburg Germany / AUSTRIA - son of Rudolf Auer & Maria Gutschier - EMIGRATED to Palestina- RES. @ Haifa, Mt Carmel, Paelstina 1939 - -[m.Lily - EMIGRATED: Austrian - Arrived Sydney per Queen Elizabeth 15 August 1941 - Tatura - Bayswater -d.28/06/1976 @ 62 yrs -BURIED: 28/06/1976 Cheltenham Old Cemetery ; 30*CE4*N.
AUHR, Lilly -b.16 June 1905 Germany EMIGRATED: Austrian - Arrived Sydney per Queen Elizabeth 15 August 1941 - -d.7/01/1997 @ age 91 - - BURIED: 9/01/1997 Cheltenham Old Cemetery; 30*CE4*N.
AUER, Peter -b.8 March 1940 Germany; - Bayswater
AUER, Liselotte -b.9 August 1943 Germany - Bayswater

AUER, Emil -b. 29 Sep 1922 Klosterneuburg, Austraia- -EMIGRATED: Austrian - Arrived Sydney per Queen Elizabeth 15 August 1941

* * *

AUGUSTIN, Pierre Heinrich Ludwig 'Peter' -b.15 Marz 1865 Ludweiller, Bavarian Rhineland, Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz), Germany - son of Peter Augustin (1808–1874) & Elisabetha Laval (1834–1885) Baptism:25 Mar 1865 Evangelisch, Ludweiler, Rheinland, Prussia -EMIGRATED: on ships Crew of the vessell 'George T Hay" - deserted at age 33 at Port Melbourne on 29 Jun 1898. - -(m.Korumburra, Gippsland, Vic.13 Dec 1900 Sarah Ann 'Widow CAIN' BRADLEY) -d.10 Feb 1931 New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
AUGUSTIN, Sarah Ann 'widow CAIN' BRADLEY -b.1872 Sandridge, Port Melbourne, Victoria - daughter of Irish-born Samuel Bradley (1847–1904 of Poowong, Gippsland & Irish-born Margaret Henderson (1852–1924) of Warragul, Gippsland -d.15 Sept 1949 Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
AUGUSTIN, Christina -b.1901 Leongatha, Gippsland, Victoria -d.6-7-1953 Ruatangata, Whangarei, New Zealand
AUGUSTIN, Elisabeth -b. 1903 Drouin, Gippsland, Victoria -d. 1-11-1967 Auckland, New Zealand
AUGUSTIN, Edith May -b.1905 New Zealand
AUGUSTIN, 'Louis' Ludwig Karl -b.16-6-1907 Mananui Waikato, NZ -(m.NZ.Elizabeth Reid SIMPSON) -d.7 Dec 2003 New Zealand
AUGUSTIN, Elizabeth Reid SIMPSON -b.1909 –d.1993
AUGUSTIN, Margaret Daisy -b.July 1909 Taumarunui, Auckland, NZ -d.13 Oct 1977 Auckland, NZ
AUGUSTIN, Ernest James -b.6 Apr 1912 Onehunga, Auckland, NZ --(m.NZ.1958 Mollie Ida KNOX) -d.23 Jun 1982 Auckland, NZ
AUGUSTIN, Mollie Ida KNOX -b.1923 –d.2002

* * *

AUGUSTIN, Martin John -b.abt 1929 - son of Martin John Augustin & Bertha Mueller -d.1974 Woor, Victoria @ 45 yrs

* * *

AUGUSTINE, 'Vincent'(aka) Vincenzo AUGUSTINI -b.abt 1833 -son of Lorenzo 'Lawrence' Augustini & Nunciata Antane - d.1903 Woods Point, Victoria @ 70 yrs
AUGUSTINE, Laurence 'Lorenzo AUGUSTINI' -b.1870 Woods Point, Victoria -d.1941 Ballarat, Victoria
AUGUSTINE, Honoria AUGUSTINI -b. 1872 Woods Point, Victoria
AUGUSTINE, Vincent AUGUSTINI -b.1875 Woods Point, Victoria -d.1876 Woods Point, Victoria
AUGUSTINE, Louis AUGUSTINI -b.1877 Woods Point, Victoria -d.1877 Woods Point, Victoria

* * *

AUGUSTINE, Andrew Louis -b.1878 Richmond, Vic.-son of Samos, Greek-born Georgios Augustinos aka 'George Augustine' & Jane Elisabeth Rainsford - @ 'GWANDALAN', Field Avenue, Edithvale, 1921 STOREMAN -d.1959 Chelsea, Victoria @ 86 yrs
AUGUSTINE, Florence Agnes THOMAS -b.abt 1888 - daughter of John Evan Thomas & Jean Fairley Procter @ 'GWANDALAN', Field Avenue, Edithvale, 1921 HOME DUTIES - -d.1962 Edithvale, Victoria @ 74 yrs

* * *

AUGUSTINUS, Johan Pieter -b.10 Feb 1832 Odense, Odense City, Isle of Funen, Syddanmark, Denmark -son of Andreas Christian Augustinus (1798–1866) & Martine Bolette Jorgensen (1800–1860) - EMIGRATED: -(m.Smythesdale,Vic.6 Nov 1864 Jane FULLWOOD) -d.1896 Ascot Vale, West of Melbourne, Victoria
AUGUSTINUS, Jane FULLWOOD -b.27 Dec 1842 Saint Thomas, Dudley, Worcester, England -d.6 Mar 1918 Ascot Vale, West of Melbourne, Victoria
AUGUSTINUS, Johan Peter -b.1865 Happy Valley, Ballaarat Goldfields, Vic. (m.Vic.1895 Matilda Eliza YOUNG)- -d.Oct 1924 Prahran, Vic
AUGUSTINUS, Matilda Eliza YOUNG -b.
-AUGUSTINUS, Andrious Christian -b.1867 Sebastapol, Ballaarat Goldfields, Vic. -(m.Vic. Maria WALKER) - -RES.1919 Dandenong, Flinders, Victoria -d.1928 Melbourne East -
AUGUSTINUS, Maria WALKER -b.1867 Melbourne, Victoria -d.3 MAY 1940 Melbourne, Victoria
--AUGUSTINUS, Andrious Christian the younger -b.1892 Hotham West, Victoria -(m.Vic.Hilda Josephine DUFFY) - - RES.1921 @ Catherine Avenue, Chelsea, 1921 PAPER RULER -d.1945 Elsternwick, Victoria @ 53 yrs - BURIED: 30/01/1945 Cheltenham Cemetery; 3*191*N.
--AUGUSTINUS, Hilda Josephine DUFFY -b.abt 1895- @ Catherine Avenue, Chelsea, 1921 HOME DUTIES -d.1967 Victoria @ 72 yrs
--AUGUSTINUS, Olive Rose -b.1893 Ascot Vale, Vic. -d.1982 Rosebud, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
--AUGUSTINUS, Jennie Hazel -b.1896 Richmond, Vic. -d.1980 Caulfield,Dandenong Roads, Victoria
--AUGUSTINUS, John Henry -b.1899 Hotham West, Vic. -d.1948 Parkville, Melb.
--AUGUSTINUS, Alice Winifred BLAIR -b.abt 1896 -dghtr of John & Annie Blair -d.1982 Keysborough, Dandenong @ 86 yrs -BURIED: 28 May 1982 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Cremated.
--AUGUSTINUS, Leslie James -b.1901 Hotham West, Nth Melb. -d.14 April 1986
--AUGUSTINUS, Ruby Doris -b.1904 Ascot Vale, Vic.
--AUGUSTINUS, Vivian Lilian -b.1907 Hotham West. Nth Melb. - -d.1981 Kew, Boroondara
--AUGUSTINUS, Roy Leonard -b.1911 Hotham West - (Mollie Dobson ) -d.1949 Sunbury, Victoria
--AUGUSTINUS, Mollie Dobson -b. 21 October 1912 -d. 27 June 1998 - BURIED: 2 July 1998 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Dodonaea, Garden N3, Bed 3, Rose 01
AUGUSTINUS, Henrik Henry-b.1870 Blackwood, Victoria - (m.Vic.1895 Jane Isabella BOVEIRD) -d. 1949 West Brunswick, Vic.
AUGUSTINUS, Martina Boletti -b.1871 Blackwood, Vic. - -(m.Vic.1891 William LAUDALE) --d.1930 Footscray, Vic.,
AUGUSTINUS, Janette -b.1873 Blackwood, Vic -d.1873 Blackwood, Vic
AUGUSTINUS, Luise 'Louisa' -b.1876 Blackwood, Vic -(m.Vic.1907 George CHANDLER) -d.1956 Sunbury, Vic.
AUGUSTINUS, Jane Johanna -b.1876 Blackwood, Vic. - (m.Vic.1896 James SINCLAIR (1875–1950))- -d.28 April 1950 Kingswood, South Australia
AUGUSTINUS, Helena -b.1878 Blackwood, Vic. -(m.Vic.1899 Ernest Albert YOUNG) -d.

* * *

AUHL, Christoph Joachim Carl (1831-1881)-b.4 August 1815 Detershagen, Ritteramt Bukow, Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany - sohn of Friedrich Johann Christian AUHL (1773–1849) & Maria Sophia Margaretha PRÜTER-SEINER (1785–1845) - (m. Dora Dorathea Sophia LUEBBE (1831-1867)] MECKLENBURG -Barossa -d.12 March 1878 House Creek, Wodonga, Victoria
AUHL, Dora Dorathea Sophia LUEBBE -b. 1831-Gehlsdorf, Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany -d. 30 Mar 1867 Violet Villa, Janefield, Plenty Valley, Yarra Valley, Victoria

AUHL, Ernst Georg Johann -[Pauline Anna LANGE m. 1876 Vic.]-1858 Lyndoch SA - Epping - Wodonga
AUHL, Pauline Anna LANGE m. 1876 Vic.]-
AUHL, Agnes Ada 1877 Wodonga
AUHL, Francesca 1882 Wodonga
AUHL, Albertina 1886 Wodonga
AUHL, Ida Hannah [ William GOODE m. 1877 Vic] 185? ADELAIDE - Epping -

AUHL, Ernst [ Margaret CURRAN m.1878] 185? ADELAIDE> Epping - Mt Moriac, Geelong
AUHL, Margaret CURRAN m.1878
AUHL, Marie Agnes 1883 Epping – 1884 Yan Yean
AUHL, Wilhelm Ernest 1885 Mt Moriac, Geelong
AUHL, Ruby Ellen 1887 Mt Moriac, Geelong
AUHL, Robert Johann 1888 Mt Moriac, Geelong
AUHL, Emma Doretta [ Tom Thomas LEE m.1887 Vic.] 185? ADELAIDE -Epping -
AUHL, Anna 1860 Greenock, SA – 1862 Melbourne

AUHL, Robert Friedrich -b.2 Jun 1863 Pleasant Creek, Stawell Goldfields, Victoria. to Janefield / Plenty (m.Vic 1888 Sarah WILSON ) - Gembrook - -RES @ James Street, Dandenong, 1921, CONTRACTOR - -d.1 Oct 1923 Gembrook, The Dandenongs-Yarra Ranges, Vic.
AUHL, Sarah WILSON -b.1866 Kalkallo, Upper Merri Creek, Victoria - daughter of William WILSON (1845–1919) & Ellen HEFFERNAN (1842–1920) - (m.Vic.1888) -- -RES @ James Street, Dandenong, 1921, HOME DUTIES --d. -d. 4 Sept 1932 Dandenong, Victoria,

AUHL, Henrietta Ruby -b.1889 Euroa, Goulburn Valley, Vic -(m.Vic. Robert James Fowler HOLLAND) - -d.1972 Upwey, The Dandenongs, Sherbrooke Shire, Victoria

AUHL, Bertha May -b.1890 Karramomus, Goulburn Valley, Vic. -d.1894 Euroa, Goulburn Valley

AUHL, Alice Emily -b.1891 Karramomus, Goulburn Valley - -d.1894 Euroa, Goulburn Valley

AUHL, Robert Ernst -b.1893 -b.1894 Euroa, Goulburn Valley

AUHL, Fredrick George -b.2 Feb 1895 Karramomus, Goulburn Valley - (m.Euroa,Vic.1920 Doris Ellen THEWLIS) - -d.1953 Upper Pakenham, West Gippsland, Vic. -BURIED: 5 November 1953 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Melaleuca, Garden M6, Bed 3, Rose 21 Cremated.
AUHL, Doris Ellen THEWLIS -b.1899 Euroa, Victoria - daughter of James THEWLIS (1852–1921) & Susanna YOUNG (1860–1950)- -d.9 February 1978 Dandenong, Victoria @ 79 yrs - BURIED: 13 February 1978 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Melaleuca, Garden M6, Bed 3, Rose 21 Uniting Church, Cremated.
--AUHL, Lesley Shirley -b.27 July 1922 Dandenong, Victoria - -d.7 April 2005 Broadmeadows, Victoria
--AUHL, Colin Edward -b. -d.1930 Pakenham, Victoria
--AUHL, Robert Alan William -b.abt 1928 -d.19 June 1990 @ 61 yrs - BURIED: 22 June 1990 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Cremated

AUHL, Albert Henry -b.Jun 1896 Kialla West, nr Shepparton, Goulburn Valley - -(m.Vic. Sarah Wilhelmina Latimer DOWNIE) - -d.1968 Heidelberg, Victoria
AUHL, Sarah Wilhelmina Latimer DOWNIE -b.1891 Traralgon, Gippsland, Victoria - -d.1969 Fitzroy, Victoria

AUHL, Arthur Edgar Edward -b.1898 Karramomus, Kialla West, Goulburn Valley -d.1898 Kialla West, Goulburn Valley

AUHL, William Edward -b.1900 Kialla, Goulburn Valley, Victoria -(m.Vic.Ethel May REES) -- RES 1980 Legg Road, Emerald, Vic. -d.23/11/1987 Emerald, Vic.- BURIED : 26/11/1987 Ferntree Gully Cemetery, Vic.
AUHL, Ethel May REES -b. 1894 Williamstown, Victoria - dghter of John David REES & Agnes Mary FITCHER -d.1975 Emerald, The Dandenongs

AUHL, Leonard Friedrich -b.abt 1902 - - -d.21 APR 1919 Dandenong, Victoria - BURIED: 21 April 1919 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Buried.

AUHL, Carl Bertram 'Charles' -b.1905 Beaconsfield, West Gippsland, Victoria -d. - BURIED: 9 December 1987 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; A F Alway Lawn, Row AG, Grave 47 Buried.
AUHL, Ethel May HARRIS -b.1903 Vic -d.10 September 1969 Victoria - BURIED: 12 September 1969 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; A F Alway Lawn, Row AG, Grave 47 Buried.

AUHL, Percy Augustus -b.26 May 1906 Gembrook, Yarra Valley -West Gippsland- - -d.24 April 1994 @ 87 yrs - BURIED: 28 April 1994 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Cremated

AUHL, Bertha Marie -b.1865 Janefield / Plenty –1867

AUHL, Christoff (1831-1881) (Fanny GARRETY m.1867 m) MECKLENBURG> ADELAIDE - Janefield / Plenty
AUHL, Frances 'Fanny' GERAGHTY-b.abt 1840 (m.Vic.1867 ) - -d.1927 Preston, North of Melbourne, Victoria

AUHL, Heinrich 'Henry' -b.1868 Janefield, Plenty Valley, Epping, North of Melbourne Epping - Wodonga -(m.Vic. Annie Louisa BARKER)
AUHL, Ottilie PFEIFFER -b. -(m.1877 )
AUHL, Mathilde Maria Emilie 1885 Wodonga
AUHL, Annie Louisa BARKER -b.1869 Yambuk, Victoria, daughter of Peter BARKER & Phoebe OAKLEY - -d.1939 Preston, North of Melbourne, Victoria
--AUHL, Leslie Louis-b.30 January 1904 Northcote, Melbourne --d.23 July 1980 Kew, Boroondara @ 76 yrs - BURIED: 25 July 1980 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Cremated, Church of Eng.
--AUHL, Roy Ernst -b.1905 Northcote, Victoria --(m.Vic. Hilda Doris Mary SMITH) - - RES @ No 7 Victoria Parade, Wangaratta 1937 MAIL CONTRACTOR;- RES.@ Buln Buln East, West Gippsland 1954 CARPENTER - -d.10 January 1988 Doncaster, Vic - BURIED: 12 January 1988 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Garden of No Distant Place, January, Date 8 Cremated.
--AUHL, Hilda Doris Mary SMITH- b.1 December 1913 Echuca, Vic. -- RES @ No 7 Victoria Parade, Wangaratta 1937 HOME DUTIES; - RES.@ Buln Buln East, West Gippsland 1954 H/D - -d.5 February 2003 Doncaster, Vic. @ 89 yrs - BURIED: 10 February 2003 Springvale Botanical Cemetery; Cremated.
--AUHL, Thelma Alice May -b.1907 Preston, Victoria - -d.12 April 1908 Preston, North of Melbourne
--AUHL, Melanda Annie -b.1910 Preston, North of Melbourne - -d.17 Aug 1993 Greensborough, Plenty Valley, Vic.

AUHL, Emilie Amilia 'Emily' -b.1870 Janefield, Plenty Valley - -d.12 March 1902 Vic.

AUHL, Johann 'John; -b.1872 Janefield, Plenty Valley - -d.1959 Camberwell, Boroondara

AUHL, Margarette Mary -b.1877 Epping, Darebin Creek, Vic. - -d.1896 Preston, North of Melbourne

AUHL, Wilhelm 'William' -b.1879 Epping, North of Melbourne - -d.1958 Preston, North of Melbourne

AUHL, Catherine Agnes -b.1880 Epping, North of Melbourne -(m.Vic. Frederick John EDWARDS) -d.1958 Perth, Western Australia

* * *

AUHL, Esther @ Mornington, 1903 HOME DUTIES
AUHL, Elisabeth - @ Mornington, 1903 HOME DUTIES -(m.Vic.1907 Alfred Alexander BROWN) - -

* * *

AULICH, ‘Charles Ernest’ Carl Ernst –b.29 Sep 1917 Beaconsfield, (or Queenstown), Tasmania, - son of Carl Ernst AULICH (1880 –1944) & Ethel May GRIFFITHS (1890-1961) –(m.Vic.1948 Margaret Emma POOK) - Residence 1946 -1970s Woods Point, Yarra Goldfields, MINER –with Margaret Emma Aulich d.26 Jul 1989 Nunawading, Vic- Buried: 1989 Andersons Creek Cemetery, Warrandyte,
AULICH, Margaret Emma POOK – b. 25 May 1918 Carlton, Mebourne- daughter of Henry Cuthbert POOK (1879 –1955) & Robina Mary Hackett PATERSON (1888 –1965) – Residence 1946 -1970s Woods Point, Yarra Goldfields, d. 7 April 2010 Nunawading, Victoria, - Buried: 2010 Andersons Creek Cemetery, Warrandyte,
AULICH, Anthony -b. Warburton, Vic.
AULICH, Richard -b. Warburton, Vic.
AULICH, David -b. Warburton, Vic.
AULICH, Gabrielle -b. Warburton, Vic.
AULICH, Dolores -b. Warburton, Vic.
AULICH, Robyn -b. Warburton, Vic.

AUMANN, Carl Samuel (1808-1882) [Johanné Eleanoré SOMMER (1807-1850)] Arr: "Australia" 1853 , Kreis Jauer, SILESIA
AUMANN, [Johanné Eleanoré SOMMER (1807-1850)]

AUMANN, Johanné Caroliné (1834-1921) [Carl Heinrich (Henry) FINGER m.1854] Kohlhohe, SILESIA - Boroondara, Vic. - Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Carl August (1835-1909)-[Johanne Eleonore HANKE m.1861]Kohlhohe,SIL. Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Johanne Eleonore HANKE m.1861
AUMANN, Carl (Charles) August -b.1862 Doncaster, Vic. -[m.Vic.1885 Anna Elisabeth SCHUHKRAFT] - PROPERTY: LAND on a part subdivided from the 640 Acres for their experimental species introductions at Gembrook held by the Victorian Acclimatisation Society in the Gembrook Creek Valley @ Gembrook, being LOT 8 of Section, A in the PARISH OF GEMBROOK, comprising 17 Acres & 35 Perches, finally dated 25th June 1907.
AUMANN, Anna Elisabeth SCHUHKRAFT -b. - (m.Vic.1885) -d.
AUMANN, Charles Friedrich -b.6 May 1886 Templestowe, Vic. - -PROPERTY: LAND on a part subdivided from the 640 Acres for their experimental species introductions at Gembrook held by the Victorian Acclimatisation Society in the Gembrook Creek Valley @ Gembrook, in the PARISH OF GEMBROOK, being LOT 4 of Section, A comprising 16 Acres I Roods 2 Perches, finally dated 12th March 1901' and also adjoining LOT 7 of Section, A comprising 22 Acres & 7 Perches, finally dated 14th Novemebr 1905. WORLD WAR ONE SOLDIER - -d.1 Aug 1916 Pozicrez, France, WW1
AUMANN, Anna Elisabeth 1887 Doncaster, Vic. 1889 Templestowe
AUMANN, Agnes Emily -b. 1889 Doncaster, Vic. –[August Martin WASHUSEN m. 1916 ] 1980 Heathmont, Vic.
AUMANN, Edith Theresa 1890 Templestowe, Vic.
AUMANN, Alice Mabel -b.1892 Doncaster -[Geoffrey Gottlieb UEBERGANG 1919]
AUMANN, Arthur Albert 1894 Templestowe, Vic.
AUMANN, Wlhlmne/ Minnie Louise -b.1896 Templestow, Vic. [m.191? Harold (Harry) SMITH ] - 1987 Mt Eliza, Vic,
AUMANN, Bertha Maria 1899 Templestowe, Vic.
AUMANN, Ethel Elisabeth 1900 Templestowe, Vic.
AUMANN, Anna Amelia -b.1864 Doncaster, Vic. [Heinrich (Henry) FANKHAUSER Balwyn)]
AUMANN, Johanne Emelie-b.1866 Waldau, Doncaster, Vic. -[m.Vic.1888 Berthold Leopold BRUCHE ]
AUMANN, Carolina Ida -1868-1889 Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, August Adolph -1870 Doncaster, Vic. -[Theresié Marié SCHUHKRAFT m,1895] TEMPLESTOWE, Vic.
AUMANN, Theresié Marié SCHUHKRAFT m,1895

AUMANN, Herbert August 1896-1897 Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Edward Adolph - 1897 Doncaster, Vic. -[Dorothéa Hildé RIESCHIECK] Junction Road, Nunwading, Vic.
AUMANN, Caroline ARR. 1854 “San Francisci” Dittersdorf, SILESIA
-AUMANN, Betty Dorothea [Noel Mueller b.1923 Toowoomba, QLD]1923 Box Hill,/Doncaster, Vic.
-AUMANN, Edward James [Merle Lola DEAN b.1924 Bairnsdale] 1924 Box Hill, Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Merle Lola DEAN b.1924 Bairnsdale, Vic.
AUMANN, Geoffrey Adolph [Betty Jean Williamson b.1930 Box Hill] 1927 Box Hill/ Doncaster, Vic. AUMANN, Betty Jean Williamson b.1930 Box Hill, Vic.
AUMANN, Douglas Walter [Gwendoline TOOGOOD ] 1930 Box Hill/ Doncaster
AUMANN, Harold Martin [Diane DENT b.1942 Bristol, ENG] 1933 Box Hill/ Doncaster, Vic. AUMANN, Diane DENT b.1942 Bristol, ENG
--AUMANN, Elsie Irene [John Phillip LOVELL] 1945 Box Hill/ Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Albert Eric 1899 Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Ada Marie 1901 Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Maria Eliza [Carl Friedrich ZERBE m.1893] 1874 Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Emma Louise -[Hermann Heinrich (Henry) PUMP m.1898] 1876-1965 Doncaster, Vic.
--See PUMP

AUMANN, Martha Elisabeth 1878 Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Ernst August (1838-1912)-Seckerwitz, SIL. [Ernestiné Caroline HANKE m.1867 Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Ernestiné Caroline HANKE

AUMANN, August Heinrich (Henry) -1868 Waldau, Doncaster, Vic. [Augusté Emma ZERBE m.1893] @ Warrandyte, Vic. 1912, ORCHARDIST
AUMANN, ‘Emma’ Augusté Emma ZERBE m.1893] -@ Warrandyte, Vic. 1912, HOME DUTIES
-AUMANN, Alfreda Emma 1899 Andersons Creek, Vic.
-AUMANN, Martha Eleanoré- 1900 Andersons Ck/ Warrandyte, Vic. [Victor Heinrich RIESCHIECK m.1924
-AUMANN, Oswald Heinrich 1902 Andersons Creek, Vic.
-AUMANN, Vera Caroline 1905 Andersons Creek, Vic.
-AUMANN, Victor Robert 1906 Andersons Creek, Vic.
-AUMANN, Roy August 1910 Andersons Creek, Vic.
-AUMANN, Albert Ernst 1912 Andersons Creek, Vic.
-AUMANN, Andersons Creek, Vic.

AUMANN, Carl Augustus 1870 Waldau, Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Friedrich Wilhelm 1871 Waldau, Doncaster, Vic. - [Maria Catheriné PUMP 1901] @ Warrandyte, Vic. 1912, ORCHARDIST
AUMANN, Maria Catheriné PUMP 1901 -@ Warrandyte, Vic. 1912, HOME DUTIES
--See PUMP
--AUMANN, Doncaster, Vic.
--AUMANN, Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Ernest August 1873 Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Johanné Caroliné [ Johann Friedrich PUMP 1900 ] 1875 Doncaster, Vic. – 1934 Bayswater, Vic.
--See PUMP

AUMANN, Gustav Adolph [ Anna Maria Agnes BLOBEL ] 1877 Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Anna Maria Agnes BLOBELL
--AUMANN, Ernst August 1916 Box Hill, Vic./Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Paul Reinhold [ Christiane Annie PUMP ] 1879 Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Christiane Annie PUMP
--See PUMP
--AUMANN, George Paul 1915 Box Hill/ Doncaster, Vic.
--AUMANN, Robert 1918 Box Hill/ Doncaster, Vic.
-AUMANN, Alick 1920 Box Hill/ Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Robert Hermann -1881 Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Ada Emilié -1883 Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Johann Otto Albert A -1885 Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Ernst Ferdinand -1887 Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Johanné Christiané (1842-1922) [Reinhold DEHNERT m.1862] Profen, SILESIA- Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Heinrich Wilhelm (1843-1907)--Johanné Eleanoré BAUM m.1872 Germtown, Geelong, Vic.] 1845 Profen, SILESIA> Doncaster, Vic. - Murtoa, Vic.-1907 Horsham, Vic.
AUMANN, Johanne Eleanore BAUM
--See BAUM

AUMANN, Heinrich Wilhelm [ Ida BREUER] 1872 Murtoa, Vic. -son of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Heinrich (Henry) 1873 Glenorchy - Murtoa, Vic. -son of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Pauliné Ernestina (Thomas Alfred SCHACHE) 1874 Glenorchy, Vic. - Murtoa, Vic. -dghtr of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Carl Samuel 1875 Murtoa -son of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-
[ E. JOHNSON]@ Modella, Koo Wee Rup, Vic. 1909 FARMER
AUMANN, Elizabeth Henrietta JOHNSON @ Modella, Koo Wee up, Vic. 1909 HOME DUTIES

AUMANN, H/Anna/h Marie -1876 Murtoa -dghtr of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Emma Caroline [August JAEGER] 1878 Murtoa, Vic. -dghtr of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Wilhelminé/Minna Luise [ H. ZERBE Doncaster] 1879 Murtoa, Vic. -dghtr of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Ernst August [Leonore STARKE ] 1880 Murtoa, Vic. -son of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Marié Marthé [Ernst Johann HANKE] Murtoa - Doncaster, Vic. -dghtr of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Eda/Ida Bertha [ C. HEINTZE ] 1883 Murtoa, Vic. -dghtr of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Paul Hermann [ A McMILLAN] 1885 Murtoa, Vic. -son of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Frederick Benjamin -b.19 August 1885 Murtoa, East of Horsham, The Wimmera - -son of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)- -(m. Port Fairy, Vic.17 Feb 1920 Marguerette Gertrude PETTINGIL) -RESIDENCE 1931 @ Narre Warren, Berwick, Victoria, - ORCHARDIST - with Margarette Gertrude AUMANN, H/D ; - LANDOWNER of PROPERTY at Narre Warren in the PARISH OF BERWICK, being LOTS 10A of about 40 Acres & 10B of about 40 Acres, subidived from D. Crowley's original LOT 10 of a square mile west of Gottlob Wanke, making 80 Acres finally dated 27th October 1938. - RESIDENCE 1942 @ Narre Warren, Berwick, Victoria, - ORCHARDIST - with Margarette Gertrude AUMANN, H/D -- IMMIGRATED TO WA --d.10 April 1962 Wagin, Kattaning, Western Australia
AUMANN, Marguerette Gertrude PETTINGIL -b.Jan 1895 Drouin, West Gippsland, Vic. - daughter of Frederick William PETTINGIL (1869–1946) & Maria Margueretta HOLLINGBERY (1854–1944) -d.27 May 1984 Mt Lawley, Perth, Western Australia
--AUMANN, Cyril -b.31 Dec 1920 Berwick, West Gippsland, Victoria - WW2 SAILOR Service Number: 22633 A6770: RAN, Petty Officers and Men, Leading Stoker Cyril Aumann -d.20 Nov 1940 on HMAS SYDNEY, Indian Ocean

AUMANN, Rheinhold Otto 1886 Murtoa, Vic. -son of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Dora Mathilde [ C. TURGOOSE ] 1888 Murtoa, Vic. -dghtr of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Bertha Christiane [ O. HAMILTON ] 1891 Murtoa, Vic. -dghtr of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Frank Ferdinand [Gladys PUMP 1934] 1893 Murtoa, Vic. -son of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)- - Doncaster, Vic.
AUMANN, Gladys PUMP 1934]
--See PUMP

AUMANN, Franz Oswald [ A . GASH] 1896 Murtoa, Vic. -son of Silesia, Prussian-born Heinrich Wilhelm AUMANN (1845–1907) & Schwenten, Posen, Prussian-born Johanné Eleonoré BAUM (1850–1923)-

AUMANN, Carl Samuel (1808-1882)-Arr: "Australia" 1853 ,Kreis Jauer, SILESIA -[Charlotte SCHMIDT (1819-1908)]
AUMANN, Charlotte SCHMIDT (1819-1908)

AUMANN, Ernestine Auguste Beate (1844-1872] [Johann (Jr) Friedrich ROSEL m.1866] SILESIA, Prussia - Doncaster, Vic.

AUMANN, Wilhelm Heinrich (1847-1918) SILESIA, Prussia - Doncaster [Margaret WALSHE m.1874}
AUMANN, Margaret WALSHE m.1874}
--AUMANN, Doncaster, Vic.


AURISCH, Georg Ernst (1784-1870) -b.1784 Gugelwitz, (nr Mühlrädlitz), Kreis Lüben, Silesia, Prussia -[m.Gugelwitz, Luben, SILESIA to Anna Rosiné MARIA SCHULZ] - - Harkaway/ Berwick -d.6 December 1870 Harkaway, Berwick, Victoria. Australia -
AURISCH, Anna Rosiné MARIA SCHULTZ (1785 – 1869) -b.circa 1785 Mühlrädlitz, Kreis Lüben, nr Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia - d. 1869 in Harkaway, Berwick, Victoria. Australi

AURISCH, Johann Gottlob [Hans] -Birth abt 1816 Mühlrädlitz, Kreis Lüben, Provinz Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia - son of Georg Ernst AURISCH (1784-1870)& Anna Rosiné MARIA SCHULZ (1785 – 1869) - (m.Vic.1853 Caroliné Dorothéa SCHOLZ) -d. Hawthorn, Boroondara- - Harkaway, Berwick - d.8 Dec 1898 Harkaway - Berwick District, West Gippsland, Victoria,
AURISCH, Caroliné Dorothéa SCHOLZ -b.abt 1834 Leutmannsdorf, Eulengebirge, Kreis Schwiednitz, Schlesien, Preussen [Silesia, Prussia, Germany] - daughter of Silesian-born Johann Gottlob 'John' SCHOLZ (1808 – 1884) & Johanné Eleanoré FELLENBERG (1807 – 1887) of Harkaway & Scoresby North -d.9 January 1908 Harkaway, Narre Warren, Victoria.

AURISCH, Marié Elisabeth -b.1854 Hawthorn, Boroondara -d.1854 'German Paddock,' Weinberg Rd, Hawthorn, Boroondara, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

AURISCH, 'DAVE' Daniel (Samuel) David (1856-1932) 1856 Harkaway Berwick [Mary BEST 1892] - @ Dandenong Road, OAKLEIGH, 1916, FARMER -d.1932 Oakleigh, nr Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria,
-AURISCH, Wilhelm Johann (William John) - Harkaway/ Berwick 1892
-AURISCH, Frank Arthur - Harkaway/ Berwick 1893

AURISCH, 'BEN' Samuel (Solomon Traugott) Benjamin (1858-1932) –1858 Western Port/ Berwick [m.Vic.1884 Isabella Julia HAYNES] - @ Dandenong Road, OAKLEIGH, 1916, FARMER = - d. 1 January 1932 in Oakleigh, nr Dandenong,
AURISCH, Isabella Julia HAINES -b.1859 Boroondara, East of Melbourne, Victoria, - daughter of Mallow, County Cork-born Abraham HAINES (1827 – 1912) & Charleville, County Cork-born Sarah PARKER (1837 – 1930) - Isabella's family pioneered on a selection by Wright Station, at Avonsleigh, Victoria, Australia, Land @ East Emerald (Wright or Avonsleigh) towards Cockatoo, in the PARISH OF GEMBROOK, being LOT 58 comprising 95 Acres 3 Roods 24 Perches before road & rail excisions and finally dated 11th Aug 1888.)- @ Dandenong Road, OAKLEIGH, 1916, FARM/ HOME DUTIES -d.1943 in Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia - age 84 yrs.
-AURISCH, Alfred Ernst -b. 8 January 1887 Mulgrave, Caulfield reg, [Matilda Carrie Garnett 1912] - -RES @ Wellington Road, Mulgrave 1921 FARMER-- d.2 August 1971 Bulleen, Boroondara
-AURISCH, Matilda Carrie GARNETT -b.1890 Northcote, Victoria, Australia -- -RES @ Wellington Road, Mulgrave 1921 HOME DUTIES- - d.
- AURISCH, Phyllis Belle b.1915 Oakleigh, Dandenong Roads [Guy Leyland JOHNSON 1940]
- AURISCH, Mabel Alice b.1917 East Malvern
- AURISCH, Ralph Garnett (1919 -1983) -1919 Oakleigh, Dandenong Roads-
-AURISCH, Frederick Reginald -b.1889 Caulfield, Dandenong Roads- [Wilhelmine Ellen SUTTON 1920] -- - RES @ Wellington Road, Mulgrave 1921 FARMER-- d.
-AURISCH, Wilhelmine Ellen 'Minnie' SUTTON - b. 1897 in Oakleigh, Southeast of Melbourne - daughter of Mulgrave-born, John III SUTTON (1869 – 1950) & Dandenong Creek-born Anna Maria EXNER (1869 – 1908) - -RES @ Wellington Road, Mulgrave 1921 HOME DUTIES-- d. 22 August 1977 in Mildura, Victoria, Australia
-AURISCH, Alice Dorothea -b.1892 Caulfield - @ Dandenong Road, OAKLEIGH, 1916, FARM / HOME DUTIES [Frederick RAYMENT 1917]
-AURISCH, Florence Myrtle -b.1899 Caulfield - [James Frederick (Stoppard?) Stopford 1926]

AURISCH, Nathaniel Daniel Benjamin (1859-1894) - Harkaway/ Berwick 1859

AURISCH, Solomon (Samuel) Joseph Joshua (1865-1955 [ ? ] - Harkaway/ Berwick 1861
-AURISCH, Emily Jane [William Henry HORMAN 1916] - Harkaway/ Berwick 18

-AURISCH, Laura [Joseph William KESTLE 1910] - Harkaway/ Berwick 18

AURISCH, Elisabeth Dorothea -b.1862 Harkaway/ Berwick -d.1863 Harkaway/ Berwick

AURISCH, Hanna Lydia Elisabetha Elise -b.1863 in Harkaway - Berwick District, [Friedrich Thomas ELLT 1894] -d. 1953 Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

AURISCH, Anna Marié REBECCA -b.8 April 1865 Harkaway, Berwick, West Gippsland - d. 17 June 1884 in Harkaway, Berwick,

AURISCH, Paul Carl -b.1866 Harkaway/ Berwick (m.NZ 1904 ara Bell ROBINSON) - d.1944 Christchurch North, Canterbury, New Zealand,
AURISCH, Sara Bell ROBINSON -b. abt 1881 ? – 1966 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
-AURISCH, Maud Irene Mary -b.1907 New Zealand – 1997 New Zealand
-AURISCH, James Eccles -b.1911 New Zealand– 1999 New Zealand
-AURISCH, Donald Jeffrey -b.1913 New Zealand – 1976 New Zealand
-AURISCH, George Ainsley -b.1915 New Zealand – 1962 New Zealand

AURISCH, Susanné Martha Sarah-b.1868 in Harkaway, Berwick, West Gippsland, Victoria, [Duncan GIVEN 1894] - d.1955 Footscray, Victoria.

AURISCH, Joshua Hermann (1869-1944)-b.1869 Harkaway/ Berwick -d. 30 July 1944 in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia

AURISCH, Emmanuel -b.1870 Harkaway, Berwick -1870 Harkaway, Berwick District, West Gippsland,

AURISCH, Samuel Gottlob Ehrengott -b.1871 Harkaway, Berwick, West Gippsland, [Alice Maud WEBB 1898] -d.13 August 1955 Harkaway, Berwick, West Gippsland, Victoria,
AURISCH, Alice Maud WEBB -b. 1873 in Burkes Flat, Wehla, nr Wedderburn, Wimmera Goldfields, Victoria, Australia - daughter of George WEBB (1835 – 1912) & Jane Elizabeth COOPER (1837 – 1911).- d.1943 in Berwick, West Gippsland, Victoria,
-AURISCH, Ada Lillian -b.23 January 1900 Caulfield - [m.Vic. 1923 Theodore Herbert WANKE - -d.13 December 1988 Harkaway, Berwick, West Gippsland, Victoria
-AURISCH, George Frederick -b.1902 Caulfield - [Doris Mary BATTERSBY 1931] -d. Sept 1975 Mt Eliza, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria - CREMATED: 26 Sep 1975 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Springvale,
-AURISCH, Doris Mary BATTERSBY -b.1904 in Narre Warren, Berwick, West Gippsland, - d. 11 Jul 1984 in Caulfied, Dandenong Roads, Victoria CREMATED 13 July 1984 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Springvale,
-AURISCH, Wilhelmine Warren 'Minnie' -b.1904 Berwick, Vic - (m.Vic.18 Nov 1946 John 'Jack' ROBERTS (1902 – 1966) of Beaconsfield) - at least one ROBERTS child - d. 22 August 1984 Beaconsfield, Berwick, West Gippsland, Victoria,

AURISCH, Friedrich Adolph 'Frederick' -b.1875 Harkaway/ Berwick -d. 1882Berwick, West Gippsland,

AURISCH, Alfred Ernst b.1879-1879 Harkaway, Berwick, West Gippsland

AURISCH, - Harkaway/ Berwick 1871

AURISCH, Carl Gottfried Friedrich Muehlraedlitz, Luben, SILESIA - son of Georg Ernst AURISCH (1784-1870)& Anna Rosiné MARIA SCHULZ (1785 – 1869) -- (Christiane WOLFF) - Hawthorn, Boroondara - Harkaway Vic

AURISCH,Gustav Johann Carl (1844-1914) [Emma Jane LINEHAM 1870] Gross RaichauReichen, SILESIA -Harkaway/ Berwick
-AURISCH, Bertha Christiane [Andrew Charles LINDSAY 1903] - Harkaway/Narre Warren 1872

AURISCH, Thomas Gustav Wilhelm (1853-1951) [Elizabeth Anne JAGO 1900] - Harkaway/ Berwick 1873 - YINNAR
AURISCH, Elizabeth Anne JAGO
-AURISCH, John James 1901 Berwick - 1923 Warragul
-AURISCH, Thomas William [Veronica Mary MILLAR 1937] 1903 Drouin - 1977 Maffra
-AURISCH, Veronica Mary MILLAR
-AURISCH, Ellis [Anna WAGNER 1940] 1904 Drouin – 1973 Neerim
-AURISCH, Frederick William 1906 Drouin –1938 Bolarra
-AURISCH, Alfred Carl 1907 Yinnar
-AURISCH, Wilhelm Benjamin 1910-1911 Yinnar
-AURISCH, Nora Ursula [Robert Clarence LAMB 1941] 19 12 Yinnar
-AURISCH, Sylvia May 1915 Morwell 1915 Warragul
-AURISCH, Elisabeth Marjorie [William Henry Gamble ANNEAR 1938] 19 16 Morwell
-AURISCH, James 1918

AURISCH, Maria Martha - Harkaway/ Berwick 1876

AURISCH, Ernst Arthur Carl [Lilian Mary Rose TULAN 1906] - Harkaway/ Berwick 1878
AURISCH, Lilian Mary Rose TULAU

AURISCH, Ernst Arthur Carl [Adele Beatrice Crutchfield 1930] - Harkaway/ Berwick 1878

AURISCH, Norman Frederich -1880 Harkaway [Rebecca Lillian Elizabeth AURISCH nee GANDY 1907] @ Yannathan, Westernport, 1909, LABOURER / Berwick 1948
AURISCH,Rebecca Lillian Elizabeth AURISCH nee GANDY
-AURISCH, Norman Frederick [Gladys Martha MARTIN 1940] 1911 West Footscray
-AURISCH, Gladys Martha MARTIN
-AURISCH, Gustavus Benjamin [Nellie MARTIN 1935] 1913 Footscray - 1984 Berwick

AURISCH, Herbert Benjamin [Rebecca Lillian Elizabeth GANDY 1907] Port Welshpool, Vic 1883-1908
AURISCH, Rebecca Lillian Elizabeth GANDY
-AURISCH, Clarence Albert Ramsey [Rose Evelyn Isabel GODBER 1929] 1907 Footscray
-AURISCH, Rose Evelyn Isabel GODBER

AURISCH, Ethel Emma Maude - Harkaway/ Berwick 1886-1921

AURISCH, George Robert (1888-1970) [Mabel Elizabeth HUNT 1920] - Harkaway/ Berwick 1888
-AURISCH, Eleanor Hylet - Harkaway/ Berwick 1922-1922

AURISCH, Gustav Heinrich (Henry) - Harkaway/ Berwick 1892-1955 Yinnar

AURISCH, Irene Sylvinia May [William Hansard RICHARDS 1925] - Harkaway/ Berwick 1896

AURISCH, Johann Gottfried Carl 'John Gilbert Charles' (1859-1927) [Schoolteacher] -b.1859 Mornington County, (Harkaway), Berwick - [m.1886 Eliza Agnes SYKES] d.1927 in Melbourne South, Victoria, Australia - @ 67 -
AURISCH, Ellen Eliza Agnes 'Ella' SYKES] -b. 1859 in London, Middlesex, England, Great Britain - daughter of Lambeth, London-born John W SYKES & Args, Scotland-born Jane W. ? - d. 1925 Kew, Boroondara District, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - @ age 66
-AURISCH, Irene Vera Alfrieda -b.1890 Tungamah - [Arthur James Andrew McDONALD 1913] Berwick
-AURISCH, Leopold Gottfried [aka SYKES] -b.1893 Tungamah - -(m.Vic.1920 'Vi' Millicent Violet POCKLINGTON) -d.1968 in St Kilda, Melbourne,
-AURISCH, 'Vi' Millicent Violet POCKLINGTON -b.
-AURISCH, Mona Agnes Bernice 1898 Tungamah -1904 Tungamah

AURISCH, Eva Caroliné [Joseph Henry HARDING 1918] 1894 Dandenong

AURISCH, Wilfred [Eleanor May CAMERON 1933] 1901 Richmond

AURISCH, Johann Friedrich WILHELM -b. Muehlraedlitz, SILESIA - son of Georg Ernst AURISCH (1784-1870)& Anna Rosiné MARIA SCHULZ (1785 – 1869) - [Karoliné Rosiné Christiané Charlotté TSCHIRNER 1854] - Harkaway Vic
AURISCH, Karoliné Rosiné Christiané Charlotté TSCHIRNER 1854

AURISCH, Anna Maria (Annie) [Georg Heinrich BADE 1873] - Berwick /Mornington County 1855

AURISCH, Berthé Nathalié [Gottlob IMMANUEL WANKE, 1879] - Harkaway/ Berwick 1857-1970

AURISCH, Johanne Ernestine Pauline - Harkaway/ Berwick 1858-1858

AURISCH, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm [Charlotte ZANDER, 1885] - Harkaway/ Berwick 1861-1957
AURISCH, Johann Frederick Wilhelm Traugott (1862-1920) [Minerva DORSEY 1889] - Harkaway/ Berwick 1862
-AURISCH, Eva Caroline 1894 – 1935
-AURISCH, Wilfred 1901 – 1948

AURISCH, 'Paul' Johannes Paul -b.1862 Harkaway/ Berwick -d.14 December 1866 Berwick

AURISCH, Anna Maria -b.8 April 1865 Harkaway/ Berwick [m.Vic.1884 William Henry MOYSEY] at least Six MOYSEY childen - widowed - (re-m.Vic.1928 Matthew John CAVILL ( 1857 – 1946) -d.1962 Traralgon, Central Gippsland, Victoria

AURISCH, Hannah Mary Elisabeth -b.1867 in Harkaway, Berwick, West Gippsland [m.Vic.1900 William Edward John BAYLIFF] -d.
-AURISCH, Emilie Louise Charlotte -b.1886 Carlton (William John MUNDY m.1907] - MUNDAY children -d. 1950 in Doncaster, Victoria, Australia
-AURISCH, Oscar Reginald -b.1886 Dandenong –d.1890 Berwick

AURISCH, Martha -b.1868 in Harkaway, Berwick, West Gippsland [William LIVINGSTONE 1898] - d.1963 in Berwick, West Gippsland, Victoria,

AURISCH, Johann Friedrich WILHELM -b. Muehlraedlitz, SILESIA - son of Georg Ernst AURISCH (1784-1870)& Anna Rosiné MARIA SCHULZ (1785 – 1869) - Harkaway Vic [Ernestine Maria (Nina) CHRISTENSEN m.1873 ]
AURISCH, Ernestine Maria (Nina) CHRISTENSEN

AURISCH, Paul John (Reverend Pastor & Orchardist) - 1874 Harkaway/ Berwick [Ruby Ruth REYNOLDS 1910] - d.1972 in Murchison, Goulburn Valley, Victoria,
AURISCH, Ruby Ruth REYNOLDS -b. 1889 in Eltham, Diamond Valley, Melbourne, - daughter of Heidelberg-born Robert William REYNOLDS (1858 – 1894) & Harkaway-born Mary Ann 'Marie Anna' THOMPSON (1857 – 1942) of Narre Warren. - d. 26 Dec 1943 Berwick, West Gippsland,
-AURISCH, Leslie Paul -b.20 July 1911 Narre Warren, Harkaway/ Berwick [Margaret Helen RITCHIE 1939] RESIDENCE 1968: 14 Oswald street, Dandenong, Holt, Victoria, Australia - MECHANIC - with Margeret Helen A. & David Paul Aurisch, Soldier - -d.17 Jan 1990 Mulgrave, Victoria,
-AURISCH, Margaret Helen RITCHIE -b. 25 August 1913 in Nar Nar Goon, West Gippsland - daughter of Henry Stephenson RITCHIE (1878 – 1969) & Isobel Margaret KEMP (1878 – 1962) of Narre Warren. - d. 3 January 1984 in Dandenong, Victoria
--- AURISCH, David Leslie 1941 Dandenong– 2013 Brisbane, Queensland
-AURISCH, Beryl Ruby -b.1917 Swan Hill - (m.Vic, Charles Samuel KING (1918 – 2004) of Narre Warren North) at least one or two KING children- d.8 March 2005 in Melbourne, Vic
-AURISCH, Frank Allan -b. 21 Feb 1921 Berwick, Victoria, -d. 29 October 2010 in Narre Warren North,
-AURISCH, Violet Ruth -b.1925 Narre Warren, Harkaway/ [Bruce David WEBB (b.-d.2005 Tas.] d. Tasmania

AZEM, Nuri 'HALLEY, Jack' -b.1911 Kamenica, ALBANIA; - NATURALISATION 4 NOV 1941; RESIDENCE 1941 Emerald, VIC; [Known as Jack HALLEY ]
AZEM, Hazel Jean HALLEY, -b. Australia -RESIDENCE 1941 Emerald, VIC;